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  1. So after my initial DOA experience in 2007 the 'repaired' sub with the exception of random loud pops and bangs when not operating has been good. (likely a crappy spike from a fridge) Fast forward to 2019.. and its DEAD.. light are on but nobody is home. No audio output at all and based on the limited info I have read.. the PCB's are likely fried. Opening it up, main amp board is curved, the gooey stuff they smear everywhere is dark brown and everything smells very burned! Again based on my limited research the board is used across a range of manufacturers and suffers the same fate. As I dont really want to replace the sub.. i need to source a plate amp or external amp to power it. I have a full 7.1 MS set up (centre speaker requires a tweeter if anyone has a source?) and it doesnt get used too much (we have a 3 year old so busy with other things) so cant justify a whole new setup. Can or has anyone solved this? Amp is a class D 300w jobbie.. and plate dims are 27*21.5cm - the Opus One plate (almost exactly - not class D and not toroid transformer) will fit but i'm thinking 180w may be a bit under powered.. Happy to take recommendations on plate or external amps around the 250-300w mark.. Thanks in advance Steve
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