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  1. Same on Prime. I just wish their streaming was a little more up to snuff. I get a lot of slow streaming before HD locks in which I never get with any of the other providers.
  2. I think you'd have to be very naive to not have expected that this would start happening with the streaming providers. Once they have us all hooked, they have us at their whim for price hikes and as you've pointed out, many of us have demonstrated a willingness to pay a lot more for inferior services like Foxtel in the past. I have noticed a lot of fragmentation of content and people needing multiple streaming services to see all they want. From my friend group I've also seen this kickstart low level content piracy up again. There's a real fine line between convenienc
  3. These actually look very interesting. The only bugbear I have is the loss of room correction if you go XLR input instead of the hub. will be very interested in hearing your thoughts @wikeeboy. If I test pilot these, I’d be going the floor standers though.
  4. One brand that's not been mentioned in this thread that demands some respect is Barefoot Sound. https://barefootsound.com It's safe to say a lot of the music you've heard in the past decade has been mixed on Barefoots. I've got a pair of Micromains on stands in my home studio and love them to freaking bits. I've had mine since 2011 and have no urge to replace them with anything else. Likely outside your investment ballpark, but their entry level Footprints might be worth an audition if you can find someone local who stocks them. Lew at
  5. If you are a Mac user, this app is super handy. Sound Source Very strong per output controls with Audiounit support so you have a near limitless set of audio processing capabilities available. There isn’t much you can’t do with it.
  6. I suggest you start here: FYI there is no shortage of discussion on the positives and perceived efficacy of switches on this forum. YMMV: many have claimed to hear significant improvement, many others, none at all.
  7. Great deck. I love mine. Wonder opportunity to pick up one as they are all sold out globally already.
  8. Going from a top end av processor (Anthem d2v) to a HT bypass config, I’d say if you’re serious about 2 channel listening, separate them both. I’m so much happier after separating duties and getting a better level of control of each scenario. A super high end AV Pre will date and descend in value with great velocity. Your two channel rig is much less likely to do the same.
  9. I've had Mitch from Accurate Sound in Canada do this for me recently, with convolution curves created for Roon. https://accuratesound.ca He's very patient and even though he's on the other side of the world, it has been easy to do.
  10. Something nice to start the week. Pale Sketcher is one of the many pseudonyms of Justin Broadrick, ex Napalm Death, Godflesh, Techno Animal and now predominantly of Jesu. I first heard this out when Aphex Twin played it when he toured in January 2012. A very cool EP and like all his stuff, well worth checking out.
  11. I’ve got a pair of B&W WM4s on a used Powernode and it’s a great outdoor setup. Used came in well under the $1k mark
  12. Winners: Nick Cave at Collingwood Town Hall the week before Christmas 1994. Brutal show, the band we’re on fire and really gave me thought as to how hard he could rock. Ministry at the Palace January 1995. I’ve only once ever been to a gig that loud since. For a bunch of heroin victims they play the most precise music with aplomb. Atari Teenage Riot at the Fleece & Firkin in Bristol in 1999. Totally off the hook, almost a mini riot in the audience. One of the rare times I’ve thought about safety in an audience. Frank Black at the Palace in 1994. The
  13. Phil, I have a d2v and there’s no need to have to pair it with the P5. I run mine with a Classe CA5300 5 channel power amp and it’s stellar. I ran it with a NAD M25 for about 8 years before that and it was no slouch. your speakers have a high sensitivity (92 dB in the S8) so won’t need a stupid amount of power to make them dance but I have found that the higher power of the CA5300 I have compared to the M25 made quite a big difference in terms of the ease the speakers seemed to exhibit under stress. you could just as easily look at power amps from other manufacturers if
  14. Dusting off a few favourites from the past 10 years on my new deck. Ben Frost - By The Throat This is a great soundscape record by a Melbourne boy who now rarely plays at home. I saw him play this album on tour in 2014 and it was stunning, despite it being near 40 degrees outside and the venue constantly dripping condensation from the roof.
  15. I think the S8 is only about 5" taller than the S6. Go the big boys
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