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  1. Does anyone know when the last few channels will go widescreen?
  2. Lone wolf are you connected to the net via a power line adapter cause sometimes that gets interfered with and you need to unplug it and plug it back in again. Anyway hope it helps that is what happened to me.
  3. Btw I don't work for foxtel. However for a small fee every month I get more choice and better HD coverage than I could ever dream of on free to air
  4. How many channels can you watch at once. I've looked over the movie selection this January and there isn't a moment when there isn't a movie on that I wouldnt watch if I could. You can only wAtch one and record two movies at once. You all need to relax. You know once all movie studios sign up you will all start whinging about HD picture quality again on your 300 inch tv screens
  5. You will not see one less movie on foxtel than you did before. I love the new changes to the movie package. Foxtel will sign a deal with all the companies because they want their movies out on the screen being shown. They need foxtel as much as foxtel needs them. Isn't it great that we have more HD channels and that we have the themed channels that people used to whinge about foxtel not having. And I repeat most of these complaining people have had foxtel since its inception and have no intention of ever dropping their services....... Unbelievable get a life. Can the people who modify this forum please assist in returning this forum to fantastic, informative forum it used to be. Complaining is not being informative.
  6. What crap space ghost Warner bros and Roadshow are part of the line up.
  7. Chewygumby is absolutely correct. This forum has for years been brilliant. The last 18 months however has been less about informing people of changes and upcoming events on foxtel and more about whinging about everything people presume to be bad about foxtel. Let me make a few things clear. The average person..... 1. Doesn't care that picture quality on the Hd channels has reduced by such a tiny amount that's its unnoticeable. 2. That the movie channels have changed. Wake up everyone the same movies will be shown and if for a few weeks not all studios have signed with foxtel ....... Then who cares!!! For those that have been here for years. You too would have noticed that some of the more informative people haven't posted for a while. This I believe to be the major reason why people are turning to other information and forum sites such as knowfirst, aupaytv and tv tonight.
  8. Lol you all have had foxtel for years. You pay them money and then complain for more than ten years some of you. Here is my advice if ya don't like the service cancel your contract.
  9. Everybody is quick to slam foxtel but very slow to offer anyone advice on these forums. If I was you I'd go to the knowfirst forums or aupaytv first. 0/10 dtv forum.
  10. All fixed at this end. Thanks for answering my question.
  11. Boomerang went widescreen earlier in the month. Does anybody know why it isn't any more??? Thanks for your replies in advance
  12. No problem glad I could help. Btw why doesn't foxtel advertise new functions
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