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  1. Any as long as they're cheap... Will look at the low-end models
  2. It depends on the product on offer but no more than A$500 max - only after someone's "junk". It's tax-time so people might be thinking about upgrading. :-)
  3. After a cheap one for the lounge, nothing flash but would be nice if it is able to upconvert to component.
  4. Could you please share your experience with this TV tuner, thanks! http://www.comprousa.com/New/en/product/u2700/u2700.html
  5. Anyone here have a recommendation for an in-car DVD player with two screens and plays DIVX?
  6. most gold card will extend warranty by further 12months....
  7. Got one today bnew for A$25. Yes 25bucks through a mate...... :-) For the price, its awesome.....
  8. Yes, I picked mine up over the weekend for A$3050 including 3 years extended warranty.
  9. You think you're the only one who knows the difference between SD and HD? C'mon you're smarter than that comment ain't you?
  10. I went to Good Guys Rockingham today armed with a receipt from West Coast Hi Fi where I got the A$3050 for the 42" HD including 3 years warranty. I went straight to the TV section and immediately asked for the best pricing for the HD model and asked if they beat competitor's price. The salesperson said they would beat any competitor's price so I showed him a couple of receipts. One is a receipt I got from a member for the 42" HD at A$2,699 (East Coast pricing though) and the one from West Coast Hi Fi (Rockingham). After seeing the receipts he backtracked and said he would need to speak to the store manager. He came back with the store manager after 10 minutes then both examined my receipts then grabbed a calculator and spent 15minutes with it then said he would need to check the computer. At this stage I was ready to leave I was starting to get pissed with the amount of time for them to work out a deal but thought I'll give the boys a chance. Store manager left went straight to a computer then couldn't work a price and called someone. I waited patiently for another 10minutes as he said he had to check with the store owner. In the end they couldn't beat the price I told the manager they should not be telling customers they would beat competitor's price if they won't. BTW - it only took me 5minutes to get the pricing from West Coast Hifi over the PHONE. Very good people to deal with......
  11. For WA people - I was offered A$3050 including 3 years extended warranty. PM me if you want to know where to get this price.
  12. Would A$2999 for the 42" HD version including 3 years extended warranty be ok? I get 1 year free extended warranty from my gold visa card so it'll make it 5 years. Manufacturer's warranty - 1 year + 3 years extended warranty + 1 year from Gold Visa card = 5 years. Good deal?
  13. I am aiming to buy one tomorrow, if i can get a decent price that is.....
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