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  1. Bumping this thread..: what new options are out there as a dac/ preamp to work as a Roon endpoint? I’m looking at options for a streaming system that runs RAAT to plug into a HT bypass scenario. The nad c658 looks interesting, as does the NAD m12 (though this looks a little long in the tooth). an AURALiC Vega looks good as well but doesn’t have a dedicated sub out. What else ticks this bill today?
  2. Check out The Downward Spiral and Broken by Nine Inch Nails then too. The Broken movie was an especially unique way of promoting an EP, except the artist and the label lost the stomach to release it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broken_(1993_film) The Happiness In Slavery and Pinion videos are very effective. The Gave Up video that was in the Broken movie... well... You have to trust me on that. Hard to believe this EP was released nearly 28 years ago.
  3. Dead set legend. The post punk period of music is still, in my view, the most fertile period of creative musical output ever. Entertainment is a classic and should be in everyone's music collection. These guys had a massive influence on everyone from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers to more recent acts like Bloc Party and Franz Ferdinand.
  4. The Matrix Element X looks like an interesting unit. solid streaming capabilities with a good DAC implementation. Pretty much aligned to the Auralic a Vega G2 on many fronts/ I have yet to see the Element in the flesh but the manual is full of “chinglish” so doesn’t fill me with hope. Room support forums were saying there were a few issues a while back but software updates appear to have fixed these now
  5. Did you ever do this @Marc? I'm looking for a simple deployment at my place to replace a Logitech Harmony using IR and RS232. Single room fit out for all my HT / Hifi gear. Curious to know how you got on.
  6. The other thing it misses which would have been nice is HT bypass / fixed output, but that’s a real corner case thing.
  7. RME make great pro audio ADC and DAC devices. This is a cut down version of one of their world renowned studio versions and comes with all of the fruit a DAC should have as well as a lot of DSP capabilities. If it’s anything like the other RME gear I’ve used over the years it will be clean, precise and hugely configurable. German studio engineering at its finest. This stuff is used in studios because it’s extremely accurate and detailed not because it’s warm or has some sort of tube output stage. If it wasn’t half width form factor I’d probably already have one in my stereo cabinet. If they ever get around to making a streamer version (Ethernet enabled like the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge) it will be a killer.
  8. I've got a Hifiberry and an Allo on the way from Europe at the moment to look at replacing all of my Sonos Connect devices, all to be driven by Roon. Interesting times ahead.
  9. Or that no one read the two posts immediately before these ones that linked to this fact?
  10. After the recent Sonos EoS / EoL announcement, I expect many people will be interested in running Roon to control Sonos endpoints and to start considering a move to RAAT. I've got a few variants of Raspberry Pi based streamers on the way to test pilot replacing my Sonos Connects and I'm seriously looking at Roon to be the brains of my in home multi-room audio setup.
  11. A good amount of back pedalling in motion after a fairly vociferous public response: https://www.theverge.com/2020/1/23/21079269/sonos-ceo-patrick-spence-apology-legacy-products-software-updates
  12. If you sign up for the 30% discount, they wipe and brick your unit so it’s unusable again. Not unusable as in won’t run firmware again, unusable as in “landfill” is its last good use. its well documented elsewhere how this works. It’s pretty **** from an environmental level, let alone customer service.
  13. That's a false equivalency. If my old iPhone can't be updated, it doesn't stop my iPad, my Mac or any of the other phones in the house from being updated though.
  14. Um, that’s precisely what Sonos are saying. If you don’t upgrade no software updates. If you have new devices meshed with old, no updates to the new devices. With no updates, they can’t promise that the system will work as they make changes in the platform and have already inferred that changes to streaming sources can’t be guaranteed to work. they have put a gun to the head of owners here. Not left them with many options. The Sonos forums are full of vitriol and I can’t see this abating without a change of attitude on a few fronts from Sonos.
  15. That said, this is probably all the encouragement I’d need to start to seriously consider Raspberry Pi units with Roon to replace my Sonos devices.
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