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  1. I stumbled across this today. I hope they show the rallies from earlier this year.
  2. There was some very bad breakup and drop-outs yesterday afternoon but it seemed OK last night and today. (Tugg Hill)
  3. Got two calls tonight saying that the Tugg Hill translator has been repaired - looks fine atm.
  4. Anyone else experiencing intermitant glitches with the ABC from Tuggeranong Hill? It started yesterday with one or two glitches (a small area of video blocking and audio drop-out) every 30 minutes. It is very similar to a similar problem that occurred late last year and if it is the same issue then we can expect it to get progressively worse. If you are also experiencing this problem please report it to the ABC fault line ( http://www.abc.net.au/reception/maintenance/ ) on: 1300 13 9994 - they require 3 independent reports before they will act on a problem.
  5. Has anyone else noticed WIN intermittently breaking up? It barely noticeable on my Topfield PVR but severely affects my Panasonic DVD recorder. I am guessing the Panasonic tuner is more sensitive to transmission faults than the toppy. When a glitch occurs the signal strength will momentarily drop from 100%
  6. Next rally not on Eurosports - no one seems to be showing it
  7. Just found out Eurosports is broadcasting highlights which is ok for me but too bad if you don't have pay tv.
  8. Just noticed that the Monte Carlo Rally was held this weekend but there is no sign of the highlights program on FTA or Foxtel. Are we missing out the TV broadcast this year?
  9. Just got a call from the ABC and the believe they fixed the problem around 11pm last night.
  10. You beat me to it - ABC is unwatchable at the moment.
  11. It is an intermitant problem. I recorded an ABC program this afternoon that had 1 minor glitch but when I switched over to the ABC for a few minutes around 6pm there were several breakups within a few minutes. Whatever the techs have been doing seems to work for a period of time but doesn't seem to be permanent. I am hoping Gadget can get onto them about it as the ABC seems to have a policy of problem denial.
  12. The glitches were back again last night. I hope this isn't going to be a continual problem with this translator
  13. The problem may have been fixed on Friday night as the ABC has been fine since yesterday afternoon. I will give it a few more days as there were times last weekend it seemed to be OK only to deteriorate later in the week.
  14. I noticed Win today, the occasional dropout with no signal for a few seconds then it comes back fine for quite a while. I am currently watching 7:30 and it is continuous breakup. Thanks for looking into it Gadget.
  15. Definitely no better today. Recorded a 30 min program this afternoon and its constant pixelation and audio dropouts on ABC.
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