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  1. Airplay2 seems limited at 24/48 kHz. It will be interesting if this changes with the release of this high-res capability. I imagine it's hardware limited hence the call out for an external DAC if you want the 24/192 signals from Apple Music. The and the fact that Spotify have intimated that they are bringing CD quality streaming and were seeking to charge for it. I bet that charging decision is now likely to be reviewed in light of Apple's moves. First mover advantage is a *****.
  2. Aslo, No MQA. Another spike in the hide of this beast.
  3. As soon as I could get AirPlay2 on a Raspberry Pi, I'd think of a shift to this. It's the only viable multi room solution outside of Roon and Sonos, but without the limitations of either (Roon - few streaming services, Sonos - no high bitrate audio). Also, I can't see MSB supporting Airplay2 anytime soon, so that creates some issues for my main renderer unless I decide to hang my DAC off a Mac instead.
  4. @El Tel I run a Manley Chinook tube stage on the back end of my Technics SL1210GAE. When I get my arse in gear and sort out a meet up, I can put it through its paces for you. It’s not black Or half width for @cafe67, but a very nice unit that I picked up on here for near $2k used.
  5. They do. They just ask you to subscribe to another streaming service for the lossless version.
  6. Everything I’ve read says that this is a no-go right now/ has anyone heard of a way to make this work? This could be an option for multi room audio using Apple Music when they release the hifi tier if it can be made to work.
  7. I have the CP800 v2 and the CA5300 5 channel power amp and I really rate them. The power amp is crazy gutsy and the CP800 is very pleasant to listen to. I run it off as a HT bypass off an Anthem D2v and it performs admirably. I'm not sure about the heritage of the internals with the new designs but the uplift on price for the Delta pre from the CP-800v2 it replaced was insane. The only upgrades appeared a better DAC and an onboard phono input (oh, and it's black). Not really enough to justify the $10k+ extra. I can't imagine what a next generation SSP800 would clock in
  8. I think the general consensus is, at the least, it's a solution in search of a problem most of us don't have. At the best, it's a lossless audio codec that may sound better to some people. At the worst, Bob Stuart is going to selectively sterilise everyone who doesn't use MQA and clone every child from his demon spawn. I'm glad I've already had the snip so Bob won't come gunning for me.
  9. @Ittaku had the same experience on his MSB DAC. I’ve yet to try it on mine but I suspect it is similar.
  10. Shashavaglava has some real killer tracks on it. When they used to play live early on with the Horns of Death they were truly an amazing act. I spent many a gig getting slammed in their mosh pit over the years.
  11. I don’t get the ****ing here, but maybe as I used Roon to drive mine I’ve yet to uncover the issues. My many Bluesound devices have been fault free and as easy to drive as Sonos. I wonder if some PEBCAK is going on here. Roon will play gapless audio over Bluesound devices with no issue. I routinely listen to mixed DJ sets with lots of track changes and it never misses a beat.
  12. I’m pretty sure I’ve said that 3 times in these two threads. Get everyone to pitch in, slowly generate some consensus rather than shitslinging at your beefs in a DBT or otherwise. One that would be of great interest to me would be whether an audible difference is apparent with Ethernet switches. I’d be able to build a test harness for this and also automate it with randomised scripts. maybe start there as the supposition?
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