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  1. PM me if you don't have any luck recalling back 20 or so years! What a day to be off with illness! Christmas was good - a little on the quite side but that is how I prefer, just with the wife and kids Now about this Santa bloke - he never even attempted to fill my stocking with anything I wanted; namely digital to begin retransmitted from Table Cape. This has been on my wish list for the past 5 Christmases! (since digital commenced from Mt Barrow in Aug 04!) Bah Humbug! And Stuart, many of the diehards are still in circulation but have moved further afield. The internet makes it seem we're all still close! The shrinking WWW!
  2. He may not have made the connection with who you are considering your username lizclinton - he may have to drop the first three letters to get your firstname, then if he is cluey enough (which I am sure he is knowing this particular D.J.), the first initial of your surname and mine are the same!! And that'll make it cryptic for other members of this forum! BTW - ran into another old face in the crowd on xmas eve at local xmas parade - DP are his initials and his dad was into dental work years ago! Can you work that one out???
  3. Have noticed that SC Mt Barrow is dropping out whilst doing installs on Friday. All other four channels rock solid signal - SC fluctuating up and down on meter. This was also as noticable with the SC signal from Round Hill! Also noticed whilst watching SC Mt Barrow last night. Hopefully they'll get it right soon!
  4. I have done digital reception from Mt Barrow on that road - was a brilliant signal at this particular house so I anticipate no problems at your place. I have sent you a PM with further details. Talk with you soon. Cheers
  5. Hi emiller Sorry for the delay in reply - been a bit out of touch for the past couple of weeks. You say Boat Harbour area - where exactly? Boat Harbour Beach or up on the Highway? If you are on the beach - you have no hope until Table Cape starts up. If you're on the highway, most houses between Killynought and the beach turnoff should be able to receive Round Hill. If you like to PM me (when you get 5 posts up here, I can come and do a site survey and better inform you. You need five posts to enable you to fully utilise the forum and they can be made at the above forum, just follow the instructions at the start of the thread. And manmantis - I am sure your problems lay with the Media PC set-up. At the flylead that feeds your Media PC, my meter shows that you have very adequate digital signal and a very minimal BER measurement. And this measurement is after all of the loses in the splitter and cable! I did set up a set top box on your antenna and it did not miss a beat for ALL Burnie channels. Hopefully with the settings that I left with your wife were of assistance in setting up the media centre PC - something of which I have very limited experience with. And I am still organising your cat 5 cabling quote! bundy23 - I do stock those boosters and sell for a comparable price and you wouldn't had the wait or uncertainty of buying off the 'net, they're ideal when you need that little bit extra! But you would've had fun learning about digital TV I guess!
  6. The beauty of doing a site survey is that you know what levels and how many errors a being picked up by your antenna system. Its a pity now signals are better as we now don't have anything to refer back to. I will get there next week as discussed and I will check out your antenna. I have your number and I will give you a call Regards
  7. That it does Shanks but one must get around "the director of finances" and SWMBO I hope it all works out well for you to enjoy! manmantis...... Go to the link in my earlier post and just post randomly to get your number of posts up! Then you'll become a full member and be able to do all these things on the forum. It is a security feature to stop the forum being bombarded with cranks and posting crap on the boards! No one is likely to read thru this, it just helps you out! Now you should be quite ok up where you are (theoretically), but it also depends on the quality of your wiring/antenna/number of outlets etc. Not all installations can just be "swung around and all will be good"..........
  8. Hi Ya Shanks Yes you can do that. You should be able to see the Round Hill towers from your place, so just point to them. If you can't, just point slightly north of where it is pointing now. As to your PVR, in the install menu - reset it to the factory defaults and manual scan channels 48, 65, 66, 67 and 68. If you do an automatic scan, chances are you may also pick up some transmission from Mt Barrow and double up your channels. Any problems, contact me if you want - still on the same contact numbers. Cheers
  9. That's very odd manmantis................. By getting WIN and TDT, you're getting the lowest and highest channels transmitted from Round Hill, all the rest are in between. The only other suggestion I can offer is that you factory reset your set top box (you'll find it in the installation/set-up menu) and do a manual scan on channels 48, 65, 66, 67 and 68! Failing that you could PM me (you'll need 5 posts before the forum will allow this - see New member info) and I can come there and do a site survey to see what you are receiving and at what strength!
  10. Yeah but the one laid with the gas pipeline is a $20 000 000 white elephant and telstra use most of the channels on the other two...........
  11. bundy23 (and dave) I wouldn't waste my money. You are not in an optimum spot to use any antenna like that but it is yours to waste.................. If it was from Table Cape - no worries but not Round Hill! The only way you would get reception where you are is with a phased array directed to Launceston. Round Hill would totally be out of the question! Yes you would be getting ABC & SBS from Table Cape - a stronger signal into your antenna. The only way to delete these would be to reset to factory defaults and manually scan in the Burnie channels (if you could get them all...). Dave - he is really in no position to get Round Hill - has 2 hills in between him and the relative low power of the Round Hill transmitter. No, Auslec AWM and Rexel etc are not open on the weekend. The only success I have had in that area is a phased array pointed to Launceston! It is not something you can just stab at over the weekend and hope you get it! And renting would make it doubly difficult.. you may have to wait it out bundy23 as dave.b has to.......
  12. Chances are bundy23 is that your antenna is only band 4 (just surmising). WIN is on 48 (low end of band 5 and closer to band 4) and the others - SC on 65 and TDT on 68 (high end of band 5). You don't mention ABC or SBS (66 & 67) do they break up? Your position in Bay St could be tough for receiving Round Hill but I have had success in Bay at the end of Mollison St in receiving Mt Barrow
  13. They would have had to be already vertical Dave - manmantis stated this as they were pointing to Table Cape! Also these areas of Burnie would be real difficult to pick up from Mt Barrow. Richardson Cres - northern end maybe but not near the tennis club; West Moorville Rd - very very unlikely to get Barrow from here.
  14. Strange thing digital....... It wouldn't hurt spinning your antenna towards Round Hill, what have you got to lose? At worst you wont get a good signal so you'll have to move it back then wait for TC to fire up (SOMETIME in the next decade ) or the signal will come in ok and you'll have the five channels I am assuming you are up on Brickport Rd above the hospital??? A lot of these houses are set up for digital from Mt Barrow, even the last one on the western end on the low side of the road is to Mt Barrow. Bear in mind that moving the antenna for digital will lose analogue TV on other outlets and VCR's. I'd expect analogue reception in that area from Round Hill to be bad For other members information - Round Hill is coming in strong at Turners Beach. I checked the levels there today!
  15. In a nutshell manmantis............... All channels from Round Hill are transmitting digital ABC and SBS ONLY from Table Cape............. as it has been for the last 18 months and previously discussed on this thread! Your mates were receiving the Round Hill signal thru the back of their antenna which antennae tend to do albeit not as good in some directions as to others! And yes you are correct... you get some some Round Hill Signal from TDT! Just FYI, here in Wynyard with an antenna directed to Table Cape so that Round Hill is at 90 degrees to it, I can pick up Southern X and TDT digital off Round Hill, albeit blocky and breaking up, but cannot pick up ANY WIN, ABC or SBS from Round Hill whatsoever. The STB shows a 50% quality on these two channels and 0% quality on the other three, figure that! (And we know ABC and SBS are from a different tower to the other three!)
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