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  1. I was not talking about the commercial networks. They indeed use VAST at their sites. I was talking about ABC, and SBS is included as well, because both of them still use Optus D1 to feed remote terrestrial retransmission sites (aka sites that are within the Remote Central & Eastern and Remote & Regional WA footprints). They're also used on self-help setups, which means they're used in almost every terrestrial retransmission site. The only cases of ABC's and SBS's VAST services being used for on-the-ground retransmission that I am aware of are private MATV systems. I have a feeling that you're making an assumption here. I have been on the field and witnessed self-help installations, entirely funded by councils, which already had ABC and SBS broadcasting a digital retransmission of their Optus D1 services. These existing Optus D1 setups were left intact and the commercial VAST equipment was installed alongside during the rollout. I have also witnessed brand new digital retransmission equipment being installed that utilised both Optus D1 (ABC/SBS) and VAST (commercial) to save costs. I know for a fact that self-help installers consider this a normal setup, presumably to save costs. The cost savings in only having to decrypt, remux and remodulate 9 services instead of 17 would be substantial and would far outweigh the cost of needing a second dish and cabling pointing to Optus D1.
  2. ABC on VAST is not simulcasting HD and SD like terrestrial. ABC HD exists on VAST channels 2 and 21 (not 20), with interstate ABC HD's taking the same VAST channel number positions as the previous SD services. All ABC and SBS remote terrestrial retransmission sites (the ones retransmitting SC Central, Imparja, Ten Central, GWN7, Nine WA and/or WIN WA) are still fed by Optus D1, not VAST. This is why ABC is not bothering with simulcasting and SBS is not bothering with timezone separated versions of Food Network and will more than likely remove the SBS SD simulcasts in the future (they've already removed SBS Tas SD).
  3. For what it's worth, if you're still having the problem, the ABC WA channels sit on a different transponder to the Qld channels. So it's more than likely a problem at your end. Check your dish alignment or LNB skew and fine tune it so the signal quality is at its best on all transponders. ABC Qld: Optus D3, 11805 V ABC WA: Optus C1, 12647 V In fact, they're both the highest and lowest tp frequencies on VAST, so it's very easy for it to be a tuning issue. Also, all the ABC channels are streamed/uploaded to Optus C1/D3 from one single location. I'm pretty sure I have experienced quality loss on all VAST services due to bad weather over this location before, but not selected ones. The facility is in Belrose, NSW.
  4. Yeah, already ordered one. Working fine ever since... Topfields never cease to amaze and confuse.
  5. Disconnected HDD, booted it and problem still there. Reconnected HDD and now it's fixed. Wtf? Going to format, uninstall all TAPs and see what happens. Thanks for the prod, mate. Will keep you informed.
  6. Thanks heaps for the indepth instructions, 100945. Followed them to a tee and unfortunately nothing has changed. Still reboots about 30-45 seconds after piccies each and every time. It detected the file and downloaded it instantly (counted down from around 350), then the AP count started at I think 95. End blinking, reboot. Also tried pressing and holding 0 on remote to stop TAPs from starting. Same results. One thing I did notice is a red warning symbol on the front LCD in the top-right-hand corner which shows for the first 15-ish seconds of the boot process. Thanks again for your help, but I think I know where this thing will be going....
  7. Nope, but I've removed the LAN connection anyway. I did have DLNA on the XP server turned on (via WMP), but disabled all DLNA sharing and it didn't make a difference.
  8. Hey guys, I have a TRF-2460 HD Plus which has been working OK for the past 2 years, running SmartEPG and TMSArchive only. About a week ago it fell into an infinite reboot loop. I can't even get into the menus to do a factory reset or flash the firmware as it reboots right at the point it's busy loading all the taps. Is there a way to flash it using buttons on the front, or do a reset without needing to go into the menus? Can't find anything in the manual, OzToppy or here about it. Cheers
  9. Knows a hell of a lot more than you ever will.
  10. Cliche? I noticed you say this on Media Spy as well. I think you mean niche, not cliche. A music channel would be great and I think ABC would be the best network to operate one. Triple J TV immediately springs to mind. As for movies, that would be a bit of a waste of time I think. After a few months it would become a very boring channel if only 1 network operated it. I would personally rather see a push channel. Foxtel has a couple of them. They play content from all different channels and are designed specifically for devices to record off them and show as "on demand" content. The Australian free-to-air networks could share the push channel to literally push content onto everyone's set-top box. Delivering movies and niche content this way would be far better.
  11. This above quote only proves he got it wrong in the first place. Watching ABC1 WA right now on my Aurora box. Alan would also know I'm able to do this if he had an Aurora box. He seems to think only those who have bad reception need Aurora/VAST, but in actual fact anyone can have Aurora/VAST just for ABC and SBS services. It's funny that Alan flat out refuses to get Aurora/VAST, yet is quick to tell the forum community what's correct and what's not. Just typical Alan - no experience whatsoever. But it's still funny.
  12. If only Alan actually had a satellite receiver - we might start believing him then! Yep, looks that way MLX.
  13. Cheers for the info Baja! There must be stuff all room on the SCTV/Ten Central transponder for 7mate to squeeze in. Makes dual tuner recording a bit harder, but I'm sure that's not the highest priority with the broadcasters.
  14. It is now broadcasting full-time with programming blocks on a loop throughout the day. It will also soon be part of Imparja's digital terrestrial mux.
  15. Nothing new. I think he just found out about ICTV for the first time today.
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