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  1. Found and turned off Simplink. It works !!!! thathifiguy thank you very much for your help. Regards Brian
  2. Hello, I'm having issues with the HDMI assignment and switching on this receiver that I hope somebody could help me with. I have Foxtel, Apple tv 4k and a set top box I want to connect. I have the TV connected via ARC no problem there. I have Foxtel on HDMI 1 and ATv 4k on HDMI 2. The problem starts when trying to connect/assign other HDMI inputs. Whenever I'm in the "on screen" on the tv and try to assign one of the other HDMI inputs the input reverts back to the Foxtel input an I am unable to connect or assign other HDMI ports. So, HDMI 1 & 2 seem to function normally but the other 5 inputs appear faulty. Any help and advice would be really welcome
  3. OK, C9 update. Firstly, terrestrial channels that I have tried all check out ok (i.e. picture is fine,,,,, programs still rubbish though!!) The one issue I have is pixellation on Netflix. I have Foxtel and watch Netflix on IQ4 box and that is fine. I have a reasonable NBN speed >32 Mbps tested on the tv using SPEEDTEST. so presumably internet speed is not or should not be the the problem. So, I would guess, and I'm no expert but have experienced pixillation in the past the issue with FTA, the problem is probably the antenna or any connections between that and the tv but this Netflix issue is perplexing and if anyone here has any suggestions for a remedy that would be really welcome 'cause if I do away with Foxtel in the future I'm stuck with a very poor picture using the Netflix app. BTW, TV and Netflix have all the updates done.
  4. Try Mediahuman. It's freeware and converts most file types. www.mediahuman.com PM sent
  5. Eagerly awaiting the arrival of my 65" C9 now with a bit of nervousness after reading this post. Once I'm up and running I'll report back with my experience and any issues with pixillation as described by WOOD. Fingers crossed 😒
  6. My Toppy seems to have a mind of its own when it comes to keeping time. Is it something I'm doing/not doing or what? I've just had to reset it again, the date / time was showing as: 03/12/1999 12:41 when the actual time was 20:34. I usually only notice this problem if I want to set up timer record and if I'm not on the ball I miss recording what I want. If YOU can help I would be grateful. Thanks Brian
  7. Thanks V , thats cleared that one up Brian
  8. I just got my Toppy 80gig today I'm wrapped already.The price I paid was $800 at HN in port kennedy (WA). They only had two of that size left and their price for the 120gig is $1099 but the guy came down to $1000 without an argument if I wanted one, so that would be a good starting point for someone I imagine.It's worth a try, Speak to Andrew. By the way, is there a particular usb lead needed? I didn't look too close before hooking everthig up but the "usb" connection on the back panel looked different
  9. Ok, I know this looks like an exclusive "Toppy" forum but I'll put my neck on the block and blaspheme just a wee bit and say,,,, Legend PVR080, there, I've done it, but seriously guys, does anyone know about these machines that could help me in deciding whether or not to take the plunge and buy one. It would be great to have "toppy" dollars but we are not all blessed and have to take the best we can afford. Any help/advice would be welcome Cheers
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