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  1. So what other tips would you offer for negotiation other than the 'online is cheaper' card? Only ones I could think of would be: "I can pay cash" "I am ready to buy today" "I will purchase extended warranty" any other golden nuggets?
  2. Thankyou for the advice Peter, makes sense. I have a JB $100 voucher as well which is why I have been looking there. With extended warranty, maybe this is all subjective but what is appropriate? I read a lot about people's bad experiences in recent years with Samsung sets so am a bit cautious. I get an additional 1 year warranty for purchasing on my Amex, so would 1 year (manufacturer's) + 1 year be enough?
  3. Hello, I am looking to buy a Samsung 55ES8000 in the next few weeks and started shopping around on the weekend. Went into JB (TV ticketed @ $3,996) who said that they would not match any 'online store's' (BBB, Cable Connection etc.) price; only those stores with shopfronts (good guys, bing lee etc.) would be considered. Is this other peoples' experience as well? And what would people suggest is the best way to negotiate given this type of approach with online obviously a fair bit cheaper (BBB around $3,400). Have people bought online/ how is extended warranty etc. negotiated this way? Any advice is appreciated
  4. Hi guys, I am in the market to buy a new TV in about a month's time (when the tax refund comes back). I am looking to get a 55", series 8. Just not sure whether to get the LED (ES8000) or Plasma (E8000). Does anyone know of any deals that will be offered soon?
  5. Hi Owen, thanks for that . So what are your views now, do you still like the plasmas over LEDs? and is pana vs samsung a personal preference thing now with the new models?
  6. why are the LEDs cheaper than the plasmas? Forgive my ignorance, but with Sammy's it's the other way around?
  7. Anyone have any info on when the new 2012 models will be released>
  8. This is the major (only) issue for me. Other than that looks great, thanks!
  9. Congrats on your purchase. Was it a 6600 for that price?
  10. Hi mate, I'm still looking around and haven't bought yet although i've settled on model. What's the best place to find out about the bundles/deals you have mentioned?
  11. Ah yes sorry I knew that, missed the "8 series" part Thanks, I'm thinking of getting the same set in a couple of weeks.
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