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  1. I saw the F8000 but its $5K, so not in the price range. Today I actually had a side by side demo between the 65VT and a 60" F7100. The VT was excellent and not hot like the one I saw the day before. However the 7100 was absolutely shocking. Both were playing a blu-ray of the hobbit. The Samsung LED was just plain awful in comparison, although the overall picture looked sharp there was a real lack of detail. We even paused on around the same frame of Gandalf to compare, and where the VT had great detail on his skin and beard the 7100 looked as though someone had taken to him with the smudge tool in photoshop. I told him to hold the last VT they had in stock, I'll put up with any heat and go back tomorrow and buy it. $3385 with a 5 year warranty
  2. The ratings for my old Pioneer Kuro LX609a were, Dynamic 462W, Standard 459W, Movie 356W The only ratings I can see for the Panasonics are 65ST Normal (Home) Mode - 199W 65VT Normal (Home) Mode - 222W Should I be comparing the Standard on the Kuro to the Normal on the Panasonic?
  3. Thanks for the info, I'll check out some Samsungs today then. I'm also going to have a look at another VT elsewhere to see if it has the same issues.
  4. My Pioneer LX609A was finally picked up yesterday and the only reason the old girl had to go in the end was we've just found it to be too much of a room heater in our small lounge room. Its power consumption was supposedly around the 460W mark in standard mode and you could really feel it add heat to the room on an already hot day. I had ideas of replacing it with a Panasonic VT65 after reading its lower power rating, but after going and looking at one today I'm not so sure. The one I looked at in store was absolutely sizzling around the top of the back of the display, even hotter than the Kuro used to get. Is this normal or is it possible because it was shop stock on display mode or something? Can anyone with a VT65 comment on its heat output? I have to say I was pretty underwhelmed with the build quality also, it all seemed a bit cheap and tinny for a $3,300 tv. On the other hand if I'm stuck with the fact that plasma just wont cut it in a smaller room because of heat, is my next best option one of the Samsung LED's? I have around $3-3.5K to spend.
  5. I know! I do my own extra oil changes on my new-ish BMW and its easier to fully reset the service indicator on that!
  6. Thanks, yes that's the method I've been trying, probably about 50 times now but no luck. So did a potential buyer with a different remote but no joy either. Its obviously a very fine timing issue
  7. For some reason he found it necessary to post a reference to my 609 for sale, and also sent me an email telling me how generic my panel was and how holier than thou his was. I've now complained to Ebay about him...
  8. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how to access the service menu on a LX609A? I'm trying to find out the number of hours on my panel. Any help or info greatly appreciated...
  9. Its now on Ebay http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=281201806734
  10. Thanks for the kind thoughts Laurie. I've put up what I think is a fair price, so I'll only part with it for what I'm happy with. I've just experienced a multitude of low-ballers on Gumtree trying to sell some tyres. I just ignore silly offers nowadays...cheers Mal
  11. I have a Pioneer PDP-LX609A that I'm thinking about moving on. I'm in Perth. Its in perfect condition, never had one single problem with it, no scratches, marks or anything. Its sat in exactly the same spot and has not been moved at all since we bought it back in January 2009 for $9,100. I still have the original receipts and paperwork from West Coast Hi-Fi, which also means its actually still under warranty for a few months. I thought I'd put it up here first and on Ebay in a few days. Price is $3,750. You'll have to organise your own transport and people to move it. I've just had a spinal fusion 3 months ago, so cant help with lifting I'm afraid. Uploaded with ImageShack.com Uploaded with ImageShack.com Uploaded with ImageShack.com
  12. Hi to all, and thanks in advance for any help. My antenna on the roof is now starting to lean over. I'm wondering if somebody can recommend a good company or tech to come out and re-install it. I got up into the roof and the bracket onto the jarrah beam is pretty small and seems to breaking out of the beam. It may need some of extra bracketing inside the roof and wires outside to support it. Northside antennas installed it 3 years ago but when I ring them all I get is Telstra home message bank. Any recommendations greatly appreciated. I'm in Daglish.
  13. I do agree with this, and thats what I definitely want to be able to do, control each room volume seperately. I agree, Marks amp is a bargain, I just thought it was a good opportunity to try another amp, one of equal or bettter quality. I've been looking at Rotel, Nad, heck, I even thought about Primare for a second...
  14. Yes, thats correct, I want the same 2 channel stereo sound quality of the 740A, in both rooms at the same time. Or be able to have one room on, the other off, etc. If there's an even better sound quality alternative to the 740A, I'm also open to that idea. I've read that Rotel and Nad turn out some pretty damn fine 2 channel gear as well. I guess I'm kinda thinking if I have to have 2 amplifiers, I'm not really sure I want 2 exactly the same...
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