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  1. KDL55HX850 newest YouTube app TV restarts constantly during playback. Completely random sometimes can watch whole videos and many more in succession then randomly TV will display Sony logo and back to normal TV TV is not plugged into a power strip and have done power cycle followed by factory reset followed by refresh internet content. It has to be software issue I think because TV works fine otherwise never restarts in normal TV or other apps YouTube also freezes and FF or REW will not work randomly but I can't find anyone else having same issues. Hopeb someone can help as I'm out of ideas. The older version of YouTube was fine did restart sometimes but once in a blue moon not like now. It has to be software problems! Ta
  2. <BUMP> Still wondering about this.. i put a youtube video up on the waterfalls in question.. Thanks!
  3. Damm I just realised, I think I am moving from cable to sat so does that mean my IQ2 box wont work with new place or will need to be reconfigured first? At the moment I am def on cable but the unit complex I am moving to has a huge sat dish on the roof which feeds all the units foxtel. So I guess it's a similar setup to what they have in hotels although hotels dont have a set top box in each room. I did spot an iq box being used by current owners so I know that's all good. I hope I can still get the HD channels
  4. Moving units. In the unit where I am moving to the current owners have foxtel connected and active So I figured it would be as simple as taking the box with me and plugging it in at new place and just giving foxtel a courtesy call to let them know I have changed address But apparently they want to charge $100 to have a tech come out and re-connect the box to the tv and to the wall What a farce!! I am more than capabale to plug the box back in So I was ready to bow to their demands and make the appointment but they said current owners havent yet advised them of disconnection so I cant do anything until they do that. I am supposed to settle on Thursday so if they dont do it until the day they leave what happens? If I plug my box in at their place will it still work or is the box somehow tied to an address location and wont work until foxtel do something in their system? Because I am thinking I dont get sent bills in the mail from foxtel only thing I get is my tv guide which I never read. Is it possible if I cancel the magazine subscription I could transfer the box across and not tell them Ive moved? And if I ring up months later saying I didnt know I had to inform then how can they justify charging me a $100 if the service is working fine at new address? Any suggestions?
  5. Hi, got the iq2 running into my sammy lcd panel over hdmi have done all the picture adjusting ie setting the output format of hd and sd to 16:9 and pillar boxing etc anyhoo one thing that annoys me is in the tv guide the font size is so large for the programs and as such it only displays the about 2 programs per channel (now and next) but everything channel has the title of the program cut off as its too large to fit inside the program time slot box.. I have to info all the time to see if the half part of the title i can read is interesting.. a but annoying would prefer to be able to scroll through tv guide and be able to the whole title or at least most of it to give me a general idea cant see in settings anywhere where you can adjust the font size to fix it..??
  6. Yeah it annoys me too even though I route optical to amp as well because i use my tv as a source selector feed in a few hdmi cables into it and pipe out one optical to amp now I have to go and buy another optical cable to pipe out other stuff from tv to anohter input on amp it makes no sense why the 5.1 isnt going over the 5.1 surely an easy firmware update (or in my eyes its basically a defect which should be rectified not a new feature) I feel for the uneducated though who just uknowingly pipe from hdmi to tv then tv to amp thinking they've got the good sound happening..
  7. I've had a LA46A650 for a few weeks connected to my media PC over HDMI2 (NVidia 9800gtx+) I have always used the Just Scan option to get the 1:1 pixel mapping but toay I turn my tv on only to find out the option for Just Scan on this source is now greyed out and so are the zoom ones and the only ones I have available are 16:9 and 4:3 I havent changed anything in the last few days except turning off the child lock but Just Scan was still working after that. Also I just installed performance s/w for nvidia suite but pretty sure it was still working after that too.. I noticed firmware update while on standby is enabled but no new firmware was loaded.. not really a big issue as its wierd on 16:9 I am getting 1:1 pixel mapping now on 16:9 when before I wasnt and getting overscan?? No resolutions have changed and done a reboot of pc and turn on and off tc and changed sources but still happening.. Any ideas?? Ta
  8. Hi, The other night with lights turned off I tried to turn the volume up on my Sammy 46inch 6 series LCD using the touch controls on the side of the tv but I couldnt do it because I couldnt see the controls Just wondering are these controls supposed to be backlit or something or is there an option for enabling the backlight? Seems silly not to have them backlit because they cant be used under low light and wondering if my tv has a fault?? Thanks
  9. Im after a new tv and its between these two but not sure which to get Ignoring the price difference, which is the better picture quality? I will play some Blu Ray but mostly DVD's and FTA I will connect to my media PC so I need 1:1 pixel mapping I know the Sammy can do it great but what about the Sony? So yeah best buy with good pic quality especially for SD stuff and 1:1 which is the better buy? Or is there a better alternative?? Thanks
  10. I am looking at new tv's. Myer have the sammy la46A650 fofr $2799 and was thinking of taking the plunge I read a lot of posts back in July about these sets having some clouding issues which are normal for LCD's but apparently had a lot in this series.. I havent seen many new posts about it so just wondering if its still an issue with the newer build ones? I see myer list it as limited stock so I guess that means its a runout model and we wil be getting some new models soon?
  11. Really?? I thought the 7 series being contrast 70000:1 would be better than 50000:1 on the 6? Ok cheers, thanks for the price point I might just do that and go in and say I want it at that price and don't even give a chance to haggle on it and walk out the door if no go
  12. Yeah would love to buy a 50 inch because I know in the future I will want bigger screen but right now unit is very small for that size and I would be looking at $3-$3-5K I think I should go the lg seconds model for $1.5K and then later on when I upgrade I can use it as a gaming monitor oh so hard why cant I have an endless money supply to keep up with the times
  13. I know this is a stupid question and it's never a good time to buy a tv as they will always bring out something better after you buy.. I'm looking at probably a Samsung 6 or 7 series 40inch full HD. Can get the 7 for $2500 at good guys. But I really like the Sony 200hz and they are at a premium price now because they are new and I know give it time and Samsung and others will bring them out too Also even If I got the Sony now I know next they will bring out one with the better backlighting system RGB or Fluroescent. Also I forsee there might be deals done when the tax max gives out that $950 so it should make sense to wait Add to this the whole fact about the new tvs from May 1 being mpeg4 capable (which isnt a big deal for me either way) I just dont know I really want a tv now as I only have a 26inch LCD but I want to go bigger and Full HD. I know even if I got the Sony in 12 months I would want to go bigger and better so seems stupid to fork out the $$ now and again in 12 months.. My other options is being able to pick up an LG Scarlett or next model seconds tv for $1500 and I really think that could be a viable option for me not much outlay and still get nice 42 full hd 100hz which might satisfy until 200hz++ and batter backlight tv's come out.. Or is all the extra hz and backlighting not such a big deal and I could be happy with an LG or Sammy for years?? Anyways just wondering what anyone else is like at the moment if they are considering buying a new telly..
  14. Yeah mo4 is confusing because i think it can be used for video or music files.. Unlike mp3 which is audio only.. Also xvid is a mp4 codec I believe so that makes it more confusing
  15. Hey, I'm in the market for a new handycam and looking at the new Sony Hard Drive Handycams.. Cant find any reviews for them yet but they look good on paper. Anyhoo I was just wondering something. You have a model DCRSR47 which has 80gb hdd but only 640k sensor but it has 60x optical zoom. I was looking at the next model up as seems a viable choice having a 1MP sensor so hopefully better image quality. But this camera only has a 25x optical zoom. So I am wondering why would a camera with a better sensor with more pixels only have 25x optical zoom whereas the model down has 60x ?? Is this a technical limitiation or just a blunder on sony's behalf?? Because I really would prefer the 1MP sensor camera, but 60z optical vs 25x would be nice too. Thanks!
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