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  1. Hi Guys, I have mine mounted in a box - ventilated - and can't seem to sync my 3D glasses. does anyone know if i can get an extension cable for the 3D emitter so that I can position the emitter at the front of the box? thanks in advance Andy
  2. PS Audio AV5000, 10-ZONE Power Conditioner

    Pm sent Andy
  3. Mxiii-Android 4.4 Tv Box, Quad Core A9, 4K

    Howdy, I just ordered the Shield - will report on how easy it is to setup once here. I am an IT beginner! I wonder if it will play image files (of discs)? I am most interested in testing the Dolby Atmos Support and DTS:X (if I can find any material!). A
  4. A L D I Monster 55Incher U H D T V For $777

    HI Guys, Ok - established fact that the 65" is not for a Videophile. What about for my 70 year old Mum, who needs to buy a new TV to replace a 19" LCD TV? Thanks, A.
  5. Hey, If not too late, I suggest put two runs of Cat 6 data cable in, this might give you options in the future for adding hdmi over cat 5/6 just in case... Andy
  6. Monster Power Hts1650 Power Station

    Pm sent
  7. Fs: Oppo 103Au

    Hi Juddy Pm sent Andy
  8. Fs: Humax 4Tune Pvr (4 Tuners)

    Pm sent
  9. Fs: Humax 4Tune Pvr (4 Tuners)

    Hi Nightbreed, How quickly does it change through channels? Thanks Andrew
  10. Why Can't I Use Digital Audio Out

    Hi, I have had similar problems with Yamaha amps - as an input from a TV to the Amp can be connected by Analogue, Digital (your Optical), or HDMI, the amp need to be set to Optical input for that source. Just one of the possible solutions, and many with Yamaha amps & kids will know this.... one button on the front can change the 'audio input type' for a selected input. I'll let the other's flood you with the other possible solutions. HDMI output on the tv settings etc. Cheers, Andy.
  11. Help: Recommend A Qld Ht Designer / Consultant?

    Thanks mwd, I have put a PM through to him, so should get me started in the correct direction! Thanks, Andy.
  12. Hi Guys, I have been planning to redesign my HT room, but I am at a stage where I need to have a proper design completed that I can take to a builder. Can anyone recommend a sound / visual designer for the Brisbane/Gold Coast area? I thought I had located one before Christmas but I can't seem to find his details now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Andy
  13. HI Guys, I have an existing room that I would like to convert into a purpose theater room, in preparation for Dolby Atmos setup. This room will involve a fair amount of timber and plaster work, positioning of projector, change of an existing screen and the normal dose of extreme cabling. Does anyone have any experience with a installer or HT builder in Brisbane that they could recommend? Thanks, Andy.
  14. Hi all I hope to see and hear Dalby Atmos if I can make it. Sounds very interesting, A
  15. Worth Bi-Amping?

    Hi, I am all for bi-amps. I run two Nad M25s, one does fronts/centre all bi-amped, second does rears. Sound quality and volume is awesome. I am saving up for 11.2 processor which will still allow front 3 channels bi-amped / with all channels driven. 8-D