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  1. Grant Broadcasters & Capital Radio Network have dropped their internet streaming of its radio stations. This is due to a High Court ruling, in which radio stations who stream their main broadcast on the internet must now pay a separate fee to PPCA to do so. A story about it here: http://radiotoday.com.au/news/whats-new/3409-grant-broadcasters-shutdown-streaming-on-websites.html Affected stations across both networks include: * Power FM - Nowra, Bega, Muswellbrook, Ballarat, Murray Bridge * Wave FM - Wollongong * 2ST - Nowra * 2EC - Bega * 2NM - Muswellbrook * Bay FM - Geelong * K-Rock - Geelong * 3BA - Ballarat * Easy Mix - Central Victoria & Mildura * River 94.9 - Ipswich * Zinc - Sunshine Coast, Central Queensland, Mackay, Townsville, Cairns * Hot 91 - Sunshine Coast * Hitz 93.9 - Bundaberg * 4BU - Bundaberg * 4RO - Rockhampton * 4MK - Mackay * 106.3fm - Townsville * 4CA - Cairns * 5MU - Murray Bridge * 5CS - Port Pirie * 5AU - Port Augusta * 5CC - Port Lincoln * 5RM - Renmark * 7HO - Hobart * LAFM - Launceston * Chilli - Launceston * Sea FM - Northern Tasmania * 7BU/7AD/7SD - Northern Tasmania * Hot 100 - Darwin * Mix 104.9 - Darwin * 2CA - Canberra * 2CC - Canberra * 2GN - Goulburn * Eagle FM - Goulburn * 2XL - Cooma * Snow FM - Cooma * 6iX - Perth
  2. 96fm is the station that transmit its DAB+ signal at a bitrate of 128kbps. I was listening to DAB+ radio whilst in Perth last year, so that's how I know. On a sidenote, 96fm is quite a good music station that plays a wider variety of rock than Triple M in the eastern capitals.
  3. According to MySwitch, the Two Rocks translator has been switched on last Tuesday (30th July).
  4. Sight & Sound Connections' Facebook page has confirmed that the Picton translator has been switched on on Tuesday, as planned. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=526943817374065&id=368907916510990
  5. According to the Sight & Sound Connections Facebook page, the Picton translator will commence broadcasting on Tuesday 30th July. Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=520753741326406&id=368907916510990
  6. A couple of articles from The Canberra Times. New look for WIN news...but did anyone notice the difference?: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/new-look-for-win-news-but-did-anyone-notice-the-difference-20130708-2plfc.html News on remote control: WIN some, lose some: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/news-on-remote-control-win-some-lose-some-20130708-2pmjn.html
  7. From this week's Macarthur Chronicle, re Razorback translator causing problems to DTV reception from Artarmon/Gore Hill & Knights Hill: Read more: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/macarthur/new-tower-at-razorback-may-be-causing-a-signal-overload/story-fngr8h70-1226673277715
  8. According to an article in The Canberra Times, WIN News Canberra will be presented by Kerryn Johnston, with sport to be presented by Amy Duggan. The article also said that the Canberra bulletin will be broadcast live from Wollongong at 6:30pm, with the Wollongong bulletin to be pre-recorded.
  9. From Monday 1st July, WIN will move production of its Canberra news bulletin to Wollongong. This will leave the ABC as having the only local TV news bulletin that is made in Canberra. Here's an article from The Canberra Times: http://www.canberrat...0626-2owlx.html
  10. According to MySwitch, it is set to commence transmission in mid-July.
  11. According to MySwitch, that's now been pushed back further to mid-July.
  12. Which station are you talking about?
  13. According to MySwitch, the switch-on date for the Picton translator has been pushed back to late June (it was originally mid June). Also, SBS is changing their 'pre-restack' frequency from UHF-64 to UHF-57 for the Picton translator.
  14. After many years of waiting, ABC NewsRadio is now finally transmitting on 90.9. Elsewhere on Wollongong radio, since late last year, Wave FM has dropped 70s music from its playlist, with their new positioner being "80s, 90s & Now". This means that Wave FM is now sounding more similar to i98 than ever before, pushing older listeners over to the ABC & Sydney stations. Despite it being a CHR-skewed station, you're now likely to hear the occasional 60s & 70s track on i98 than on Wave these days!
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