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  1. Mod says one more month.. His forum, his call.. Perhaps ask again in Sept... Until then just set good examples, and just have to hope the mods have a better understanding then to make the call. Use this month to show 'em we can and will never be intimated by the cyber bullies. Pleading only empower these disruptive elements. Don't feed the trolls. Don't ban the trolls. We can have a good time without them. Let them report the posts, have the posts deleted and accounts banned, regardless we'd still have a good time. This is the only way to have the OT re-open - have a good time . Basically what MM said before the blitz.. Go forth and post in the A/V threads.. There's photography and music too ..
  2. WRT HTPC for playback... PQ wise I don't see it being worse off.. AQ wise it's hit and miss.. A HTPC has a 3 pin power supply, and is a notorious candidate for ground loop noise. Some general points: Some ROM drives can be very noisy, you need to balance the speed of the drive (to make sure it's quiet enough to be inaudible, but fast enough to keep up). There could be compatibility issues too (some BD ROM may have problems with some BD media unless you upgrade it's firmware.) Then there's the choice of software player to use (some more buggy than others but none are perfect IMO). There are various other issues to consider. e.g. things like remote, bitstream audio vs analog out (say via the STX II)... And future ATMOS upgrade path. If you are fairly good with computers (not just think you are, but really good), then HTPC is the only way to go... Otherwise, a commercial solution is just less grief.
  3. What's your idea of reasonably priced? Some can make it work, but really, at the end of the day, the speaker placements of stereo vs movie are just a bit too different... If you can, setup 2 separate systems instead. Having two separate setups mean you wouldn't compromise one for the other. e.g. tweaking the speaker position for stereo will change how it works in movies. And having something in between stereo speakers will upset the stereo imaging to an extent - things like a hifi rack, centre speaker, even a TV will affect the imaging, and so on. A dedicated 2.0 setup on it's own can sound pretty decent at only 1.5 - 2k mark (YMMV depending on your location). If you want a single system that can do both - maybe look at something like the Marantz PM-11S3. Pete is using that I think.
  4. Sorry to hear that Jutta. Condolences to your mate and his son. That can be a traumatic experience and if possible remind them to seek some professional advice (not for having suicidal thoughts, but witnessing and knowing something like this may trigger things years down the road. Esp for the young). Condolences to the family and may he RIP.
  5. Nope.. You wake up.. The solution is to report my post and have the mods deal with it if you deem it inappropriate.. And I'd be happy to cop the consequence for pointing out vintage's comment about "poor form" is hardly good form. The problem is never about OT.. It's me, or rather your construct of me (which of coz isn't the real me )... I'm sure you have reported the thread, and my posts.. And all seems to be going to your "plan", lacing baits and seeing people react to your baits. I pity you. Anyway, I'm calling truce.. I'm sure the mods have a better idea and hopefully he has all the information he needs now. I'm back to posting normally as MM suggests..
  6. If you have a problem with me then PM me, rather than continue the useless public spats that do no one any favors........
  7. Hence the word if... You know the definition of the word yourself since you used it too. Not really... AVS has many oz members.. OCAU has sections talking about hifi and stereo and DTV. As do whirlpool... even SNA has HT.. And yes, they fight there too.. Naive to think people actually get together well. People don't get along, did you not read a news paper in your life? Nope. I never said that. I'm actually saying you should have read Darr's posts in context and understand that he does not know how to set up a poll. What he wants to do is not what his iPad is doing .. If you want the sniping to stop, perhaps you shouldn't have use the words "poor form"? Don't give a damn what camp you're in, more interested to know what planet you're on.
  8. Did you read post #6? I also remembered this place from "way back". (well I can only go back ten years).. There's always fighting between camps.. Ignorant and naive to claim people here have been getting along.. It never has, and it never will... Sure there are some good things (and it's still happening now), but there's also baggage. Fighting never actually stopped (just different people)... Heavy handed banning is only going to give the trouble makers _exactly_ what they want. If you don't like it here. there's AVS, OCAU, and Whirlpool... Just to name a few.. If you're only after cheap things to buy and not interested in a community spirit, there's always ebay, gumtree, ozbargain, choice and your local classifieds. Google is your friend.
  9. Too heavy handed? Or am I being too soft? Different philosophies I guess. Deep down I just really really hate censorship. To me it just seems like the easy way out. I do agree esp with the part in bold. To put it softly, AV Forum Mod seems to be in denial? (I'm probably in denial myself, what's wrong with censorship? Difficult question for me)
  10. If you didn't edited it away it's probably edited away by the mods (sometimes they don't leave a "mark" ).. This place ain't a democracy after all.. Silver lining is the mods probably get a list of all potential alts in one go. (Just wish you made the poll public so I would know as well ). Anyway, the mods are trying to engage. Took them a while but at least they're trying to communicate now. They said the OT forum will be re-considered at the start of next month. So let's wait until then. They probably need more time to consider how to deal with us. As moderators they really cannot pick sides, senior members here are effectively forcing 'em to take sides. Even when the side is easy to pick, it's still not going to be a easy decision. It's not just the future of the forum at stake... There could well be things behind the scenes we're not really aware of (or want to know).
  11. 2 as spare? (that's about it really, redundancy ). Was prob in too much of a hurry when I made that post.. Some of those fig 8 cables are not suited at all to be run over the roof space or in wall (e.g. the outer insulation will dry, crack and short). When it happens, the pair can't be used any more.. I used a fairly expensive fig 8 cable and that only lasted me approx 4 years.. Also the colour of speaker cables may be mistaken by the sparkie (apprentice ) as a power line. The first pic in the post may be mistaken by some to be power cable. (I also use blue LAN cable not white one just to avoid this). If not in wall, then really it doesn't really matter and one can use any type of cables.
  12. If youre running 'em in wall, or up the ceiling, best to get cables rated "In-wall" (e.g. the 75 m roll).. Normal figure 8 cable insulation may not last long up the roof space (YMMV depending on what cable you're using). I'm using this. So far so good, but ask me again in 20 years ... Edit: BTW, with AV makers trying to sell you more and more gear... Go for 4 core cables (rather than 2), and go 2 runs if you can.. (1 advantage is redundancy, 2nd advantage is you can put as many speakers as they want you to buy)... You can sit happy with 5.1 (but knowing if you want more in the future, it's not going to be too hard)...
  13. First of all.. The drama didn't happen in OT.. It only orchestrated by a certain group.. Secondly, it's a great idea... A donate button.. Raised before by one of the members who has since left, and AFAICR abs no response from the mods? Just a donation in general to keep the forum going, not really for the "exclusive OT access" to OT or anything (and not for any special status). That way there will be no bias (mods will not side with paid subscribers
  14. You can do a public poll (that'd probably cause more fights though, so ) GLWT (I've give my vote at the end of the month - if this thread or me lasted that long)
  15. That part is true.. I quickly learnt to ignore that member.. Never been a problem for me, and IIRC I seldom (if ever) talk to him. He's a troll, but not a vindictive one AFAIK (quite possibly the first alt?). And I hope nobody made any wrong/bad decisions based on this poster either. (At least I'm not aware of any, hard to tell since I don't read any of his threads ).. Edit: Should have thought better Apologies.
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