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  1. has anyone else experienced deliveries from Amzon.co.uk where it appears to have been sent via Post Logistics in Sunshine Victoria ? I had something arrive very very late (because the delivery address was missing State & Country details). The label said 'If undelivered please return to Post Logistics SunShine VIC' Are Amazon having AusPost handle some of the inner countries deliverys and taking it out of the international post ring ?
  2. Hi Alanh, I realise that the channels are identical with Artarmon and Bouddi, however they are picking up different frequencies as you would know, and we've found sometimes a particular station works better via one antenna then the other. eg: my PVR has picked up 2 channels for station 9 (channel 8 & 33). We've found that whenever the signal starts to get choppy say when there's bad weather about, Channel 8 (191.5) will show problems - audio breaks up, pixelation of video, and Channel 33 (564.5) works without problems. Likely as we are on the backside of the hill looking back to Artarmon. We're not using the analogue tuner in the TV at all (I've disabled it). However I think that some other channels work work better the other way. ie: Channels for Stations 7 & 10, work better on the lower digital frequency then the higher frequency digital. Well they did, but it may have changed. I don't fully understand how say 7 & 10 are fine from Artarmon, and 9 is not as good. As I say, maybe it's since changed ?? I've just gone and found out that Bouddi transmits the higher digital frequencies, and Artarmon transmits the lower digital frequencies. It's been a while since I've had a play, but I'll have to look into it again. I just know that my location is difficult, and the antenna guy admitted it was a more difficult location to sort out. I think he ended up using 2 antennas just for good measure as that is what we had before. I really don't understand it well enough. "What happens if you perform this test, and then turn the PSU off?" I'll try this out and let you know. Good idea. Thanks again for the feedback from everyone. Tim
  3. Thanks for the replies. Yes I've been quickly learning that the aerial is better in a vertical position for DAB+. My UHF aerial is vertical though (the VHF is horizontal). But as some of you have said, yes it appears to be working fine for DAB+ reception in it's current config, so it doesn't matter. And yes, the amp is on the mast, and the little black box is just the psu for it. I'm slowly learning.. I currently don't have any split, it's straight from the antenna/amp to the TV. I was thinking of having the split after the amp (next to TV), I was just wondering about the 11m run back to my bedroom. As far as I can remember from the antenna install, the signal is strong, so I think I will try installing a 2way split after the PSU connection, and do my 11m run of RG6 cable. If it affects the TV reception, then I'll have to rethink it. I was thinking of a basic splitter like this, would this be enough, or do I need something else ? http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=LT3044 or http://dicksmith.com.au/product/L4221/two-way-f-connector-splitter
  4. Hi, I need some advice on DAB+ reception and change to my antenna cabling to get it to work. I was recently given a DAB+ clock radio, however where I live I've discovered (after much frustration) that my reception is almost zilch. I'm in Cromer, Northern Beaches, and house is on the backside of a hill. At first I thought the unit was DOA, but managed to get 1 bar of signal for 10 seconds and the radio tuned in and came on...but basically there is little to no signal. It's a clock radio, so like most, it has the pathetic little wire antenna at the back. On my roof is a huge antenna we had replaced approx 2-3 years ago for digital TV. I think it's a 30ft mast with another small extention on top. Digital TV works fine (I have 2 antennas, one vhf, one uhf, one pointing to Artarmon, one to central coast). It also has an amp booster (whatever it's called) in order to get any signal. As a test for the DAB+ radio, I disconnected the aerial lead from the TV, and placed the radio antenna wire into the coax plug and the radio ends up with reasonable signal and picks up all channels well. So I want to run some RG6 cabling to my bedroom where I want this clock radio. In order to split my existing cabling, should I : 1) make a split after the amplified output (near the TV) and run a 11m cable run back to my bedroom. or 2) split the cable before the amp in the lounge room (closer to my bedroom), and run a shorter 3m run to my bedroom. If I do this I may or may not need another amp boost just for the radio. I'd appreciate if anyone could suggest what's best. The amp I have is a Kingray, but not sure exactly what model it is. I have a photo of it if it helps.. Thanks Tim
  5. just ordered same double pair as Mullins_Y2k, been hanging out for some more glasses to some 3d movie nights with friends. From all accounts from what I've read, these seem to be legit, just China branded glasses.
  6. thanks, I had found that page before posting, however it doesn't match the number of blinks/flashes I am seeing. That page shows max 12 blinks for 2010 models (VT20), but I am seeing 13. I'll post back what Panasonic comes back with.
  7. does anyone have any info/links on the power light blinking ? I have a 58" VT20 that sick and now flashes 13 times, repeatedly. Got to call Panasonic to see what they say.
  8. I've placed roughly 6 orders with Amazon this year. Delivery has been super fast on every occasion, never a hiccup. I thought my last delivery was the fastest yet, but my most recent order is my record: Order placed Thurs 7pm Dispatched Sat 3am Arrived Thurs 7am to my door 6.5 days after order (or 4 business days).
  9. ordered Thursday 14th 9pm dispatched Friday 15th 4pm order on my doorstep Friday 22nd 1:30pm arrived under 5 business days, can't beat that. but I have another order that was placed 2 days before this one that has not yet turned up... explain that...
  10. not when people look at what 3D content is available, and at what prices the 3d movies are sold for, then to add the cost of the shutter glasses (for those that require them). I know it's relatively new tech, but I still don't see why they need to price gouge 3d bluray movies over non-3d bluray. I can say I didn't buy my panel last year necessarily because it's a 3D tv...and if I was buying again today, I wouldn't be wanting to pay more for 3d, when the support is lacking. If you were to ask everyone who bought a panel towards the end of last year, whether they still would have done it if the bonuses weren't on offer, you would probably get a few people who would not have bought the promo 3D panels, or just bought 2D instead, or not bought at all.
  11. makes me feel better with the VT20 (58") I got for $3000 over xmas....if you really want one of the new Panasonic models, prepare to pay the extra cash for them. Maybe there might be more deals towards the end of the year.. ?
  12. that is the exchange rate when the gift card was purchased (aka today) vs when the order ships, say for a preorder in 3 months time. I'm just looking at the exchange rate between GBP & AUD, and it's basically at it's highest it's ever been, around 0.66 pounds per $1 AUD. But agreed, who knows where the dollar will be in 3 months time, it could be higher or lower. If I think it will be lower, then using a gift card today is best, or if the rate went higher, then cc would be better. Have I got that right ?
  13. ok so I found out that preorders are only paid for when the item is shipped. Can you preorders be paid for by a Gift Certificate ? Just trying to take advantage of todays good exchange rate with the Sterling. ie: could I just purchase a gift certificate say for 60 pounds today and use that as the payment for a preorder ? sorry, just not super familar with ordering from amazon...any help would be appreciated.
  14. question on Amazon preorders...payment is made when the item is shipped? or when you preorder ? Just going to preorder Star Wars, but want to pay now to take advantage of the good exchange rate. Does Amazon allow this ?
  15. this is a DVD disc played in a bluray player... I'll have to do some more comparisions to be sure..
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