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  1. My model is KLV-S32A10 and its in the harmony database. It doesntt give me Component 1 and 2 or YC1 etc, just video 1,2,3... What do you mean by map the AV inputs? The sony remote has a cycle button for inputs and the wega gate menu where u can navigate and select the inputs.
  2. Do these things ever go into sleep mode? ive never seen it in sleep mode even after leaving it overnight and im worried that its needlessly draining the batteries. Or does it somehow sense my presence and know that Master has arrrived? update: lol just came back from some shopping and it was off. Maybe someones been watching tv in the mornings before i wake.
  3. Im having a problem getting my sony tv to switch to the right video input. It has - Video 1 - Video 2 - Video 3 - HD/DVD1 - HD/DVD2 - Pc For watching Tv i use HD/DVD1 and for watching dvd's HD/DVD2, both which are component. I tried setting it so that it uses video 4 and 5 respectively but it doesnt work. Does anyone know which input i need to use?
  4. Dammit i just bought it for $69, i thought that was cheap lol!
  5. As far as i can tell from reading forums here and elsewhere they are pretty much identical. Besides the obvious difference in appearance and backlight colour they have the same features. 360 button layout is slightly differenent and if i counted correctly it has a few extra buttons for xbox which can be reprogrammed however. 525 has 2 year warranty while 360 version has 1. If u can get the 360 version from officeworks for $69.95 then id recommend that. I havent had a play around with it nor have i tried the 525 version so i wouldnt know for sure. Also when i came to office works in sydney cbd (clarence st) yesterday morning they had one left on the shelf. I went around the city to see if i could find a better price but when i came back it was gone and the price tag was taken off. I asked the staff and they had 4 left in lock up so i got mine. I think officeworks may be taking them off the shelves so get in quick because its by far the best price, and just ask if u dont see it on the shelf.
  6. Just picked up a harmony xbox 360 remote today from officeworks for $69.95, awesome price. I couldnt jusitfy the extra $30 for the 525 even though it had an additional year of warranty and the fact that i dont have an xbox. Its a christmas present for the parents so hopefully theyll like it. Im so sick of guiding my mum through the whole power on sequence of mulitple devices with mulitple remotes, this will save me a lot of hassle. Win Win for everyone!
  7. Yet they managed DD 5.1 on australian idol...
  8. Just got one of these today from good guys. Got the conia m680 yesterday but it died miserably within the first few minutes so i swapped it for the phillips. So far impressions are quite good, plenty of features, usb is so sweet, karaoke, divx so whole family is happy. Only gripe is that they should have used a normal 6.3mm socket for the mic input as its easy to knock out the 3.5mm plug and it cant play hd divx files.
  9. Hi, just some quick questions. How many microphone inputs does it have and does it upconvert over component? thanks
  10. First 7HD 1080i and now 10 DD5.1? Happy days!
  11. Maybe the movie is just that way and its made to look grainy.
  12. They've tricked me into thinking im watching ten or abc. Channel 7 do DD5.1 occasionally which i congratulate them on, Erky Perky in the mornings on 7 is always a fun watch
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