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  1. Location: Banksia Grove, Perth, WA Items: http://m.imgur.com/a/QKDSH (3x pic) NS-555 - two floor standing speakers (250W per speaker) NS-333 - two rear/surround satellite speakers (150W per speaker) NS-C444 - center speaker (250W) YST-RSW300 - powered sub woofer (270W) Speaker wires for each speaker + subwoofer Price: $1100 ono All in good condition with some minor light scuffing on some speakers. Also included if wanted is Yamaha amplifier RX-673 but this will be at no extra cost as unit has a fault and only intermittently works. Happy to demo this though if interested, otherwise will likely just go in to the bin. No remote. Selling as I've swapped over to a smaller all-in-one bluray/stereo system which fits a bit better on the cabinet. Reply to thread or PM for any questions / further info or images etc. Thankyou
  2. Almost had forgotten about this thread, shortly after I purchased my TV I got a technician to come out and install the latest firmware to get rid of the annoying movie plus bug, and make sure to subsequently turn off movie plus on every input. I find it just looks weird for watching TV/Movie content, if it worked perfectly though I would use it all the time for playing 30fps video games, but it isn't perfect so I stick with it turned off so everything looks more consistent. Anyway, I've still got both these things happening so just thought I'd bump up and see if anyone else knew what might be causing this. I'm guessing for the component grid type issue it's probably that 1080p over component isn't supported that well with this particular TV but the HDMI thing still perplexes me.. Even if they're not fixable and common across this type of TV at least it's not too in your face I guess!
  3. Ah, not to worry about the images then, they're clickable now so that should suffice As for the sources, I haven't used the same source to display both issues (the first two images are Xbox 360, the second two are PS3) but the issues do persist across multiple sources. The component issue that I've shown with the Xbox 360, also became apparent when I plugged my PS3 in via component, though you can't really see it in the snap I took as it isn't dark enough to bring it up. The HDMI issue I've noted a few times when using my HD-DVD player which I've also got connected to the TV, but via a different HDMI input altogether.. so I'm fairly certain it's not any one source that is disagreeing with my TV but just something that seems to appear across the board (when the circumstances are right, ie 1080p in HDMI or component - coupled with dark enough scenes/images). And yeah I've had a fiddle with with all image processing options I can find, I've also double checked the movie plus isn't causing it but made a point to get my firmware upgraded shortly after I purchased the TV to make sure that wouldn't be a problem for me. I don't think you can enable it when display 1080p though anyway. I'll keep having a fiddle but I appreciate the thoughts so far! I'll report back if I have any success.
  4. Hey guys, I've got a Samsung M81 46" LCD TV which I've had for a while, I'm pretty sure these things have been happening for probably the entire life of the unit but I only just recently noticed them when I decided to crank the brightness up a bit. Basically, whenever I'm watching any content in 1080p via component, I see a sort of grid on black, or very low light screens. It only seems to happen when I'm displaying stuff in 1080p on component though, in 1080i, or 720p it just doesn't appear. This is 1080p component; http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v102/kittymeow/1-1.jpg This is 720p component; http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v102/kittymeow/2-1.jpg So yeah, that's my first query, if anyone knows why that might be happening, or how I can get rid of it that would be dandy. The other quirk I'm having is when displaying content in 1080p but via HDMI, I'm not sure what exactly the precursors for it are, as sometimes I see it in low light/dark screens, and sometimes I don't, but basically I get a trailing/afterimage type effect. This is 1080p via HDMI; http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v102/kittymeow/3-1.jpg This is 1080p via component; http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v102/kittymeow/4.jpg You'll see in the top image the flower has a shadow type thing, because when it came on screen it came from the left, so it sort of cut an image across leaving somewhat of a trail, whereas in the component image this effect doesn't occur.. sorry for the poor explanation but the images should convey what I mean. I came across a similar type of problem to this once before and after a little googling I found that the culprit was that I'd left one of the image enhancing things on, I think it was DNIe or something to that effect, but I've tried turning off and on all the different options but nothing seems to get rid of it. Ultimately if I'm stuck with both of these things it's not too much of an issue, it's only a few occasions that I see these things pop up, or in a few specific games due to their lighting, but if it's something that's totally out of the ordinary I will get it looked at Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Ben edit: sorry the image tags/code don't seem to be working so I've changed them to links.
  5. Hey guys, I gave the service centre a call today to see how my TV repair was going and they said because it's a Samsung TV they can only repair it as Samsung instruct them to. They've been told to replace the panel of the TV, which to my understanding is basically the screen component of the TV, now I was wondering.. will this affect anything else to do with the TV? I only ask as shortly after I bought my TV I got a more recent firmware installed to correct the movie plus problem (movie plus mode constantly turning on whenever there is an input change or the tv is turned off). Now I'm wondering, is my interpretation of what the 'panel' entails correct? In that it is merely the viewable screen component, or is there more to it? I'm assuming that the motherboard is what stores/handles the firmware of the television, so I'm just trying to ascertain as to whether or not the entirety of the unit will be replaced (but put back inside the old casing) and if I'm going to need to get the firmware installed again when I get it back. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. Well my TV has given up the ghost again! >_< It still works but sometimes it doesn't want to stay on, so called up the closest service centre for a pickup tomorrow and hopefully it'll be fixed up before too long!
  7. Well, I was in the 03/03 club but my titles arrived today! Somewhat bummed about my selection, especially after seeing so many people were getting stuff like V for Vendetta and 300 in the same packages but oh well I got; The Holiday Shrek the Third Born on the Fourth of July Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Stardust Ray (already own) Blades of Glory (already own) Sahara (already own) Red Dragon (already own) Transformers (already own) lol
  8. Actually scratch that, for whatever reason after having my TV unplugged all week it decided to start working perfectly again... the day before the repair guys are due to collect it.. lol
  9. Argh! I hope this does not happen to me >_< My TV (exact same model as yours) has just decided to not work properly, I turn it on, see a dimly lit image for about 2 seconds, and whilst it is on for those 2 seconds hear an audible buzzing noise, then it flicks itself back off. Called up to get it collected and repaired but I can only hope I do not have the same issue as you...! I realise also that these TVs don't display 24hz correctly as they can't display it in a multiple of 24, but the resulting image definitely displays a marked advantage in panning scenes, they just look noticeable smoother. But yeah I can see what you are saying, it was never a listed feature of this TV, thus they don't have to really do anything about it if your TV is repaired and the feature has disappeared! I'll report back when I get my TV back and hopefully I won't be reporting the same news as I'll be pretty miffed...
  10. Hey guys, I did a bit of searching but couldn't find much information and was wondering if someone could help me. I have one of the older AWA 94cm LCDs, I think the model number is TFTD94G. I couldn't however find any information in my manual about wall mounting one of these suckers... I was just wondering if anyone had done it, and if so does it just use the standard VESA wall mounts? Or were these TVs out before the VESA thing was standard? I'll try to snap a picture of the back of the TV to make it easier to identify, but for now I thought I would at least just pose the question and see if anyone knew
  11. Gave it another go and managed to get through this time. Out of curiosity what button presses did everyone use? First time I selected 3, then 2 or something like that, this time I did 3 then 1, neither of them got me directly through to the redemption department, needed to be transferred each time. *shrug* Anyway spoke to Tim, got the same spiel that everyone else has received that's called up, system error etc, he's manually entered my details again, apologised for the delay and said they would be working as fast as they can to send them all out, gave me an ETA of 2-3 weeks. Hopefully that'll get things under way. The one thing I'm thankful about is my forgetfulness, I'd completely forgotten about submitting my redemption - mostly because it was 3 months ago that I did it, so I haven't been too worried that they haven't arrived yet. Still a pain though now I know
  12. Grrr, I called up just a moment ago hung on the line for about 7 minutes, very boring, can I at least get some hold music? but seriously I wasn't even sure the call had gone through because it's just silence after you pick your options until about 30 seconds later you either get an automated voice or someone picking up the line >_< But yeah, waited on the line, after being told multiple times I was number 1 in the queue it finally came back and just said 'Sorry we can't take your call at the moment, please try again later' and then dropped my call! Might just keep trying to call but it's a pity both the redemption program and their phone system sucks!
  13. I'm another in the 3/3 list 16/02/2008 HD-XE1-K-TY RECEIVED. Online Claim has been successfully submitted. 29/02/2008 HD-XE1-K-TY APPROVED. Supporting documents received and validated. Claim approved. 03/03/2008 HD-XE1-K-TY FULFILMENT IN PROCESS. Money orders/Redemption item(s) being ordered. I'd mostly forgotten about the redemption titles as it's been quite a while since I sent off the documentation, but remembering about it this morning and seeing how long it has been really is a bit of a kick in the pants - for both those waiting on titles, and quite a lot of peoples' perception of Toshiba..
  14. Yeah I'm in a similar situation, looking at my order, 14 titles are listed as having been dispatched, but 2 are still on 0. I was sure I ordered before they were backordered
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