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  1. Australia is the first market in the world to release the 4K/BD on 26 May. It is available to preorder from JB now. But when I am about to place my order I am surprised to see the steelbook version is scheduled a month and a half later on 7 July. I wonder why. Also according to STACK the new Imax version of Batman V Superman 4K + BD should release on the same date. But it is not up for preorder on JB yet.
  2. Wish you will get well very soon and enjoy the world of 3D again. For me I start revisiting many 3D titles lately and founded out how much I have missed. I must say I did not enjoy 3D that much in the past mostly due to equipment limitations. Only after buying a business grade Optoma laser PJ did I start fully enjoying 3D at home the very first time. Just watched Tron Legacy last night and felt strongly impacted by it. I am surprised to learn the movie is already 10 years old. It jumps between 2D, 3D, scope and full screen seamlessly and making those Imax scenes in 3D stunning on my big scree
  3. Bought some 3D steelbooks from UK lately. Adding one more Captain Marvel with beautiful lenticulate cover and another Trolls 2 to my collection. Found a war movie called Stalingrad which I have no knowledge of. Too many movies by that name in the past so I have no idea how good or bad this one is. But as a fan of 3D and War movie I don't think I should miss it. Received my second WW84 3D from USA. It has the same cover art as the local BD. Also bought the new Batman V Superman Imax 4K along with some DC steelbooks from USA. This one only got a handful of
  4. Adding some kid stuffs to my collection and happy to receive the WW84 3D+2D+4K steelbook fast from Korea. It has the exact same artwork as the local steelbook release. Next one should be WW84 3D in plain form from USA.
  5. Adding the Maleficent 2 3D Steelbook to my collection along with some horror stuffs that I usually won't buy. While waiting for the mail of WW84 3D from USA and Korea I can't help buying the local 4K steelbook with B2G1F deal to show a little support. Too bad local 3D has died and have to import from now on and pay a high price. Watched Godzilla vs Kong yesterday in 4DX and I was stunted. Movie like this is a perfect showcase of the tech. I got continues bombardment of wind blow, water splashes, shaking and pounding all over the place. 3D is so natural that it becomes part of the
  6. Bought a few 3D Steelbooks lately when the price is right, although I already have them all in standard form. Many OOP steelbooks are asking crazy price on ebay so who knows. Can't resist buying the first WW while waiting for the upcoming WW84. It sure looks beautiful with a shining tone of gold. Also bought Justice League as the new Snyder Cut is scheduled next week. Bought something interesting like FIFA 2010 which I remember is one of the very first 3D title in the market for demo purpose. The Green Hornet is one early release with everything included. They call it
  7. Received Croods the New Age 3D from USA. It is odd that no other market has it. Feels great watching a new movie at home in 3D while it is still running in cinema. Hope to see more like this coming. It is released as MOD (Manufacture On Demand). The disc face is in plain black but at least it is factory pressed and not BD-R as I first thought.
  8. Finally got my dream disc, the Japan only Ralph Breaks the Internet 3D. Paid over $100 for it and easily the most expensive in my collection. Also got the "Sri Lanka version" and surprised to see it is not a direct copy of the Japan disc. Its menu is in English and have a choice of English/Spanish audio and subtitle. The Spanish audio is removed to save disc space but subtitle is still there. Don't know if someone really care enough to re-author the disc and change the original Japanese menu into English or somehow somewhere the English/Spanish master do exist but scraped at the l
  9. Obviously I bought it solely from a 3D collector point of view and nothing else.....😍 Received my order from HK and probably my last as there is no more 3D to buy. Found this Tekken Hybrid which is odd with PS3 game and 3D movie on one disc. It is the Japanese version with English and works fine with our system. I am not a gamer but the movie Tekken Blood Vengeance 3D is an eye candy and well worth the price alone.
  10. Hopefully WW84 is not an Indian exclusive release. I believe Amazon IN will not ship direct to us and push the price ridiculously high buying from other channel. Finally got my Lovers Guide 3D after ordering it 3 times. Lost twice in transit from Amazon UK and then sold out. Have to settle with ebay pre-owned. Don't know what is wrong with Amazon lately. All my last 3 orders from Amazon UK have problems of some sort, and my latest order received from Amazon US is totally wrong with someone else items. Have to pay more to buy again and waste another month. I first thoug
  11. For TV I found those light weight LG passive 3D (cinema type) glasses works perfectly well over my prescription glasses. For projector I have bought nearly all brands I can find. Some might have better design then others in comfort but usually I will forget wearing any of them in a moment. Just start worrying about rechargeable ones as the inbuilt battery will certainly die one day especially if you left them untouched for too long. Have to take them all out for a recharge last night and keep them alive. Those running on button batteries becomes a better idea in long term. After
  12. Bought enough Trolls to show my support of probably the last local 3D ever.
  13. Received my last order just in time for Christmas. Something juicy for the holiday. BTW I have triple bad lucks with orders from Amazon UK through Amazon AU lately. First order had 4 blurays slipped out from the cardboard sleeve and only 1 received. Second order was partially received and the one I want most (order again from first order but now sold out) never arrived. Third order received in a damaged carton with big opening on both sides. Lucky everything was still intact but unlucky the electronic device I bought spits out smoke with burning smell after 3 days of use. Never had
  14. I believe I have already bought all readily available local 3D releases out there, except any horror movie which is not my thing. Now I am mostly moving on to those import only 3Ds and rare ones. Looks like there is no more new announcement after "Trolls World Tour". I still enjoy watching movies in 3D and believe the LG Passive 3D OLED and Optoma Laser projector gives me the best 3D experience on both worlds. Dug up the "Immortals" and found alongside a couple of interesting titles. Many have beautiful 3D lenticular covers which is already a thing of the past. Too bad the beauty
  15. Have to dig up the "Immortals" somewhere from home as I should have bought it since new but never watched it once. A glimpse of trailer looks interesting with that heavy style of "300". Bought some more 3Ds from local and oversea. Happy to find the rare local "Puss in Boots" after buying the German version from Germany but received a random disc instead. Should have got a couple more from Amazon UK but sadly most were slipped off from the loosely packed cardboard package during transit and lost. Just one left inside an Auspost plastic bag saying the content is miss
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