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  1. Surely they must have stock by now. I was at Myer in Westfield Shoppingtown in Doncaster and noticed that they have got a 65" PZ850A there on display which they did not have a month ago.
  2. I ordered a TH-50PZ850A on Boxing Day, and was given the same run around. I was fed the same story over and over again and in the end I cancelled the order and bought a Pioneer PDP-508LX instead. It's more money but at the time I could get it in 3 days time, after waiting 10 weeks. I am glad I switched my brand because I would still have been waiting with no definite ETA.
  3. You can do a search for wiki HD prices and you'll find the answers that you need.
  4. Sounds way too expensive. I would expect that a price of around $9000 or less for the PDP-LX609A would be realistic if you have to wait for it.
  5. I do detect a faint buzzing sound but it is at the brightest scenes - e.g. big white background for an advertisement, for example. Since it is so faint, it's of no worry to me, especially since my uncle's TV also does exactly the same thing. He didn't even notice it until I made mention of it. I put it down to being "normal".
  6. Wow, they sure don't hang around long at the Pioneer Clearance Center! It's not there this morning when I had a look.
  7. Relax mmmfreegoo! Diesel had smileys on his comment, so it was tongue-in-cheek, so he didn't mean to hurt your feelings. On a more personal and serious note, I've decided to throw the towel in with this waiting game. So I went to my retailer today to cancel my order for my TH-50PZ850A which I've ordered on Boxing Day 08. History on this is that, like everyone else, I was happy to wait till mid Jan, only to be told wait another two weeks for start of Feb. Then when the TV didn't show, it was wait till mid Feb. OK, I can do that, since I secured it for a good price. Come mid-Feb and the broken record was repeating the same message "its coming in another two weeks". Now March is here and the alarm bells are going off, because Panasonic is now saying "mid April". Enough is enough. Why am I waiting up to 4 months for a TV? What assurances do I have that the TV will even show up then? So I went to the store today with my paperwork and said that I wish to cancel my order. The store salesrep says that Panasonic are now telling them that if they can't supply the TV in April, there's a real possibility that they will substitute the model to the next generation panels that are going to be released later this year. At no extra charge. But I've had enough of waiting so I stood my ground and cancelled the order and got my money back. I figure that when the new models come out, Panasonic will have a glut of demand for it, so it could be an even longer wait, or the equivalent model will be a Made in China equivalent due to the price point. I doubt it very much that the Z850A replacement will be the top of the line in the Viera range anymore. I've placed an order for a Pioneer PDP LX508 ex demo which I should hopefully receive next week. It's not the latest model, but from all accounts, it's not a bad panel and possibly still a better panel than the Viera PZ850A. Yay!!
  8. Seems like the Pana PZ80A and for that matter the PZ800A are very sensitive to electrical noise. See this thread: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=1053672 Seems like devices like PS3 just in the near vicinity of the TV will cause interference.
  9. Hi Brett, There's a whole heap of people who are still waiting on their TVs, particularly the 50" PZ850A. Not a lot that we can do except to send some feedback to Panasonic via their customer feedback form on their website. There's a long thread on this on another forum here: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=1126514 It's a total fiasco.
  10. Thanks Jimval. OK, this confirms what I was thinking. Now I'm really wondering why the 50" PZ850A is the only model in the PZ850A range that has the single pane of glass finish. I am thinking of switching from the 50" to the 58" because I've decided I like the raised black plastic surround, but I want to buy Made in Japan. What is the best price for a TH-58PZ850A?
  11. Thanks Ledge. Most interesting since the Clive Peeters store in Coburg has a 58" PZ850A mounted on their display and it was a simple black plastic surround, i.e. not the full sheet of glass from edge to edge. So that's why I was perplexed by the difference compared to the 50" PZ850A that they have next to it. I'll have to go back and check it again.
  12. There's an absolute drought of 50" and 58" PZ850A at the moment, and no retailer can tell you when and how many they are going to get anytime in the future. David Jones have stopped taking orders on any PZ850A models citing that the new range is coming soon. When I probed how soon, they couldn't say for sure.
  13. JBHifi in Doncaster have the 50" Kuro ticketed at $4998 at the moment, with a 10% sale, so sale price is $4498 with this sale on. Anyone do better than that?
  14. I am considering purchasing the 50" Pioneer, but am wondering which stores in Melbourne have stocks of them and what the average street price is. Will $3900 secure me one of these babies?
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