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  1. Family members just got the following and I will have to setup for best picture: Can someone please post their settings for UA50U6000W..... Best picture settings Best settings for watching AFL HD Are firmware updates worth doing or make things worse? Will connect chromecast and Beyonwiz S1 PVR ...... Is the PS4 PRO been fixed or HDR still not working? No bluetooth keyboard access still? All latest experiences tips\tricks please!
  2. They have the Tv's delivered! The excess was paid via CC to The Good Guys direct. Bedroom tv: Hisense 50k3300uw Living Room: Samsung UA50KU6000W 1 page hard copy manual????????????? Overhead it cost about $1150 for insurance company! Edit: So I think the request that family member made was a poor choice for the Samsung as I have found it does not have Bluetooth and sports viewing performance is poor 7\10......They did not listen\wait for a recommendation and just went Samsung from a retailer website review
  3. So the BOM forecast, as proof for the weather on the day has been attached to the claim.....awaiting outcome.....
  4. So much for Broker Agreed value? Found your recommendation: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/286488 The Plasma was the Hitachi 42PD5000TA. Still recommend the Panasonic? I was thinking Hisense 50M7000UW(recently on Ozbargain and sale Jbhifi) or 50K3110PW(which will not even cover Excess!) OR a Samsung Basic set-top box for another Tv do you recommend?
  5. So latest update is more reality orientated(as per Pgdownload) and less delusional as per the BROKER.......Plasma---> tv they will choose of $500 in value....a counter offer will be made(as per Broker and suggested tv value) and not sure on the Dicksmith TV offer. Set top box they will pay money amount. Any suggestions for counter Tv offer????.... Not sure how a $600 excess and 10+years of premiums can receive such a LOW offer?
  6. So when are the Panasonic OLED arriving? Or the 2017 LG OLED?
  7. So looking at going to Vero insurance after this......any comments on their policy?
  8. So the update is the insurance wants evidence, so contacting the electricity company to see if they can show a spike\surge in power when the lighting hit ground near property..... The antenna guy could not provide any details on why both TV's and internet on one computer stopped. Insurance say they will choose and replace with what they think compares but broker says definitely insured for $6K TV!
  9. Update is the broker saying that now the call centre of the insurance company has moved to Manilla all claims are not processing smoothly anymore and has other clients waiting on claims to be resolved! Had a aerial guy test arial and all good but confirmed Tv's are dead. Found that the ethernet cable from for the computer upstairs needed to be replaced which is odd as the one downstairs was fine and older than the upstairs cable? So evidence......any suggestions....does a TV repairer need to review Tv's? How long is reasonable time for claims process now call centre overseas, 1 month?
  10. So the latest is filling out forms for Insurance broker *Oh there is a $600 EXCESS!!!!* So the "Insurance broker" says NEW for OLD value $6.7K for Plasma! Not size???? Definitely go LG OLED...as the Pansonic OLED are not out over Samsung UHD HDR? Will ask for straight over curved. It actually asks on the claim form what is similar value now? So for $5K would be from LG 65" B6T 4K Ultra HD OLED Smart TV OR https://www.videopro.com.au/p-9877-lg-65-oled65e6t-e6-series-4k-uhd-oled-tv.aspx I know the sale is not on When the G6 was $6.5K! https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=2586007&p=41 Should ask for the G6....of course the insurance can get it at OLD SALE price? Also the: https://www.videopro.com.au/p-9877-lg-65-oled65e6t-e6-series-4k-uhd-oled-tv.aspx is $5.8K But may end up with $400 cash if pgdownload is right. Just to also add there are 3 Tv's in the house in three different rooms. Plasma stopped working Dick smith LCD stopped working Old CRT with set top box works but snowy picture on free to air, fine via dvd! Having aerial guy come to test antenna and ports. Also the upstairs internet that is fed by ethernet cord from the downstairs modem\router stopped working. Downstairs and WIFI work fine!
  11. Well you seem to be spot on when I think I found the PDF of the policy.....any suggestions on LED TV(your price range) if there is a choice or wiggle room to ask for in replacing the Plasma?
  12. It was not a Panasonic Plasma.....I'll let you know the outcome.
  13. Others are saying that New for old if in policy means that $8K value should replace it.....no? Of course the insurance will want to pay the least possible ie. if fixing is the cheapest option. The plasma 42 inch with side speakers attached and actually hooked up to beyonwiz for the DTV tuner ! It still blitzed current LCD concerning HD sports..... I know the Dicksmith Tv is a side note and agree they will value something similar.
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