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  1. For the record, ARC seemed to work fine. Watching free-to-air TV, audio came through the AMP. However, again, there was no automatic input switching to it. Noel
  2. Just writing up my experience in case anyone happens across this thread. The MDC HDM-2 doesn't work very well with the C390DD. 1. System Standby - CEC doesn't work at all. Cannot link TV power to the NAD at all. 2. Volume Control - after the firmware update, this does sort-of work, but only seems to forget after 30-60 seconds and control passes back to my TV. I could give benefit of the doubt to NAD and say this *could* be specific to my TV. 3. Input switching - CEC input auto-switching doesn't seem to work at all. All in all, very disappointing. I actually did get a response from NAD confirming that all of this is expected behaviour and that their marketing is aimed at the newer models. Once again, you have to wonder why they wouldn't put in an asterisk saying the CEC features aren't functional on the C390DD. Waste of time and effort. Thankfully, Selby Acoustics were great about taking it back - highly recommend them out of this experience. Back to the Harmony remote for me for all-in-one control.
  3. Thanks for the information. Sorry the HDM-1 is so crap - I could never see the value proposition for my setup. Right now I do the same as you and use an optical cable from my TV to the C390DD. Sound-wise that’s fine for me. Honestly, the only reason I considered the HDM-2 was because it said it supported CEC and was compatible. I appreciate being able to pick up any of my remotes to turn everything on/off and control the volume with a properly working CEC system. NAD is taking the piss if this isn’t true. Why sell it with CEC as a headline feature and say it’s compatible with the C390DD without at least putting a big asterisk that CEC is not available with all “compatible” amps. It has now arrived but I’m loathe to install it if it probably won’t work. What a waste of time and effort if not! Again, would appreciate anyone’s actual experience with this combination.
  4. Hey, C390DD owners. I recently ordered an MDC HDM-2 module. It’s supposed to support CEC and ARC according to the marketing but is vague about what commands are supported. Has anyone used one of these with the C390DD? Does it support: 1. System Standby 2. Volume Control 3. Input switching I got a vague answer from NAD support that CEC is not compatible with the C390DD (which prompts the question - why say this module is compatible with it!) Any actual experience greatly appreciated.
  5. Well, to my surprise a coat-hanger cut to 251mm (or so) is giving me better results than the building's wiring! I might upgrade to some rabbit's-ears. Thanks for the advice.
  6. Cable to the wall socket? Really? Okay, I'll have a look - though it delivers analogue reasonably well. I'll give your suggestion about the rabbit ears a crack too and let you know the results. Thanks for the suggestions.
  7. Just moved into a new apartment in Woolloomooloo and despite the fact that the building has rooftop aerial wired to all apartments, there was occassionally snow with analogue. It is supposedly wired for both analogue/digital free-to-air. So taking the el cheapo route, I bought a TEAC DV-B350 today. Now as I discovered from the Internet I live a few blocks away from the Kings Cross transmitter and there's a direct line-of-sight between it and my builging - I'm expecting pretty-much perfect reception. So I was disappointed with the auto-scan option which resulted in crumby heavily artefacted pictures on all channels by 7 and SBS. Then I found the actual Kings Cross channels online and set it all up again manually. This time I got perfect reception on all but ABC - this despite its signal stength showing as at least as strong as the others. In the past few hours I've been out but decided to check again. Now ABC is okay but Ten has a breakup of picture & sounds. Is this expected? Is there any pattern here - any things I should try? I tried to use some of the Artarmon frequencies - with some but little success - absolutely nothing for ABC. Anyone else live in the area and experience anything similar?
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