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  1. Item: Emotiva xpa 5, oppo bdp93, yamaha rx-v1077, ep4000. Location: Sydney 2147 Price: $800 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Moving Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Selling an excellent condition xpa 5, always in the rack and can be viewed and listened to working, no box. $800 * SOLD* oppo bdp93au blu ray player. Not modded in excellent condition. No box, $500. yamaha rx-v1077 amp, another excellent amp for the price, comes with box. $700. europower amps, ep4000, i have 2x of these running my 18" subs, awesome power! Excellent condition, no box. $500 for the both! everything can be viewed and listened to at the moment, everything working and in excellent condition. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Yep, very common. I had it start showing one line, lived with it for a few months, and then a second line started showing up(see photo). I did a search and found people disconnecting and reconnecting the optical engine?(the part where 3x coloured wires go into, blue ,red,green) and had success, so i tried it myself and damaged the engine! So then i sent it for a repair, and they had to replace the optical engine? That i damaged as well as fixing the original blue vertical line/s issue, wich was something loose/unsoldered on the board i was told, thats why it would sometimes come and go...
  3. Agree about judder, id rather not have it, sorry. When humans move, they dont judder...
  4. I agree that id pay an extra $800 to get the top model x9900, however im thinking if the rrp of the x7900 went down, then the street price of the x7900 of $6k will go down too? And then the difference will be more then just $800? But gotta wait and see...
  5. Did he say it kicked the x7900 in sharpness? Surely the x7900 isnt that bad that it looks blurry compared to the n5! How much sharper can it be!
  6. If jvc cant even update theyre website with new models, are they just as bad with customer service! Who works for them, 10yo's?
  7. Dissapointing in the prices, i for one dont want to spend that much on a first N generation. Jvc will surely screw us over for the x7900 as well, and not even lower the price like the USA did
  8. I dont understand why they wont release the updated price on the x7900 until 2019!!!(or can it altogether). USA has for both models, why make us suffer !!! I want to know the updated price of the X so i can determine if worth or not going to the N series.... bloody hell. Sorry for multiple posts, seems i cant delete them!
  9. Anyone know where one can view/demo a x7900 in sydney west?
  10. Tasso, Dont make this harder then it already is hahahaha... Yeah ,will be a good new year with all these new projector options, i wont know wich one to get. I will try my hardest to demo all if possible. One thing i like about epson, is its warranty service, quick and easy to deal with. al, I am sure either of the newer jvc will be a major upgrade, cant wait... memory,powered lenses,hdr,4k oh my lol... Michael, Mine served me ok, had warranty issues and recently other faults i had to fix, and with the negativity surrounding the tw9300, i kinda lost my interest in the upcoming tw9400!
  11. Same boat, i have an old epson tw9000w and its time to move away from lcd... Id like an n7, but realistically i think will be too much $$$ for me and will leave me with a choice of n5 or the x7900, and it will be hard to decide. If i cant tell the difference in contrast between the two then id go more towards the native 4k n5. Why are they making it so hard???
  12. All i hear here is, unless you have a projector like Owens, its **** and not worth it lol. Someone here said it, if contrast was be all and end all, we would still be using , lets say 720P.. why go to trouble making higher resolution!
  13. I had a quick look. Just for comparison, i checked for my projector prices, old epson tw9000w. MyProjectorLamps wants $165. Epson genuine wants $139... Guess wich one id be buying? Also, the myprojector lamps, i see that it comes with the claimed " original bulb" however it comes in theyre own branded module! who installs these bulbs in theyre modules? can you trust them that they have installed it correctly, and wont blow?
  14. i now know at least which store in NSW NOT to go to, to buy a projector!
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