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  1. Several years ago I converted my VHS copy of Tomb Raider to DVD. 4:3 of course. (I lent it to someone at 7 and I suspect they have been broadcasting it ever since). Perhaps if you have a 16:9 copy could you please lend it to them next time to broadcast.
  2. Last time 7 broadcast Tomb Raider 1 it was in 4:3. I wonder if it will be in 16:9 this time.
  3. This afternoon ABC is playing the 1985 live concert of Midnight Oil on Sydney Harbour. 5.1 sound according to the programmes.
  4. Anyone know if a Winfast DTV2000H will work with a Radeon 9200SE video card. I had a 7600GT card (AGP) in the computer last weekend but it no longer functions due to an eletrical problem. I don't know if the tv card is OK although it shows up in the list of hardware waiting for drivers to be installed. In the meantime I am using the old spare Radeon 9200Se which has 128Mb of memory and is living with Direct X 9.0C. I am using Windows 2000 SP4 (which the tv card worked with before) but now when I try to install I get a message saying "unsupported item" but I don't know if it is the video card that is unsupported or the tv card. The tv card could also be damaged. I may have to try in another PC.
  5. I see that episode 4 is on this Saturday. Perhaps Ch 10 is reserving episode 3 for the end of the series or could Ch 9 possibly have it. I hope 9 has it because there is a chance they may broadcast in 5.1. Picture quality, well who knows.
  6. HD Movie tonight (Sunday 28th). I see from the pdg of the HD programmes that Wing Commander is supposed to be on tonight from 10pm to 1130pm. Yet on CH 7 web site for HD the programme has disappeared from the list. Yet on their TV guide linked to the same page Wing Commander is listed as being on from 10am to 9pm. It is meant to be on Channel D70 isn' it? I wonder why they dropped it from the HD page, do they not want us to notice that it could be on?
  7. So is there anyway we can see what is going to be broadcast on the new HD channel? I have not seen anything on Ch7 website. My main place for reveiwing up coming programmes is: http://yourtv.com.au/guide/index.cfm but it is not separately showing the new HD channel yet?
  8. Better than Sydney radio memories was a station called 2BE in Bega. In the early seventies while Sydney radio only played some top 40 stuff and ignored the experimentation going on with music in the rest of the world, 2BE would play whole albums of Carlos Santana and Buddy Miles Live, Moody Blues albums, Jefferson Airplane, Captain Beyond, Robyn Trauer, Uriah Heep, Wishbone Ash, Yes, Humble Pie and on and on the list goes. The ABC had an interesting programme on 2BL called Room to Move by Chris Wynter, I think I still have some tapes of some of those programmes.
  9. I've still got that closing animation on vhs somewhere which I recorded in 1978 when I bought my new JVC VHS recorder for $1200. That was 1978 dollars which must be about $5000 now. Would we pay for a vhs like that now? Makes you realise how much cheaper it has become to record and process TV.
  10. The kick off to the new series of Dr Who starts tonight at 8.30 approx. Saturday the series continues.
  11. Anyone getting poor sound quality on ABC HDTV? All other channels are OK?
  12. I have a DTV2000 working in one of my PC's. All is well except for a couple of questions that I hope readers can answer: In the configuration screen under the scan channels menu there is a view style button. I have not been able to do anything with it, what do you use it for? Also in the scan screen where the list of available channels is displayed the manual says you can drag and drop the channels you want. Drop them to where though? Also once back in the viewing screen, you can operate a favourite channels list. How do you create the list of favourite channels, and is it something to do with the view style function mentioned earlier? Thanks in advance folks.
  13. "When I scan for channels (Sydney) it picks up 6 Providers (fast scan) and 15 Providers (Slow scan) But all the providers found are exactly the same. They are all duplicate network 7 channels. Any ideas why this is happening?" I had the same thing when buying a DTV2000 two days ago. I have another computer upstairs running Dvico Lite and all channels come in OK. So I moved the computer with the Leadtek card upstairs to the other antenna: all stations picked and working properly. Conclusion for me is the antenna downstairs could have a bad connection somewhere or the plug is not contacting the antenna input on the card.
  14. I have Windows media player 9 installed. Media Player classic is version I understand that there is an issue with installing Purevideo and changes to quartz.dll causing jerky playback. I am working on it but it is probably a codec issue.
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