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  1. I’ve got Signature S8s in my main system with the C5 centre and a pair of S2s in my bedroom. They are great speakers but they need great components to drive them. Resist the urge for too much room correction too. My anthem d2v sucked the life out of them. When paired with some classe Pre/pro gear I’m getting a much better result. the signatures are well made speakers but I think they might be fussy on source.
  2. He’s not one of the great soloists, but was a big part of the inspiration for The Pixies and Nirvana from his days in Husker Du. Tilted from his next band Sugar was one of the rare times he just shredded and the solo is pretty amazing. The song is a part of a great EP called Beaster that gets a regular spanking in this household. The godfather of grunge or some **** they call him, but he’s one hell of a songwriter and a top bloke the few time’s I’ve met him.
  3. I’ve snagged an ortofon black 2m for it while I work out what my end plan for a cartridge will be. The recent Manley Chinook that I’ve added to the system will be given a real run for the first time tomorrow.
  4. ...and my 1210gae is on its way to me from Melbourne now. With some luck Black Beauty will be setup in my lounge tomorrow.
  5. The XX - Intro This one of the only tracks to almost certainly put my power amp into limp mode when turned up. Lots of bass frequencies in action here
  6. Yeah but the Lynx gear is proper expensive for not a lot of justification in my book. You should give Lew a call at Awave if you want the ins and outs on more premium options. He fits out a lot of the studios around town and is always good for a chat.
  7. Yep. All sensible. Pretty much anyone half way serious in home recording is on a FireWire interface of some sort. Lightning is a newer addition, but behaves very similar to FireWire anyway. The question really for you is one of form factor. Do you want to rack it or not? Most older (3+ years) will be 24/96 and not 24/192 so if that’s important, you’ll be on newer editions of devices if you go hunting used.
  8. This is guaranteed to melt your brain and your system if you give it some throttle. Some great switch ups in this that really hang in the air as the intensity swings.
  9. I had a spare few minutes and jumped on to the Store DJ website. The other brand you may want to consider is Presonus. My digital mixer is a Presonus and I rate it highly. Stable, great sound and very flexible. Lots of models that might suit what you want. All things considered, I'd be hunting for a used RME Fireface or a MOTU Ultralite or 828 if I wanted something that would last the "will I have it in 5 years?" question.
  10. Stick to the big name brands like RME and MOTU, perhaps Lexicon. They will have a better ADC stage, balanced ins / outs, great support in audio applications and operating systems and you can get a good deal on these used pretty easily on places like reverb.com. The speed of the interface isn't that important these days. USB will likely be more backwards compatible on machines you plug in into, but you'll find many of the 8 or 10 way interfaces will be firewire or lightning. You don't need Dante. I've got a first generation 10in / 10 out Motu ultra lite that I've had f
  11. Think you have your bottom end sorted in your system? You need to try this out up loud. Ghost Cloud by Ital Tek is an amazing track and one that will give your subs a great workout. Lots of musical sub bass which will challenge your system for the intersection of the kicks and the bassline and trying to keep them all separated and clear.
  12. This won't be for everyone on here, but it definitely ticks the weird, avant-garde and out there boxes. Form Grows Rampant - The Threshold Houseboys Choir This is an amazing album by Peter Christopherson, ex Coil, Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV. He's one of my favourite producers and videographers and was a big influencer in the graphic design world, working as one of the partners in the design collective Hipgnosis. It's a completely artificially created album using a bunch of throat music plugins for the vocals, set to a video he took at
  13. Seventeen Seconds is such a wonderful record. Beautiful, austere minimal songwriting and production. If I didn’t have it already on about 5 different formats...
  14. When you work out what's wrong, don't be afraid to send the bill to your electrical utility provider. If your repairer states that the issue was a result of the power outage / surge etc, they will reimburse you for the cost.
  15. But I do like the capacity and the fact that it's not lithium. Could be an option for me when I build my new shed and put cells on the roof. I need something that is bushfire friendly. Lithium cells are not great in a fire.
  16. Or Apple TV with a really limited set of ready to go content but plenty of "Pay to rent" offers. haha I had to laugh at how bad the Ui and experience was with Apple TV when I tried it the other day.
  17. Bluesound will apparently do 200,000 songs, a lot more than say Sonos will index. https://support1.bluesound.com/hc/en-us/articles/201253417-Does-Bluesound-Really-Index-Over-200-000-Songs-in-My-Library-?mobile_site=true if you’re getting behind this it might be worthwhile looking into Roon. It can index and then stream to something like a Bluesound Node or anything that supports RAAT in their ecosystem, including network streamers and DACs from many manufacturers: https://roonlabs.com/partners
  18. As snoop says, keep it simple and focus on the things that you’re less likely to change along the way. Keeping your receiver, adding an inexpensive streamer like a Bluesound Node and spending the rest on speakers is a sound path to go. Spend $1k on room treatment panels and it’s likely to you will be in a much better place than you are now. A DAC is a very personal thing. Some people hear worlds of differences between them, some none at all. It’s the piece of the system that generates the most debate (until audiophiles discovered networking). most of all, don’t b
  19. The Barefoot gear is primo equipment. Good enough for Butch Vig, Tony Visconti, Chris Lord Alge, Spike Stent and even Skrillex. I love my existing Barefoot monitors hence my I've been seriously considering the MasterStack12 since it came out. The Kii BXT solution looks very similar in execution to the Masterstack and seems cheaper, so could be a contender for consideration. The problem is I can't find any local MasterStack's to listen to for comparison's sake; Awave (and their distribution arm Audio Chocolate) don't hold stock and won't any time soon.
  20. The Kii seem interesting. It’s not something that had hit my radar but we’ll worth a look see. I had someone on here today reach out to do a side by side test of the kii with my barefoot. Could be an interesting face off if this lockdown ever settles down.
  21. What kind of SPL do you guys get out of your Kii’s in room? As a near field monitor, I’d usually find something like them a bit light on to fill a bigger space. While I don’t usually blast the tunes, it’s often nice to have something that can shoot the cat into the next door neighbours place. Also, I think it’s very interesting how much of the style and the speaker layout Kii seem to have appropriated from Barefoot sound. Before Barefoot put out the Micromains, I can’t think of anyone with that kind of Sideway woofer loading on an active speaker. Even down to the M
  22. What is the component under it with the Pots & Pans mode? Is it designed to play techno? On a more serious front, that's a serious DAC. Would love to hear one in the flesh one day. GLWTS
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