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  1. If it has the same spec as W1070 then it is 10% shift + 5% offset and needs to be positioned above the top of screen. I have another Benq called W3000 which has 12.5% shift + 15% offset and really gave me pain. I need to buy another much shorter mount to fit it. By the way its lens shift can only go up (plus) from 0 but not down (no minus). I too would like to know if the printed spec is right.
  2. Thanks for your recommendation but I believe I have already bought most if not all local 3D releases available unless they are hard to find or out of print. May be one day I will find time to post pics of my entire 3D collection here. It is sad that local production seems to be ceased, I have to look elsewhere for those oversea only titles from now on. I am surprised to see Abominable got a 3D release in USA lately which is very rare over there.
  3. This one is interesting but too bad there is no mention of any 3D support. Otherwise with its high brightness it would be perfect for 3D alone. Black level and rainbow is less of a problem behind a 3D glasses. Will have to wait for Benq to release something similar and hope that they won't drop 3D by then.
  4. Pretty sure I have bought that when first released and lying at home somewhere . I believe I have skip buying mostly animation and horror movies when new but now looking for them if the price is right. I think I have already bought most if not all local releases and start importing those oversea only titles.
  5. Too bad it is not announced locally but UK should have it. Will have to pay more and import it to complete the collection. And I have just bought titles like Lion King, Toy Story 4 and Aladdin 3D (again) from UK along with some harder to find ones. I can only wish they can keep it coming till the whole format die.
  6. It seems like a hard to find item now. Not even ebay has it anymore. Only place I can find is grooves.land and hope their release date of 31 Dec 2019 is real. Good luck. And I have also bought the epic 7 hours War and Peace from Amazon US to complete my childhood dream.
  7. Watch the one and only 3D session in a Hoyts near me on Sunday. That was also the last as they have totally drop it the day after. The cinema is tiny and not even half full. Very sad to see 3D is not accepted well by the public. I found it strange that the 3D picture was very soft in the beginning. The opening sequence with rolling credits and stars are all blurry. The focus could be wrong but the pre-show advertisements are razor sharp so I have no idea why. Lucky the picture seems to improve later on so it was not too painful to watch. Wonder if it is the same elsewhere. The cinema is newly renovated but the 3D experience is falling short of the last time with Endgames. Too bad there is no sign of any local 3D bluray release anymore. Will have to pay a high price to import this one I am afraid.
  8. Happy to see other 3D fans around here. Chances are we have to import any future 3D releases from now on and pay a high price. Sadly there is no more 3D Bluray pre-order from JB in months. Usually it was those less popular titles that we miss locally. But starting from Venom I sense the end is near. No 3D for blockbuster like Endgame and Captain Marvel is a total disaster. Lucky we still get Spiderman and Godzilla but that's about it. I have recently bought those from UK like Endgame, Captain Marvel, Lego Movie 2 and Dumbo. My daughter was in Germany last month so I am happy to get the new Aladdin. Also buying many I have missed in the past if the price is right. My future shopping list includes Lion King, Toy Story 4, FF Hobbs & Shaw and Maleficent 2.
  9. I remember it took 3 weeks for the groovesland ebay store to deliver my order so it is acceptable in my case. May be they are all in stock and ready to ship when they list them on ebay to make a difference.
  10. Not bad. Hope you don't have to wait long as groovesland said to receive it. Please tell us when you get it and your thoughts.
  11. Sorry for the late reply. I bought it off ebay and paid 30 AUD with free shipping but the listing is now ended. That was the groovesland ebay store and I don't know why they say the release date is now 31 Dec 2019 and delivery is 35-42 working days. How much did you pay for yours?
  12. This has to be the most anticipated bluray release for Napoleonic fans. We have VHS and DVD for decades but only bluray or even 4K can give this movie justice due to its scale of production with over ten thousand soldiers involved. Rumor has it that studio would release it in 2015 to celebrate the 200th anniversary but nothing happened. Some say all good quality prints were lost due to the lower than expected box office compare to the huge budget back in the day so we have no choice but live with the poor quality DVD forever. But I am happy to finally see Germany release it in glory and hopefully other countries will follow suit. PQ is surprisingly good for a movie of its age. Audio is also a big step up from DVD in English DTSHD 5.1. Special feature is limited to trailer and stills from cinema promotions. Happy to see everything is in English including subtitle which is lacking in DVD. Hopefully they will make it into 4K UHD bluray someday but I must say this is more than good enough for now.
  13. As a die hard 3D fan, seeing so many Marvel and Disney 3D blurays having "2 for $20" plus 20% off sale in JB during the weekend, I can't help but put 18 of them in my shopping cart, even though I already have them all when first released, just there to show my last respect and little support of the dying format. The end of 3D was expected for years but somehow we got one or two new releases in between to satisfy fans needs so there is still a little hope for the format to live on. But all of a sudden the end is finally upon us. There is no more 3D pre-order after "Secret Life of Pets 2" and one of my local JB which still has a dedicated 3D section last time I visit is now gone, very sad indeed. Then here comes my JB drama. When I tried to check out the 18 discs in my shopping cart, I was told that none is available for "Click and Collect". Fair enough. I then chose "Delivery" but the single Antman is not available for "Delivery" either. So my only option is to go out and hunt them down from stores. Went to shop "A", found 6 from my list. Should be $60 (all 2 for $20) + 20% off = $48, simple math. After numerous scans and check, the man at the desk confirm all discs are in the 2 for $20 sale, but the cashier kept saying $53. He has no clue and call for the manager. The manager came up with the stupid excuse that I can't double dip on discount. He probably means that I can't have 2 for $20 and 20% off at the same time. I am speechless. After we were stuck there for more than 10 minutes, the staff made a smart move to scan them 2 by 2 and it magically works! I paid $16 three times so adds up to a total of $48. Case closed. Went to shop "B", found 8 from my list. Should be $80 (all 2 for $20) + 20% off = $64. Again after numerous scans and check, the cashier kept saying $67. She called for the manager's help, another 10 minutes gone, the manager then work his magic and came up with a bill of $60. I told him the correct amount should be $64 but obviously he don't want to fight with the machine anymore so I am happy to accept the bonus. Went to shop "C" in the city, Very lucky to find the remaining 4. Should be $40 (all 2 for $20) + 20% off = $32. Once again the cashier said $37. I remind him that they are all "2 for $20", he told me I am now getting a better discount than "2 for $20". I gave up arguing and paid $37. Mission accomplished. I am afraid I will have to import any future 3D releases from now on as only Europe is still making them. But too bad our weak dollar and all the restrictions from amazon made them even harder to get. Suddenly all the memory of hunting down the dying HDDVD from the good old days a decade ago is back!
  14. By coincidence I actually play with Masking (pixel blanking) of my JVC the very first time last night. I didn't see the black bars getting blacker but found another good use of it. With my old Sony there is an Aspect Ratio option to electronically enlarge the mid section of a 2.35:1 movie to fill the whole 16:9 panel so I get no black bars top and bottom. I love watching movies this way from time to time to give more impact. Sadly I can't find the same option with JVC. There is where Masking help. With power zoom the JVC can enlarge the image and then mask both sides black to fit my 16:9 screen, I get similar big picture effect as Sony. Only my distance is not enough to vertically enlarge the picture to fully fill the whole screen so there is still some black bars left. Also the picture is dimmer by zooming and not using all vertical pixels as Sony but good enough. One other good use of masking is when using scope screen with zoom method, masking will let you watch those variable aspect ratio (Imax) movies by not spilling outside the top and bottom of the scope screen.
  15. I bet the Pioneer SC-LX81 is old and won't pass through 4k signal if that is what you want to achieve.
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