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  1. I have got an M&K V75 that I am putting up for sale. 12" driver output down to 20Hz
  2. Journey to the Centre of the Earth has amazing depth and pop out effects.
  3. Not really, I have a Polk audio system and I initially used a 100WPC stereo amp to power up the rear pair of atmos speakers but it just seemed out of balance with the front atmos speakers powered from the Yamaha. So I decided to get a more powerful amp (Crown XLS1502 rated @ 300WPC) and power the front channels (Polk LS50)with it . After doing that the atmos speakers just felt liked they gelled better together. As for when I was powering the front speakers with the Yamaha The sound was still quite clear and powerful but maybe a touch less than having a dedicated power amp.
  4. What brand of TV do you have? I have a Panasonic and I have to set it to Home Cinema mode in the sound menu. Do you have your HDMI plugged into the specific ARC HDMI port on your TV?
  5. I am using a 3070 Aventage and I would advise get a power amp to power the B&W's, then you would allow the Aventage amp to power the 4 Atmos channels.
  6. I have done this using party mode. In settings you set the amplifier mode to 5 channel with zone 2 & zone 3. Main listening is zone 1 front Atmos speakers are zone 2 and rear Atmos speakers are zone 3. I was interested in hearing how the Atmos speakers playing music. You can then set individual volume settings for each zone. I found it easier to use the Yamaha app on my iPhone than the remote when doing this.
  7. Does you receiver have digital sound level adjustment? If so turn down a couple of dB.
  8. in the past couple of days 7flix Brisbane feed to Gold Coast has changed from MP4 to MPEG2. Maybe they got some complaints from people with older equipment that doesn't support MP4 on tuner?
  9. Minions Australian release Blu-ray does have ATMOS sound.
  10. Just to let everyone know the new Event cinemas at Pacific Fair are now open. The VMAX and all 3 Gold Class cinemas have ATMOS. I checked out The Martian @VMAX in ATMOS and it sounded fairly awesome.
  11. This may be so but in store at Big W Burleigh Heads the price is $28. Their online store should get on the same page!!
  12. Thanks for the info Michael. That is an fantastic list of speakers indeed!
  13. Yeah I felt the same. The spatialness and steering were spot on like when one of the characters on screen was talking to somebody behind him and they placed his voice rear left with left height it was exactly where he was looking, just awesome.
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