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  1. now this is great the IQ2 they sent me out no longer records or plays, think its the hard drive. they are sending me out another & I bet I will get the 851 again.

    Did they give you the chance of asking for the 850? Mine also may have a fault. I am getting signal breakup regularly on some channels and am monitoring it to see if I can see a pattern.

    Sorry to hear about that

  2. I noticed that when I checked out all the DVRs at Myers a month or so back when I was starting this quest. In fact some models have no composite as well. I can under stand blocking recording HD but svideo is std def.

    I hope my old panasonic dvr 5 years old keeps on keeping on.

  3. My 851 and 850 both had 320gb disks. I was always getting error 41 regularly requiring a hard reset 1 time a month or more frequently. Software was updated and support never addressed the issue other than put in a software update.

    I agree the 850 is more recording friendly enjoy.

  4. Great to hear you got it out of them. Maybe they are running out but I notice this box never gives the weekly failed recordings that the 851 box we had gave. It is running great and hopefully no more issues.. Svideo on the 851 box is no good the box only outputs composite on the vcr out.

  5. @peacekeeper- did you get the 850 as since going to a 60" tv the composite is really bad through my blu-ray. smaller tv I didn't notice as much

    Yes they couriered it to me and paid for return 851 unit via post office. This also done to a poster in whirlpool forum recently.

    They really were quite good about it so good luck.

    see below

    I got foxtel installed with IQ2 4 weeks ago and a week after I realised the box they gave me was compromised as far as extracting HD from the component outputs to a computer. Only got foxtel to get netball games off it like I did with the free to air games. You can't get HD off the 851 box but you can off the 850 box. So I sent them an email last week if I could get an 850 to replace the 851 and to my surprise they said i'd get one in the mail within 3-5 days. Got it yesterday and it's great, in advanced settings you can choose video output settings which you can't in the other box. They even pay postage to send back the other box. Happy days :)

  6. Ok we have a resolution to this issue that surprised me. I had emailed foxtel and asked them to explain what happens to the component signal if hdmi is connected as I get green signal when I connect it to the dvr scart. I aslo asked if I could get the new foxtel unit replaced with the scart/svideo output unit. Ttoday I got this reply.

    I have sent a request to our inventory department for a replacement unit (Pace 850 model) to be posted to you it should arrive in the next 5 to 7 working days

    That surprised me never thought they would do that just because I asked for a better unit to copy to a dvr.

    As a final addendum I looked at 8 DVRs in Myers and only 3 had any inputs and that only composite. 5 had only outputs and mostly hdmi/composite. So in another year inputs will dry up .

  7. the composite doesn't look that bad through my blue-ray recorder anyway

    It sucks though my older panasonic dvr especially cartoons which my wife makes into dvds for showing when we mind our grandkids. I upgraded my composite cables and now run composite to RCB connector (scart) seems to be half way acceptable. Component to 4 pin svideo just does not work (green tinge). A component/svideo convertor box might but not worth the $60+ they are asking (some $119).

    Your blueray might be upscaling the signal. Thanks for your comments

  8. Follow up The manual does not say anything re limitations on the component other than it is SD not HD. I should I thought have been able to connect component to RGB input and get a reasonable picture but though it was clear it stayed green tinged. Tried two cables.

    So noone has got better than composite to a dvr from the 851 box (the latest)

  9. When foxtel replaced my IQ2 HD the new unit was without a svideo output only composite and componet. Hdmi is used for the TV but I want svideo for the Hd recorder so is there a cheap component to svideo adapter?

    I have 1 but it is 7 pin svideo not the 4 pin the recorder has present. So far found 1 only at $160US

    Any 1 know where to source a cheaper version?

  10. I am interested in starting time to start a dual layer Bd video such as In Time. My first out Sharp Blu-ray player goes blank for 3 nminutes then starts up so thinking of upgrading. Also in the mix is the change to MP4 for some torrents that we cannot play on our current DVD players via USB.

    Does this player play MP4 and MKV via USB ok?The manual implies that is so but just checking as JB has this model on special for $148 or so from today.

  11. Ok, only 2 solutions possible.

    HDMI cable-very unlikely but worth trying the one from your blue ray just to rule it out.

    if no improvement time to.........

    Book a service call and get box replaced.

    I have not personally seen this fault with a IQ2 but have seen many other picture issues and often the box is at fault.

    Yes bought new HDMI cable and that no change. Moved to all 3 insputs (HDMI) and same. These inputs fine as I said with other units.

    I then copied the recorded program from the IQ2 through the scart output on the IQ2 to a DVR and viewed the program via DVR output (component)no lines so only way to get lines is output through the hdmi output. that implies faulty IQ2 hdmi output so booked call for next week.


  12. Hi Tony,

    Could be as easy as removing and re-inserting the scart plug.

    May also be worth trying the fox box on another input on your tv-might be a fault with the input you are using.

    If these options don't fix the problem and its a older model Standard foxtel box-700 or 400 series then it is on the way out and you will need to book a service call to have the box replaced.

    Actually that was my next move will see what happens. Foxtel unit an IQ2 9 mths old

    Swapped to input 3 same issue with foxtel. Checked inputs 3 and 5 with bluray and DVD player and no issue so it appears to be a foxtel issue either the signal or the box. Oh the setup and screen that shows what is on does not appear to have it.

  13. Considering getting an Iq2 as have standard foxtel pace box atm. Currently we export the foxtel signal via svideo to an DVR is this still possible with the IQ2? I am not talking about box office movies I know these are macro-vision protected just free to air bio and some movies.

    Any1 doing this? I have seen older posts saying this is possible just no posts recently confirming this.


  14. Ok thread a tad old just wondering if there has been any change re recording via the vcr scart to a DVR either direct to the DVR or from the recording on the IQ2? Of course I would expect that pay per view and box office would be protected from copying just wonder whether the other channels are as well.

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