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  1. Item: LP Morgan Galleria Novares High Resolution 82" 16:9 Fixed Screen Location: Camberwell, VIC Price: $75 (was $1500 when new) Item Condition: Used but in good condition, no sagging at all, still assembled. Reason for selling: Upgraded to 110" screen Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is the screen: LP Morgan Galleria Novares High Resolution 82" 16:9 Fixed Screen ... Note it is off the wall but is still assembled. I can disassemble it for shipping but then it will need to be reassembled and restretched over the frame. At 82" diagonal it is 1830x1030 mm - so will fit in a van or wagon assembled I reckon, but not a normal sedan. I tried to take a shot of the back showing the system to attach and stretch the screen, but I realise it is slightly blurry. Pictures:
  2. Hi, Thanks all for those that assisted. Got this all in just before the holidays and the setup is performing great, loving the picture quality from the 4K projector with 110" screen at about 4m viewing distance - really immersive. Was a moment of stress when wasn't sure the 10m cord was going to reach as we ended up threading it on the outer wall (protected by a cover) as inner wall was just too tricky to thread. It did just reach, but with almost zero slack. Had some visible interference and sparkles when first set up, but that went away when I changed the old short cables into the switch for new "high speed" ones. Working perfectly now. Thanks again
  3. Ahh , good point on HDCP. One says "Support HDCP2.2" and the other says "HDCP Version Compatible with HDCP 1.4 and HDCP 2.2" so I think I am ok. Does 1.4 matter? On length it would be close, but because its going through a ceiling void I am nervous of making it too close - hate to end up a foot short! Noted on testing - will fully test everything before its mounted and the cable run.
  4. Hi, I need a combination of HDMI to connect all my stuff together and I know this will only be as strong as its weakest link. So I just wanted to check that I am not creating a weak link. I will have a 4k Vivitek 2299 on one side of the room and sources on the other (desktop PC that I think can play 4K, Foxtel iQ3, Oppo103 Blu-Ray - and a 4K player, to be added at some stage). So this is what I am planning: 1. A 10m HDMI to get to the projector - going with the Ruipro 4K HDMI Fibre Hybrid from EzyHD. This has got to go in a ceiling cavity so I don't want to mess around. 2. A 4k HDMI Splitter (also from Ezy) to get the 4 sources to the single 10M HDMI cable 3. 4 short ~1M HDMI cables. Which I presume here I can use any high-speed HDMI cable as its short-length - but not sure if having 2 cables (10m + 1m) changes this equation.? Does this sound like the right approach? Thanks
  5. It is. Only because I have been too lazy to take it to the recycling centre yet.... It is in Melbourne, so its a question of whether its worth the shipping cost to Perth? Happy to ship it if you think its worthwhile. (apologies for the slow response - for some reason the forum alert went into my spam folder...)
  6. I saw some analysis saying they have dropped in cost by around 55% over the past 3 years - and will halve again by 2021. But if you always applied this logic, no one would ever buy a new TV....
  7. I'm not a big believer in the possible burn-in issue with OLEDs but with a demo model that's something I would definitely check. A solid single colour - red apparently shows it off best - so the opening graphics of a Marvel movie would work.. Outside of that - I don't know your Plasma so I can't really compare (I was coming from a 10 year old LCD) but I am loving my OLED picture quality even with just 720p - its upscaler must be pretty good. Its is a bright room but reflections are not an issue. If you stream netflix or similar and have decent bandwidth then 4K is accessible now - and growing.
  8. Thanks Joe. I was afraid of the non-powered option so I have gone with 2TB powered. I don't watch a huge amount of FTA TV - mainly sport, so I am pretty sure that will be sufficient. The manual suggested to stay at 2TB or under - not sure why.
  9. Thanks - I think I will go HDD and will look at the power requirement. I have plenty of outlets under the TV so I can get a powered HDD to make sure. Not too worried about 2 tuners. I have Foxtel but because its via satellite it only provides SD FTA TV - but I can always record the second item on there if I need to. For a $5k TV you think it would be dirt cheap to simply add a 1 or 2 TB HDD on the unit itself, not sure why they don't.
  10. (I think this is the logical place for this question as it relates to the recording functionality of the TV rather than an independent DVR or streaming type device.) As a new owner of a "Smart TV", specifically an LG C8 - I understand that to record free-to-air TV I will need a USB storage device. So I am looking for any recommendations on devices that work well for this purpose, in particular: I presume it should be a USB HDD rather than Flash drive as the capacity for HD recording will be pretty limited on a flash drive Any recommended sizes and minimum speed requirements you would suggest? Any specific brands or models you would recommend? I understand these files can only be read on the TV they are recorded on - so portability isn't that big an issue?
  11. If anyone is interested - I ended up getting the LG C8 (not a huge upgrade over the C7 but I couldn't help myself - my wife only lets me do these things once in a blue moon...) Absolutely happy with the picture quality. SD content looks average but can pretty much avoid that now. Any decent picture looks fantastic - the 4K content on Netflix looks totally amazing (see Planet Earth II) but was really happy with plain old DVD content and normal resolution streaming - its upscaled really well. And sport looks great too, including high speed motion like Wimbledon tennis balls.... Interface is good, remote with voice control works surprisingly well. So overall really happy.
  12. Item: Sim2 Cx3 Lite 3-chip Projector Location: Melbourne Eastern Suburbs Price: FREE Item Condition: Not working Reason for selling: Replacing after a long useful life Payment Method: N/a Extra Info: Hi, After a long useful life I am replacing my old Sim2 Cx3 3-chip DLP projector. The fan was playing up for a long while and ultimately ceased to function. I did look around to see if there was anyone around to repair it but Sim2 have moved their distributor so many times no-one really wants to touch these old projectors. One guy, who was the Sim2 service guy at one point, had a look at it. He seemed to think it could be more than just the fan but he didn't want to try fix it - and apparently parts are a pain to get out of Sim2 in Italy. So that's full disclosure. If I don't get any takers, I am taking it down the road to the electronic recyclers, but I thought I would at least post it on here in case anyone wants it for parts or to have a go fixing it. If you are not in Melbourne, I am happy to ship it, but I am not paying for shipping as its not going to cost me anything to recycle. Pictures: https://www.techradar.com/reviews/audio-visual/projectors/sim2-c3x-lite-123982/review
  13. I was concerned to understand this a bit better so I have done my research. The testing they put these through to get any impact is pretty unrealistic in the real world. Permanent burn in takes weeks to show in - see RTINGS test - 20 hours a day - it took about 4 weeks before faint burn-in on started to appear. So only an issue in the real world if you are buying a used display set - you want to check particularly red (say the Marvel title screen would be a good test). Or if you leave the screen on a text page while you go away on holiday for a month! see RTINGS test here Temporary burn is what it says - temporary - goes away in minutes. And again only a real world issue if you play one video game for hours at a time OR use a particular news or other channel that keeps a bright logo on the screen all the time. A few minutes of playing normal moving images and it goes away. Or they have a pixel refresh feature in the menu.
  14. Fair point - will get a chance to find out today. If I don't get the right person, I will just come back another day or go somewhere else to look.
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