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  1. The one I used is https://www.grooves.land and they look exactly the same.
  2. I first bought from jpc but found them messing up my address big time. My shipping address is an Auspost Parcel Locker in the format "Parcel Locker 12345 67890". Somehow I believe their computer system only accept address line starting with street number so they automatically remove all words and cut that into "12345, 67890" and ship my order. I have actually correct that before paying and it shows correctly in their "Order Confirmation" email. But still they ship it to nowhere. What is more confusing is that in their "Order Shipped" email that address line changed again to "67890, 12345". I sent them numerous emails asking about this but never got an explanation of why my address was cut. I did get my refund thou. Funny company. I then buy again from grooves.land the moment I knew jpc mess up and it is good to know grooves.land has tracking while jpc does not. In fact grooves.land is the first I check but they don't have it listed at that moment so I have to buy else where. Now I am waiting for orders from Zavvi UK. What I hate about them is that they only ship disc separately as letter and Auspost won't accept them into Parcel Locker. I have asked them about shipping multiple disc together in a box but their answer is "No". I miss the good old days of shopping from amazon UK. Does anyone knows another UK shops that still ship to AUS?
  3. That means the studio will release a matching cover art in the near future so fans will buy again to complete the collection. 😁
  4. I use the mobile app "CLZ Movies" to catalog my collection. It can sort them out in anyway I can imagine and "Format" is the one to see all titles in 3D, 4K, DVD, Bluray and even HDDVD. I believe local 3D release is already done. Have not seen any new titles in months after "Secret Life of Pets 2". Will have to import all future 3D blurays from other markets and they are becoming harder and more expensive to get. Wonder where else has got "Gemini Man" released in 3D. But this Germany import is great with a choice of German/English at the beginning so I can play it in a totally English environment without guessing. Next in line are "Maleficent 2", "Frozen 2" and "Star Wars IX". Hope the global situation will not get any worst and lead to a standstill in the near future.
  5. Finally got my shipment with Gemini Man 3D from Germany. Took 2 weeks longer than before but still fine considering the current situation worldwide. Great experience watching the movie in 4K 60fps. 3D is equally impressive in another dimension.
  6. Have a brief run on both old and new "Last Jedi" and the obvious difference is on the choice of languages, subtitles and a printed logo "Dolby Digital +" on the new disc face. The old one shows Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 on disc menu while the new one just Dolby Atmos. Can't really tell if they are the same as my AVR only display them as Dolby Atmos. No immediate difference I can spot on PQ as I don't have any DV display. They give the same metadata 500/--- on the JVC. But I can constantly see a higher bit rate on the old than new with the Xbox info function. The new one rarely reach 60 Mbps but the old one can easily jump above 70 Mbps. Not sure if that has anything to do with DV. Probably we are having a different disc then USA. Ours got Japanese DD+ 7.1 and USA does not. The new Extra disc does have the feature "Meet the Porgs" which is missing on the first release.
  7. All individual movies are released earlier than expected so I am happy to buy them all from JB with their Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal. That is like 33.33% off. Also grab "Jumanji Next Level" to fill the gap. Was not meant to buy "Last Jedi" and "Solo" again but it just seems wrong to skip them here. Now I am waiting for the IX in 3D from UK and hopefully the situation of delivery won't get any worst in the next month.
  8. Very nice to know. May be one day when our dollar goes up a bit then I will bite the bullet. Funny the dddhouse I have used before is a different site with dot hk instead of dot com. I believe they are not related because of their different pricing and stock. I have also checked dddhouse.com before when looking for Abominable but found no listing back then. Good to know they have it now and price is 3 US dollar lower then what I paid after shipping.
  9. It is a real pain to import 3D blurays from oversea these days. The good old days of buying from Amazon USA is long gone. And Amazon UK stop shipping to Australia because of GST is unreasonable. Still waiting for Gemini Man from Germany. Hope they won't stop planes flying here anytime soon.
  10. I love dddhouse's price too but they don't stock this one so I have to buy from bad panda shop. Amazon USA will be even higher after GST and shipping. I believe the Japan only "Ralph Breaks The Internet" is the most crazy 3D bluray ever. That has to do with their high RRP in general and not just this particular hard to find item. Will need to pay roughly $130 to get one landed. The more I wait the lower our dollar drops so I am afraid I will have to skip and forget about it.
  11. Nice. SSS is still in wrap and I will get to it soon. Got some more 3D blurays along with a bunch of "no local release titles" from oversea. May talk about them in another thread. I found this "Abominable" very odd. It gets a rare USA/HK 3D release but no local 4K. End up paying more than $70 import from HK, the most expensive bluray for me ever.
  12. A good comparison review to help you decide and yes Epson has better blacks in general. https://www.projectorreviews.com/epson/benq-ht5550-vs-epson-home-cinema-5050ub-comparison-review/
  13. I see Visualax official site list 0.95 gain for all their AT screens. (Perforated and Woven). Only normal matt white screens are having 1.1 gain. There is no mention of model number so it is hard to say if their printed information is wrong.
  14. Got something from Germany, Japan and Hong Kong. I am surprised to see so many Chinese 3D movies there. But they have probably stop making anything new like us. Never know Beowulf 3D exist. Watched it in HDDVD a long long time ago and love it.
  15. Found one with 1.1 gain. Wonder if any local store has it but at least they do exist. https://www.amazon.com/STT-169135-WAB-Silver-Ticket-Thin-Bezel/dp/B01M0CMTE3 Saw it selling on ebay under $1K but postage could be significant from USA. Just found OZTS has a screen material called Acoustic Vision4K with 1.16 gain. Under $3k for a 16:9 140". Should fit your needs to get close to 30fL. https://www.projectorscreens.com.au/16-9-majestic-4k-screens/140-16-9-majestic-fixed-screen-w-evo-ultra-4k-and-fidelio-velvet-frame-as-standard-with-lifetime-warranty-free-shipping.html
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