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  1. I hadn't thought about that combo - running the Atmos off the Receiver. I am already essentially using the Primare as an amp for Blu-Ray off the Oppo - as it has more up-to-date surround processing.
  2. How the heck do I delete this? Was trying to tab content and ended up posting before I even started the post. I cannot find delete anywhere - usually I can as the OP? *** ok fixed now 😌 ***
  3. After a bit of advice on a potential receiver upgrade. My current core set-up is: Receiver: Primare SPA21 Speakers: 5.1 setup with Elac 204s + Sub Projector: Vivitek HK2299 with 110 inch screen Players (current & legacy): Sony 4k UBP-X700, Fetch, Foxtel, AppleTV 4K, Oppo 103 Setup in a hybrid study / theatre room of 4 x 4.5 M The Primare is ancient - has great sound but feel like its getting left behind. It has no HDMI inputs so video is feeding directly to the Vivitek via a simple 4K switch or via the Oppo. With audio going separately via digital or optical connects to the Primare. Fortunately have never had any sync issues but it does add to the complexity. So the options I am thinking through are: Bite the bullet and get new a receiver - like one of the higher-end Marantz's Perhaps leave the SPA21 in place as the Amplifier and just get an AV Processor Getting back into things, I wasn't thinking I would upgrade my speaker set-up but Atmos looks intriguing. Not sure how it will work in my setup as all my speakers are currently already at ceiling height (except the sub of course). So if I didn't add any new speakers is it still worth doing the receiver upgrade - or should I aim to do both together? The room has double-layer sound-proof plasterboard so its not easy to cut through to lay new speaker cable. I am leaning to keeping things simple and just going with a new receiver at this stage. Perhaps the Marantz 6014 or even 8012 if it is worth the differential. Then maybe new speakers down the track.
  4. I do have some sympathy with that view but its not like they only carry Fox news - they have CNN, BBC etc. And you can take solace in the fact that Foxtel is losing them bucketloads of $$$.
  5. I have multi-room with an IQ2 and an iQ3. – thinking about upgrading both to the iQ4. But now I also have a decent FTTC NBN connection consistently running at around 45 Mbps. So I looked at the Foxtel Now streaming. I can get essentially the same content on NOW (Essentials and Sport) for $54 pm – whereas with multi-room etc I am currently paying $117 for the satelite service! So more than double the cost and the only discernable difference is the 4K content - if I upgrade to the iQ4? Seems a ridiculous price differential. Am I missing anything? Be curious to hear from anyone who is on Foxtel Now and what your experience is like.
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