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  1. Is anyone aware of the reason why sbs radio 6 (the bbc world service) has disappeared from our digital radios again? I did some googling but couldn't find anything - perhaps they thought nobody would notice.
  2. The wiki entry shows digital starting in "late 2010" (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C31_Adelaide), if that has any relevance to this discussion - unlike the other cities, adelaide still runs on a temporary license. Hopefully they do start sometime this year - i used to watch it a bit on analogue years ago - these days i wouldn't bother unless it was broadcast in digital. If the ACMA decide to advertise the license before it goes digital it could delay the launch by months. Hopefully that doesn't happen.
  3. Thanks for that but unfortunately, it hasn't been updated for March yet, latest data is to February 2010.
  4. Thanks for that - i was listening to 5AA yesterday and DMG's Director of technical severcies (or title to that effect) said that ABC/SBS wouldn't be on air till September (he wasn't having a go at them - he was also talking about the other channels you can get on air now, including the new austereo channels (radar & pink), ANR, etc.) <-- he didn't have to do that of course, he was just promoting digital radio, and they gave away a few grundig's in the process, on the condition that the people who "won" them give a reception report for their area next week. There are a few areas within adelaide where AM reception is really weak (but FM reception is fine), which is why 5AA in particular are so keen on the technology (they have been promoting it heaps). Does anyone know where community AM radio fits in with all of this? (for example the RPH (radio for the print handicapped) network) - community FM doesn't matter as much since (to my knowledge) all the receivers have FM with RDS support anyway)
  5. Those dates may relate to the commercial stations, but i notice i can't yet receive any of the ABC channels + DIG here in Adelaide. Yes all the commercials stream fine - i have a handheld DAB+ receiver and have done a channel rescan twice. At least i can now get 5AA in much better quality as my AM reception can be a bit average (particularly from my AV receiver) - i live in the far northern suburbs (elizabeth area) The ABC website says digital radio should be available in all capital cities by 1 July, but i was dissapointed to find no rollout schedule say by city. Anyone know of any dates for the ABC?
  6. Looks good, but it appears that you need THE media player (not just any) - now WMP11 is good at a few things, but playing widescreen video is not one of them. I prefer VLC media player for that because you can easily change the aspect ratio. To phrase that another way, how can I view these streams on a widescreen tv/monitor without the black bars at the top & bottom? I hope it's something microsoft fix in future versions because right now it's a fairly severe limitation.
  7. After reading this whole thread I would love to know how you got on with your installer digisquid and who he was. I want to know how the story ends! I live in elizabeth with an old band 1,2,3 antenna (came with the house - no idea what brand/model) pointed at mount lofty and get regular impulse noise on digital. For a while now I've been wanting someone to come out, raise my mast (currently only about a meter above the eve of the house - nowhere near clearing the roof), install a new digital only antenna (>VHF 6) above my existing one (which will be kept & used for FM to my receiver), install a new antenna point for digital gear to connect to, and possibly also wack a UHF CB radio home base antenna on top of the mast for me (& install a point for that too). I would definitely need someone to come out and install the new gear for me - although i love getting into the technical side of it all i'd have no idea how to install gear myself - i'm visually impaired and i'm no good with my hands either. Would rather leave it to the professionals... If you say your guy was good in craigmore i'd be keen to give him a call & see if he can give me a quote on my place. Jason
  8. Thanks a lot CountrySlicker, your help is much appreciated. I tried to do some test settings this morning to test on the PC & my dvd player, but various problems meant i couldn't actually get a disc to display on my dvd player to test it properly - on the pc it shows as stretched 4:3, but then again i have a 4:3 monitor Anyway, i'm recording it now as 16:9 fullscreen from DTV box to my DVD recorder, with the view that even if it shows as 4:3 on a 16:9 tv for any reason, at least i have the full 16:9 digital picture of the AFL grand final that i should be able to change the aspect ratio on the PC, if necessary. When I record on my DVD recorder, it does not give me the option of whether it's a 4:3 or a 16:9 recording. Thanks, Jason
  9. Hi All, I have a Panasonic DVD recorder (DMR-E55) and want to record in wide screen from a TEAC digital set top box. I have a 4:3 TV though, and want to know how it behaves on a widescreen tv. My question is, if I set the DTV box to be 16:9 full widescreen (ie on a 4:3 tv it stretches people's heads), will that be "proper" full widescreen on a 16:9 TV? If I set the aspect to be 16:9 letterbox, on a 16:9 TV will that come out as the "postcard" or "letterbox" type shape with black bars around all areas of the screen? I want to record Port Power's grand final birth for someone who wants to keep it a long time, so I want to make sure it will play correctly on a 16:9 TV. Thanks for any help on offer, Jason
  10. I live in that area (Elizabeth Park) and the translators are mainly for Elizabeth South residents. I have an outdoor antenna (1 x combo VHF/UHF unit, unamplified atm) and cannot receive these translators (the picture is very faint on anlalogue, tuner goes straight past it - digital box does too, with signal strength about 3-4 bars on a Teac STB out of over 50) I receive all of my channels from Mt Lofty perfectly on digital (and near perfect analogue, with some interference on ABC (2), and a bit of snow on C31 (community tv) I've just bought a $50 GME splitter amp (SA122) from Dick Smith to see if that will improve my reception with C31 & ABC. http://www.gme.net.au/matv/splitter_amps.html I'm going to try it tonight so i'll repost tomorrow & let you know how i go. 3 sets of family members live within 5kms of my house, in north, west & north west directions and they all receive their signals from mt lofty, unable to get the translators. 2 of those have indoor antennas (sure poor mt lofty esp on ABC/SBS, but no translator reception at all). My point is that anyone who lives "just north of elizabeth" would have to have a very good antenna & amplifier to pick up those translators. Don't get me wrong here! Thanks for your post Alan as I did find it interesting, but I suspect those translators are intended for people south of elizabeth - ie elizabeth sth, salisbury nth areas. Anyone in Elizabeth Park/Fields/North/Downs, Blakeview/Craigmore, Smithfield N/S/E/W/Plains/Downs etc, etc won't get those translators. see also: http://www2b.abc.net.au/reception/frequenc...smissionid=1569 But the coverage map is a bit of a joke in my experience Pls feel free to correct me if anyone has different experiences. Jason
  11. Didn't know where else to post this, but thought here would be best as C31 is what i'm asking about. Does anyone know when C31 in Adelaide (& other community TV stations around Australia) are required to go digital? Or when they might do it? Going digital might improve picture/sound reception for a lot of poeple, since the community broadcasters usually have a weaker signal than ABC/SBS/Others. Thanks for any help anyone can offer. Jason
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