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  1. I'm currently watching Black Panther at my normal Movie volume which is pretty loud powering a 5.1.4 system and just felt the top of the receiver, and it's easily touchable. The hottest part is marginally warmer than luke warm, and i'm easily able to hold my hand on it, and my living room is currently around 28 celcius so it definitely doesn't feel like it' running hot considering the circumstances. That's my unscientific take LOL.
  2. I just recently upgraded my Sony STR-DN1080 to a Denon AVR-X3600H, and I absolutely love the Denon. I'm running a 5.1.4 and at some point will get another sub making it 5.2.4.
  3. Hi Paul, You just type the IP address into your browser. To get the IP address, just go into the Setup menu, then down to Network, then click Information. The IP address should be listed above the MAC addresses.
  4. Woot. I just worked out a great workaround for the Volume issue above. Instead of saying "OK Google, volume 15 on the Denon" and have it miscalculate the correct volume if I also changed it on the remote, i simply made a Google Assistant routine that does the following; Ok Google, Volume 0 on the Denon, and then a second command that immediately does a Volume 15 on the Denon. The trick was to reset the volume to 0 first. Now I can set specific volumes via commands such as "morning volume" and have it change to that specific volume, or Movie volume and have it change to a higher volume etc. So, all the issues I had are now resolved. I love this receiver.
  5. Oh okay. Thanks. I wouldn't have thought they wouldn't be able to do much as they aren't Denon, but i'll email them and see what they say. Thanks for that.
  6. Do you know the email address off the top of your head? Looking at the Denon australia website, it tells me to contact the Australian Distributor which I assume I don't want.
  7. So, I finally got to pick up the AVR-X3600H yesterday that was on order, and I spent the day setting it up. Still doing a bit of tweaking, but i'm happy to say the two main features I wanted, are in fact working great. There is a slight issue with setting volume by voice though. Not a deal breaker however. It works great setting the volume , but if you make adjustments using the remote as well, it doesn't sync up eg. If you are at volume 0 as an example and say "OK Google, Volume 30 on the Denon", it changes the volume to 30. If I continue to speak volumes it works great. As soon as I use a remote control to modify the volume, and then use voice to change the volume, the volume will be out by the amount you changed it using the remote. Eg. If it was set by voice to 30 and is at 30, and then I use the remote to change it to 33, and then use voice to set it to 50, it will actually change it to 53 instead of 50. I can't see any way of fixing that so maybe it's a bug and may be fixed in a future firmware update. Here's some things I love about the receiver and how it compares to my Sony STR-DN1080. * If I watched a Youtube video on the TV, I had to use an optical cable to get sound back to the Sony receiver for some reason. This isn't the case with the AVR-X3600H. It just works without the need of an optical cable. Both receivers I believe had E-ARC so no idea why I had the issue with the Sony. * Every single setting, including distances, Levels, graphic equalizer etc. all can be modified using a web browser on the same network. The Sony doesn't have that feature, and I love it on this receiver. It makes it so easy to make changes to tweak things and it updates the receiver in real time so you can get immediate results. * There's a configuration backup and restore option on the AVR-X3600H which saves the configuration to a USB stick. This comes in really handy so you can make backups when you tweak settings, and then restore when you bugger something up. This isn't a feature of the Sony receiver. I've already used the feature, and it works great. * I can be listening to Spotify, or any other audio source ie. USB, network, etc, while watching cable TV (using a Set Top Box), or Apple TV, or PS4 etc. I've tested it and it works great. This was one of the major features I wanted and it's not available on the Sony receiver. * I love the amount of tweaking I can do., and the audio is the same if not better than the Sony receiver albeit, i'm still getting used to the slight change after changing receivers. So far, i'm really happy with the receiver though. I feel like there are only a couple of minor annoyances that stop it from being really awesome, but the annoyances are very minor, and can be resolved in future firmware updates potentially. The first is the volume issue above, and the second is the fact the Denon doesn't show up in Google Home as a device that you can add to a group. The Sony receiver could do this so you could add all the Google Homes around the house into a group which included the receiver. The device that comes up the Google Home app for Denon is the HEOS name and while you can control it by voice, you can't add it to a group and play it along side all the Google Homes. Apart from that, it's a great receiver, and I definitely feel like it was a worthy upgrade. I'll be in heaven if Denon ever fix the above issues. I can't find any way of sending them feedback though.
  8. That makes sense. You'd think they'd just say that LOL instead of a contradictory statement that is confusing. Thanks heaps.
  9. Hi All, Anyone know if the DeRemote ios app supports the Denon AVR-X3600H? I sent an email to the developer about a week ago, but haven't heard anything back. The model isn't specifically mentioned on the app compatibility list.
  10. Awesome. Thanks guys. Can't wait to experiment and set it up. Hopefully i'll have the new receiver in a couple of weeks.
  11. The problem is page 124 of the manual says this? This is why it's confusing. What does it mean by This cannot be set when any of the HDMI ports are assigned? Aren't they always assigned as soon as you plug the cable in? This unit can display video from a different source on TV during audio playback. You can set this for each input source. Supported input sources: CD* / Tuner / HEOS Music / Phono * This cannot be set when any of the HDMI, component video or video connectors are assigned.
  12. Hi All, Can anyone that currently owns the Denon AVR-X3600H tell me if you can be using HEOS to stream Spotify, while simultaneously watch a video source such as the PS4, Apple TV, or Set Top Box? I would like to play the PS4, or watch TV (without sound of course), while listening to music via Spotify. I currently have a Sony STR-DN1080, and you can't do it, however I used to own a Yamaha many years ago that I could do it. I hope to be getting a Denon AVR-X3600H soon and would love to have first hand knowledge from someone that owns one. The user manual mentions you can, but has a footnote which kind of contradicts it, so it's a little confusing. If anyone can advise that would be awesome. Edit: The user manual states the following; "This unit can display video from a different source on TV during audio playback. You can set this for each input source. Supported input sources: CD * Tuner / HEOS Music / Phono * This cannot be set when any of the HDMI, component video or video connectors are assigned." Thanks Geoff
  13. It links directly to a .swf so you need to do a save as.. not sure how to do it on a Mac though.. In windows just right click on the link above in my post and choose 'save as' to save the file. If you left click it will try and load the .swf which isn't what you want. Probably why you're mac isn't showing anything. Here's a link to the directory listing which might make it easier. http://www.gleff.com/blue/
  14. If anyone is interested I found a really nice looking theme for the Iriver B30 (at least I think it's a nice theme). The site I got it from is the Iriver site but it's in Korean.. I've uploaded the theme to my site. Just go to http://www.gleff.com/Blue.swf and save as.. put it in your themes directory on the B30 and voila.. It's pretty sexy. If you want to give yourself a headache or know korean, check out: http://content.iriver.co.kr/ct_content.asp...&SrchType=2 - If you can find a link for an english version of the site i'll love you forever Incidently, if any other B30 owners out there have any nice themes, skins, sites, etc about the B30 and want to share, let us know hence this thread. Geoff
  15. Bear in mind that this is really a first generation device so there's bound to be issues. Having said that, it's miles ahead of the other first generation devices out there. Go to any DSE or Harvey Norman etc and pick up one of the digital radios there for roughly the same price give or take a hundred or two and they all look like crap. They're big, retro looking and have small displays that don't show much. The B30 while it has it's issues also has some really good features. Such features include: It's also an MP3 player that has extremely good sounding quality (via a headphone or plugged into an external amp). The external speaker is pretty crap but still an added bonus when you just want it for work to sit on your desk or something. It plays video of reasonable quality. It plays multiple video and audio types including OGG etc which isn't something you'd find on things like an Ipod Touch or most other mp3 players. It shows album covers which I don't think any other DAB+ player does. I'm actually starting to like the player. Now that i've been a bit critical of the device i've since discovered the following. I can save the theme now.. I just didn't know how to before. I didn't see the option. The hard to read text I think is DLS and it's very hard to read as it appears to be light grey on dark grey. Whoever picked the colour scheme should be shot. As far as I can figure the DAB display options do the following. DLS = Plain grey wallpaper showing the words Digital Audio Broadcasting (with a pair of headphones) and plain text at the bottom of the screen. The text is light grey on dark grey making it hard to read. SLS = Full graphics which includes album cover, better looking fonts, and colours SLS & DLS = a combination of both which looks terrible because one superimposes on top of each other. SLS is the best one to use. It makes it so much easier to read. Having said that, it does also depend on the station you're listening/looking at because they control the content. If they don't have pretty graphics like Mix then you'd be still having light grey on dark grey. It will also start on this mode and then after around 5-10 seconds change to the pretty graphics. Using Mix as an example I have a black background that shows a very pretty looking calendar with white text/banners, which then changes to news headlines again using white banners on a black background and then it eventually changes to black background with an album cover in the top left, white text showing the current artist and song title in a nice font on the right, and then on the bottom in a white banner it shows what's next with a logo and black and green text. In this mode I can easily read what's on the screen from some broadcasters. It's not the devices fault at all. I currently have the B30 plugged into my Yamaha amp and it sounds brilliant. I'm also starting to get used to the navigation. In summary, when I first got it, I would have rated it lower than what I do now. I reckon for a first generation device and for the price which in both areas imho beat other devices out there, I reckon this is simply the best out there and I would now give it a 7/10. I believe the misgivings of this device can easily be fixed by firmware updates or changes in what the broadcasters send.
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