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  1. I bet the Pioneer SC-LX81 is old and won't pass through 4k signal if that is what you want to achieve.
  2. I must say I fall asleep in the mid of Captain Marvel, probably due to the story, the comfy chair and the not so great crushed black picture of the cinema I visited. But Endgame is a different story. I enjoy every moment of it. And the 3D picture is so great that I pray they won't skip it on BD release. I went to a different cinema this time and PQ is world better with all black details visible behind the 3D glasses. I truly believe this movie is meant to be watched in 3D even for its length. Only 1 session of 3D in a day and less than 10 watching in its sixth day of release. I feel sad.
  3. Good to know the price is all reasonable. Looking forward to reviews especially on light borders and black level performance. In fact I still enjoy watching movies and sports with my W1070 even after getting a JVC X9900. Sure it can't compete with JVC but the color and black is amazingly good. Only if the new one with iris can do a better fade to black then I am sold. Will the higher end W5700 get a local release too? It is not listed under the Benq AU site so it is a real pity if they have us skipped. Is it true that the W2700 can do 3D? Can't find any spec about this.
  4. I understand manufacturers inflate their performance numbers to boost sale. I am rather concern about its functions such as the level of 3D support, all glass lens, DCI-P3, auto HDR, HLG, active iris, vertical lens shift, long lamp life and so on. It is simply packing all I want in a pj on paper and how well it is implementing them has to wait and see. These days many pj boast a contrast ratio of over a million to 1 while this Benq only 30K, even the similar DLP JVC is saying 100K, I think Benq is quite moderate in this regard. Although I have a X9900 and love it, I still enjoy watching movies and sport with my FHD Benq. Looking back in history I have paid over $800 for a replacement lamp of a 2002 Sony LCD pj which cost me $14K back then and I hate it since day one. That's why I am amazed to see how good a $1K Benq can do. Not even my decade old Sony SXRD can compete in brightness and black. So if this new Benq can do it all and well for $2K then I am sold. Benq eu has the spec of W2700 listed. Hopefully it is official this time. https://www.benq.eu/en-eu/projector/cineprime-home-cinema/w2700/specifications1.html
  5. Definitely set my eyes on this to replace my 1080P Benq. The spec does not look unrealistic so hopefully it is not too far off. And a well implemented auto iris that can do deeper fade to black is my number one most wanted feature for a DLP. Last concern is how well it can handle the gray border. No reason for me to say no if Benq is doing it all with a street price close to 2K.
  6. @MLXXX Good to hear your W2000 is doing well in 3D. I should nail one down in the future for 3D alone. There are many positive reviews of W3000 but rarely any real world user talks about it. I have come across one thread named "BenQ W3000 motion Judder in 3D?" on avforums and the OP was facing the exact same problem as mine and swapped for an epson. It is like a gamble to lock down a good one. I bought my W3000 second hand off ebay for cheap so it does not hurt that much. When I first got my W1070 in 2013 I found its 2D performance decent for the price but 3D is pretty awful indeed. Its 3D support is very limited and needs some weird resolution and frequency from PC before I can use its SBS or OU function. Only positive about it is zero cross talk of DLPLink. Even 3D bluray is blurry and hard to focus which stops me from ever watching one complete 3D movie on it. Then I got the JVC X9900 to replace my decade old Sony SXRD. I immediately found its 3D picture very sharp and bright comparing to W1070. Only gripe is the minor motion wobble which is enough to give me 3D sickness and headache. I then believe DLP is the way to go for 3D so I tried to find a replacement and got the W3000. Turns out its 3D is even worse than the rest. And most of the shortcomings of W1070 were still there plus more. One that stands out is slow sync to any change of PC signal which leaves me only 2 to 3 seconds to click the "confirm" button before the signal switch back. I thought JVC is slow but it is worse. I hope you can understand why my disappointment with pj and 3D by now. Especially seeing how perfect 3D can be with my passive 2016 4K LG Oled. So the problem is not the format but how the hardwares failed to handle it well. It is at this point that I found a new firmware update for the W1070. I have my doubt initially but go ahead anyway and turns out the upgrade is dramatic. I can't find a fault with its 3D performance anymore. Motion is solid like 2D. Picture is sharp and easy to focus which gives me no eye strain or sickness. Even 2D is greatly improved. Black is no JVC but decent by all means. And I don't find a lack in black except for the most challenging moments. I wish my next native 4k upgrade can do it all (2D, 3D and 4K) and well.
  7. I love anything 3D since childhood so I am very sad to see the format gone. Currently having a few 3D capable devices like OP. A LG 4K Oled, Benq W1070, W3000 and JVC X9900. I have to say 3D on LG 4K Oled is simply perfect. If all devices can do 3D like this I don't think the format will die off so soon. Early FHD panels does not have enough pixels to do passive 3D justice and actives are simply too dim. But 4K panels arrived too late to save the format as most people have already turned off by the various shortcomings of early devices and won't look back. I remember watching one 3D scene with nothing but a flying drone and it is so life like that I swear I am seeing a real drone flying mid air inches in front of me. The experience is simply breath taking. For pj I am afraid the situation of 3D is kind of disappointing. 3D on W1070 is pretty bad and limited until the 1.08 firmware update. It then can handle all 3D formats I care to throw at it. I must say the 3D effect is perfect and solid. No worst than 2D but dimmer of course. I tried to replace my W1070 with W3000 because it has other shortcomings like noisy clicking fans, dimmer right side, lower right corner blur, light bleed and so on. I thought all DLP can handle 3D equally well but no. 3D bluray on W3000 is a big mess. I bet the problem is that the left and right images just won't display at the exact same time so the 3D image wobble like hell with motion. Sometimes switching L/R images help solve the problem temporary but it can turn bad again anytime and no simple fix unless Benq release a firmware that never came. There is a slight advance in PQ but a few step backs comparing to W1070 and most of the shortcomings I mentioned before still exist. I bet they share the same basic design and inherit most of its unwanted flaws. I found the playback of 3D mkv files from PC with output set to 60Hz somehow helps fixing the wobble problem. But since all 3D bluray are 24Hz frame packing so that simply means I can't watch any 3D disc on it. Although JVC gives a higher PQ and brighter picture than Benq, the situation with 3D is similar to W3000 but luckily in a much lesser degree. With 60Hz the 3D is mostly fine but some uneasy wobble and sickness associated with 3D bluray at 24Hz. There are many menu options that helps 3D perceptions so you may need to take your time to explore. My screen does not retain polarization so I can use other brands of 3D glasses with no ill effect. I have a few pairs of Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and JVC. Samsung is the cheapest but also less impressive in contrast and brightness. Panasonic and Sony are good but JVC is a little step better. If not comparing them side by side I think even Samsung is perfectly watchable. I bought them mostly off ebay for cheap.
  8. I usually turn auto iris off with my X9900 as I found some weird behavior with it on. In some dark scene, mostly happened in concert video, when the background has nothing but black and only red light shine on the singer, the singer will gradually turn into a blob of red color and lost all details. First I thought it is the source but when I check the same scene with my DLP PJ and everything is just fine. Then I went back to JVC and tried turning auto iris off and problem is solved. Probably it is changing gamma or something when scene is dark. So I simply turn it off and still happy with its black. Only fade to black is hurting a bit. Is there any simple change of setting to fix this weird behavior without sacrificing auto iris? I have 150" 16:9 screen since 2002 and 100" 4:3 from 1990. So I have gone through a few generations of PJ of different techs available. I found the eco mode of JVC and Smart Eco of Benq adequate to light up my screen with fresh lamps. They are rated at 2000 lumens but JVC certainly got reserve with High lamp mode while Benq is already max out with Smart Eco. It is true that High lamp mode of JVC is very noisy so I will try to avoid using it except watching 3D.
  9. Thanks for the info but too bad the shop is in the far south and 1.5 hours drive for me. Hopefully I can view it somewhere in the north near me. Can you tell how good and comparable the black is? I think a super bright projector will suffer mostly in this area. I have a X9900 and some Benq 1080p DLP. I must say I am 90% satisfy with my Benq comparing to JVC but the most challenging scenes. So hopefully a 4K Benq with laser that cost 10 times more can do better than that. I see Benq has another 5000 lumen laser projector LK952 which is more user friendly in size and price. Probably not for HT use but hopefully it is an indication of what their future HT model is like.
  10. Could you tell me where you can view it in Sydney?
  11. Glad to see something new and decent from other brands than usual. As a 3D lover I am happy to see it mention 3D in the spec. Must be awesome packing 6000 lumens for 3D and HDR. Wonder if it can handle all 3D modes or just limited to some. The spec said it use a 0.67" chip rather than 0.66" so hopefully the performance especially black level is improved. Love the laser "fade to black" capability as that is one area I hate the most. Hope the street price is more user friendly than the big names. Only gripe is the manual and comparatively limited lens shift. But I guess I can live with a p-lens if I go scope. It is now on the top of my shopping list for the next pj.
  12. Watch Solo on the plane this holiday and it is full frame 16:9 which opens up the black bars. Hope there is a chance to get this open matte version in the later day.
  13. The JVC is big and heavy with a depth of 472mm. Not totally sure from photo but looks like it has to go a bit forward into mounting from ceiling and make sure it can support its weight of 15kg+. Will you still keep the plasma somewhere for daily TV viewing as the lamp of this model is quite expensive to replace. I think the all white surroundings will produce too much reflection to kill the benefit of choosing JVC for its contrast and black so some color change may be needed.
  14. As the info from pj said 1080p @ 24Hz so I bet the output is really fixed at 24p from the player. I can by the way output 3D SBS mkv files from PC at 60Hz and both JVC and Benq W3000 can handle it very well. Only direct playback from 3D BD will automatically changed to 24p Frame Packing even desktop is set at 60Hz and all the wobbles follow. Just check out the setting of the Panasonic player and it is set to 10bit Auto. Changed it to 12bit Auto and all stay the same so I left it there. My player is not connect online so no firmware update had been made and no idea why 4K HDR did not work when I first got it but now. I know my setting was correct because it works when I tested the fiber optic cable but failed when I plug the old cable back. Very weird indeed. Just received a Xpand RF 3D emitter from ebay today to pair with my Benq W3000 so I can share all the RF glasses for JVC with it. Turns out it fixed all my W3000 3D problem as a bonus. Basically it start with L and R inverted so I just switch it back to normal under the pj 3D menu and 3D effect becomes perfectly solid. I have also bought the Optoma 3D starter kit before but it only works with its own single model 3D glasses and none of the other so it is a big waste. Today I am happy to say that all my pj problem is finally solved for good.
  15. I remember putting every setting on my Panasonic at Auto where possible. Will have to check about 10 or 12 bit tonight. Normally I will leave CMD Off for everything but since 3D from BD at 24p gives me headache, I then randomly flipping through all menu options to see if one helps. This Inverse Telecine miraculously kills all the wobbles and gives me a clean and good enough 3D image. I believe 3D blurays are all native 24fps progressive and 3D Frame Packing can only output at 24p so it is a puzzle why Inverse Telecine fix my 3D problem as there is no interlace material involved. But as long as it works I am more than happy as the investment with 3D gears are not cheap and I don't have to seek another PJ just for 3D. I also have a Benq W3000 DLP on the ceiling and its 3D is simply unwatchable. It wobbles like JVC times 10. It really is that bad and wonder how Benq can mess up this model as their W1070 is doing 3D perfectly. I have tried all possible options on the menu and lucky to find one temporary fix which is to reverse L and R from projector and again switch L and R on DLP Link 3D glasses itself to match. Some 3D glasses like the genuine Benq does not have this L/R switch function so one solution is to flip and wear it up side down. Funny isn't it? I now totally understand why 3D failed.
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