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  1. Go up the Lumin range, D2, T2 for better power supply. I’ve got a T2 in a box under my desk for sale right now https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/339467-fs-lumin-t2-network-streaming-dac/
  2. yeah that's a real likely problem. I got the Control4 Neeo quoted up to do what my Logitech Ultimate does a while back and there wasn't much spare change out of $3k. Not much of a feasible upgrade path like that.
  3. That would be rubbish. No one has properly stepped into the void to replace their products with like for like. The only one close got sold to Control4 so you now need to bite off that price model to play. The Logitech Ultimate is an awesome learning remote and the hub functionality really approaches what a real home automation solution can offer. I might need to just buy one and put it in the cupboard in case the dog eats it.
  4. I switched to Qobuz a month back and won't be returning to Tidal. On a 24 hour long playlist I converted from Spotify I only had 6 tracks missing on Qobuz, about 15 on Tidal. The gap is closing on library size across these players and I'm very happy to be out of the MQA ecosystem.
  5. Interesting. I wonder if that will mean a lot less pushing of "urban" acts in the app etc? I hope it means that there will be a streaming service that offers a better financial return to creative artists. That's how you build content exclusivity to your platform, much like Spotify has done with, say, Joe Rogan's podcast.
  6. Hey mate, if you’re running a DJ setup consider some active near field monitors. They will perform great whilst you dj and will have a good chunk of power for critical listening. Things have changed a lot on the active speaker front and you can get inexpensive options from many of the other manufacturers. From Behringer at the cheap end and up through fostex, m-audio, krk towards genelec and focal there are heaps to look at. i’d take a visit to your local store dj store and have a listen in their room and while you’re there ask them about your tonearm. They are a wealth
  7. yeah DVD-Audio. Was everywhere for a while and all of the content was very disposable.
  8. I think years of rubbish 5.1 DVDs put most of us off. I have been entertained recently by the various remix / remaster efforts that Steve Wilson has done on the XTC and Dukes Of Stratosphere discography though. The BluRay discs have a surround version that was made from the stems of the mixing tapes up and tastefully given some movement by Steve. Oranges & Lemons is particularly great sounding.
  9. I signed up for this the instant is became available. I’m in regional Victoria and while I can get fixed wireless (I have two FW services at the moment) I’d like more throughout than what FW presently offers. my neighbours don’t have the benefit of being on a hill like me and are either still on a slow adsl connection or 4g with patchy coverage in preference to the hot mess that skymuster is. they have all signed up to Starlink. the real candidates for this service are the regional nbn users who got a ****-sandwich in the nbn lotto.
  10. If you are a tinkerer, you could try Snakeoil OS but if you’re only using Roon your best results will come from Rock.
  11. Get a cheap NUC with a SSD hdd drive, install Rock and you’re done. https://help.roonlabs.com/portal/en/kb/articles/rock-install-guide I got a 10th generation i7 Intel NUC with 512 GB HDD and 8GB of RAM for about $800 new on eBay. That’s enough to do convolution, procedural eq and up sampling across 8 RAAT zones in my home. Doesn’t miss a beat.
  12. The other thing is audio isn't delivered over USB as a "just in time" delivery. The payload is being sent at a faster rate than you are rendering it (eg USB2.0 signalling at 480 Mbps) so even if there is an issue in the isochronous transfer, the buffering on the receiving end is refilled faster than you would see a disruption in the underlying data and hear it as a "pop" due to an error. The only way this is catastrophic to your audio stream is if your cable doesn't meet spec, is too long or you have a faulty USB interface at either end. I really wish people would be
  13. I’ve got some Signature S8s and run them in a mixed HT and stereo setup with an Anthem d2v Pre and a Classe cp800 for 2 channel. Amplification is through a classe ca5300. since deploying the ca5300 I’ve been very happy with my speaker performance. Prior to this I had a 170w per channel amp that did the job but not with the ease of the new classe which drops 350w per channel on my fronts. I never tried the anthem p5, but it is the logical answer to what you might want to deploy. Same factory, supposedly a good match.
  14. Both should be 763 There’s a whole bunch of threads on the Roon forum on how you can hotrod your own themes and colours. see: https://community.roonlabs.com/t/change-roon-theme-colors/143411
  15. New Roon build is out there for download right now: https://community.roonlabs.com/t/roon-1-8-build-763-is-live/146696 I have just applied it and will let you know if it breaks anything
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