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  1. I was able to renegotiate to $59 incl Sport HD and 2 boxes. Happy to stay at that price. Only for 6 months so we'll see what happens then.
  2. I think I am in the same boat. The rest of the family are happy enough to stream - often rather be on foxtel go via a laptop in bed than on the big screen with the foxtel box. But I find I do a lot of fast forwarding of sport - especially rugby union with the stoppages - and with games I don't care about as much, will often scan forward at 6 or 12x. This is probably the biggest thing holding me back from switching to pure streaming. I'm not on a great deal so I think I will need to go in prepared to cancel.
  3. I hadn't thought about that combo - running the Atmos off the Receiver. I am already essentially using the Primare as an amp for Blu-Ray off the Oppo - as it has more up-to-date surround processing.
  4. How the heck do I delete this? Was trying to tab content and ended up posting before I even started the post. I cannot find delete anywhere - usually I can as the OP? *** ok fixed now 😌 ***
  5. After a bit of advice on a potential receiver upgrade. My current core set-up is: Receiver: Primare SPA21 Speakers: 5.1 setup with Elac 204s + Sub Projector: Vivitek HK2299 with 110 inch screen Players (current & legacy): Sony 4k UBP-X700, Fetch, Foxtel, AppleTV 4K, Oppo 103 Setup in a hybrid study / theatre room of 4 x 4.5 M The Primare is ancient - has great sound but feel like its getting left behind. It has no HDMI inputs so video is feeding directly to the Vivitek via a simple 4K switch or via the Oppo. With audio going sep
  6. I do have some sympathy with that view but its not like they only carry Fox news - they have CNN, BBC etc. And you can take solace in the fact that Foxtel is losing them bucketloads of $$$.
  7. I have multi-room with an IQ2 and an iQ3. – thinking about upgrading both to the iQ4. But now I also have a decent FTTC NBN connection consistently running at around 45 Mbps. So I looked at the Foxtel Now streaming. I can get essentially the same content on NOW (Essentials and Sport) for $54 pm – whereas with multi-room etc I am currently paying $117 for the satelite service! So more than double the cost and the only discernable difference is the 4K content - if I upgrade to the iQ4? Seems a ridiculous price differential. Am I missing anything? Be curious to hear from anyone
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