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  1. Just a follow up to this as I received the TV a few days ago. -SD via internal tuner is lowpass filtered -SD via HDMI is lowpass filtered -SD via component video is NOT lowpass filtered After some googling it seems the Samsung 4/5 series use an MStar processor which is the culprit for lowpass filtering of SD over HDMI, whereas the 6/7/8 series use the Valencia processor which doesn't lowpass SD over HDMI, but does appear to lowpass the internal tuner.
  2. The 5 series is not similar at all considering it doesn't have the filterbright, which has a large impact on contrast performance. I believe the B650 series does have filterbright, so it may be a somewhat fair replacement, although considering what the original owner paid for his 8 series, which I'm assuming was a 50B850, a 51D8000 would be a fair exchange as it's the only current model that has the same quality filter.
  3. It appears to be only the 5 series Samsung LCD that are low pass filtering external inputs, according to a comment by David Mackenzie of hdtvtest.co.uk. I believe the pictures from the internal TV tuner are still being low pass filtered though, even on the high end models. I've got a 51D450 arriving later this week and will find out for sure then what is going on with a 576i signal over HDMI.
  4. Not a terrible deal, but Myer had the 51" D450 plasma ticketed today only for $607 ($697 less $10 for every $75 spent promotion). Too good to pass up so I bought one then and there The buyer's remorse is kicking in right about now though
  5. Oh I was talking about the 60D8000 LED with virtually no bezel next to the 65 Panny. That would look funny
  6. For me it has to produce an accurate, stable, clear, bright picture on all content. Yes mine too
  7. What I mean is, fluctuating brightness, and peak light output capped at 100cd/m2 in Professional picture mode. Of course the Samsung has issues too. I'm pretty sure I saw a couple of "brightness pops" on a 59D8000 during a scene of Ice Age where there was varying amounts of white on screen. I can't be sure of what I saw, but if true that sort of thing would drive me nuts.
  8. But it's got a thick bezel and as such looks like a dorky and outdated monstrosity! Put it side by side with a 60D8000 and it would be funny But that wouldn't matter if its picture quality was up to scratch, which it isn't.
  9. Yeah, like Owen said the GT has a proper filter on it which the D550 is lacking. The D550 should still look decent at night as long as you don't have any lights infront of the TV, and some bias lighting behind it would probably help too. Still, personally I can't stand an unfiltered screen that looks like a giant grey mirror, it just damages the contrast too much I'm currently shopping for a TV for around $800 and these are the options I've been weighing up: Samsung 51D450 ($750) Samsung 40D5000 ($800) Sony 40EX520 ($800) Of course my immediate reaction is to get the 51D450 plasma, but every time I see it on display the contrast just looks horrible because of no filtering on the screen So now it's either the Sony or Sammy LCD's which are very very tiny screens, but at least they will have good contrast under any lighting (esp the Samsung which has been measured at 0.03cd/m2 blacks on ANSI). I really just want something as a stop gap til next years models come out, so maybe the LCD will do the trick.
  10. Except with any ambient light in the room it's contrast ratio is like 10:1
  11. When you switch on a light it causes your iris to contract, letting less light in making the blacks look darker. The purpose of bias lighting is to exploit that.
  12. imo you would be better off with a bias light behind the TV.
  13. Hosko, are you saying that the SD picture quality through the internal tuner is just as bad as the Set top box outputting 576i? If that is the case then it would seem Samsung are now deliberately destroying picture quality on the external inputs too.
  14. But it makes it look worse! Any lay person can tell that. Smudging and blurring something that is already blurred due to MPEG2 over compression just adds to the problem. It does not help one bit. How can Sammy and Panny not realise this? Do they test their TV's at all? Absolutely agree. I agree but the point I would raise is that temporal filtering can be good wheras spatial filtering is usually bad. Also the type of filtering (as in, the actual algorithm) matters A LOT. Look at what they found on the 40D5520 LCD at hdtvtest: http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk/news/samsung-ue4...01107121282.htm (scroll down to Standard Definition). It seems they are now filtering 576i over external inputs too This could be the nail in the coffin for me if it's true across their entire range.
  15. I don't even own a D8000, but it's obvious to me looking at display models that it has the same issue. Panasonic's been doing it for years too and I never heard a peep on any forum or review sites complaining about it, which I find really strange.
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