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  1. Hi Anybody on the NW coast having trouble receiving Ten from Mt Barrow. Mine was OK till a few weeks ago now breaks up, other channels OK. Ian
  2. I would like to add my condolences to Shane's family, he will be missed in Wynyard
  3. They have been doing that for the last 18 months, everytime it gets near the date it then changes to TBA. Let's hope we get digital before the turn off analogue. Ian
  4. Need more info how is Austar connected to the DVDR and then how DVDR to the TV Do DVDR Austar recordings have the same problem. Are FTA progs OK through the DVDR and recorded on the DVDR cheers Ian
  5. Thanks I was looking at an Svideo splitter but was having trouble sourcing one in Australia. I will investigate the distribution amplifier, we have a local Jaycar outlet. But another box and another remote. Equipment I forget to mention Atlas box, Panasonic DMR-EX75 and a Sony KDL-40V2000 cheers Ian
  6. Hi I am sure other people have tried this set up but I cannot seem to find any answers in the topics. What I want to do is connect Austar to a TV and to a DVD recorder using Svideo which I understand is the best connection. At present I have Austar connected via a DVD recorder and then to the TV. The problem is this ties up the DVD recorder so I can either watch or record Austar or record FTA but not both. Can I connect Austar to a TV and to a DVD recorder using Svideo. Looking for answers. Thanks Ian
  7. Hi Similar sort of query. I have Sony Bravia 40v2000, Panasonic DVD recorder DMREX75 and an Atlas Austar box. Using Svideo to the DVD recorder and then HDMI to the TV. What I want to know is there an Australian supplier of an Svideo splitter or adaptor so I can send Svideo to both the DVD recorder and the TV. This will allow me to record FTA on the DVD recorder and watch Austar as well. I can source these in the US http://www.cablesforless.com/index.asp?Pag...mp;ProdID=13834 but have not so far found any in Oz. Anyone know of an Australian Supplier Thanks Ian
  8. Thanks for the link just bought a 6000PVRt for $699
  9. Yeah sharing the frustration. They keep putting the dates back. Has Burnie TAS (TDT), SCB and WIN scheduled for 30/6/2007 and I assume that will only be SD, heaven knows if and when we will get HD. I am in Wynward, might have see if I get an aerial up for Mt Barrow.
  10. hi All Queried dates for Digital TV rollout through local political member. reply from Aust Comms & Media Authority as of 19th June Devonport (Kelcey Tier) due to rollout 1st Sept 2006 all channels Burnie, Penguin, Ulverstone and Wynyard ABC & SBS rollout 1st Sept 2006 others 30/6/2007 Hope that helps Ian
  11. Hi Ingram Should not even come close to what you can run off a double wall outlet. I run two computers and two monitors, a laptop, two printers, a modem, two radios, 5.1 audio amp, hi power amplifier, fan, fridge (Engel) and a crt TV off my double wall outlet. So long as the total wattage is less than 2400 watts no problems, reckon you could run 3600 watts without problems from double wall outlet. Advise you plug each power board into a wall socket rather than running one board from the other. Where a problem could occur is what else is running on the same house circuit. Would just blow a fuse or circuit breaker if overloaded. Power problems mainly occur in the kitchen area of the house (or areas where people are running electric heaters) where a number of appliances are heavy power users. Electric Kettles, microwaves, electric grills, toasters etc. As I say should not be a problem Ian
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