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  1. dont worrie peter we will let you know how the super fast broadband goes
  2. can anyone tell me what and when will this happen in southern tasmania i know we dont get the 24 hour sports channel wich sucks but any help if anyone has an information thanks jamie
  3. as far as i can read doing a search they only have sd inbuilt tuner hope this helps jamie
  4. can anyone tell me the best settings they use on this tv any help would be great thanks jamie
  5. there was talk of this when i brought my philips about 4 months ago it is a pity if they do but when it comes to world market figures australia is not viable jamie
  6. i have had the topfield 7000 for about 2 months and it is a great machine no problems would recommend
  7. sent adress if prob send to jamiew64@yahoo.com.au thanks tassie do you live in tassie if so i do to
  8. how do i get the new firmware when i go to the site it wont let me go any further it comes up error i brought my 7000 on thurs it to won't start up from cold start on hdmi have to go back and forth through the inputs then it starts jamie
  9. i'am thinking of buying one in the next couple of days would i be mad to or go for somting like the homcast . the thing is will i regret it or do you think the new fixes will do the trick thanks jamie
  10. hd is about 30 hours sd is about 100 hours thats the average
  11. so tell me what are the best price being payed for this unit thanks jamie
  12. question what is this tivo i'am buying a pvr in two weeks time a beyond or topfield is there an advantage with tivo they don't say much about the box eg hd size no of tuners any help will be good are these as good as the ones i'am lookng at thanks jamie
  13. yes i am hoping to buy one in 2-3-weeks when the tax man sends me some money when is the topfield 7100 coming out i would be interested in this as i have two toppy stbs and they are great don't miss a beat i was looking at the toppy 7000 but hearing bad things? if there true or not i don't know i will be keeping an open mind when buying one thanks every one for your help jamie
  14. reception is not a problem where i live i get brilliant a picture i don't know if ill use as a media center just looking for best performance i have a toppy sd pvr been good unit but hear the 7000 has a lot of problems would like to stay with topfield but am i buy trouble do i have to upgrade software all the time do the other two require regular updates just a few things i want to know thanks jamie
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