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  1. Purchased a 5 to 1 HDMI switcher and an HDMI cable a little while ago. Arrived the next day, the cable looks super sexy and the switcher has a cool unmarketed positive (auto-switches to a particular input when a signal is received then switches back when signal drops) to offset the very slight negative (the blue LED is SUPER bright, but nothing that a bit of blu tack couldn't fix).
  2. So talk about horns of a dilemna ... I o/s at the moment, will be in the US on Saturday, and there's a Best Buy near where I am staying that has a copy I can pre-order online and pick up in store, works out almost exactly the same price as ordering from Amazon (sales tax included, but no delivery fee). So the question is "is there any reason why I should buy the Aus version instead of the US version"?
  3. and it seems to currently be consistently cheaper than Amazon US.
  4. Yeah I got an email from them this morning, it's $700 cheaper than the price on dde (their singaporean site, and the prices are usually the same). I don't know if it's actually reduced or not, I haven't been watching the prices closely, and even if I were I wouldn't be looking at that lens combo. Still hoping the Mk 3 will come out soon, might be some killer deals on runout Mk 2s
  5. All 5 orders (from one big order that sat for a week until I split it up) have now arrived, less than a week for all of them, not bad for free Deutsche Post shipping.
  6. Wonder if this has anything to do with a 5D III coming soon? (Special, lowest price ever, 3 days only) http://www.d-d-photographics.com.au/produc...%7D4L-Lens.html That's $700 under the normal low price, about 15% off! A quickly googling turns this up as well: http://www.canonrumors.com/tag/5d-mark-iii/
  7. Just had 2 Deutsche post (free shipping) parcels arrive 10 days after they shipped. Got to be reasonably happy with that ... now just need the other 3 to turn up
  8. Done, not that I expect much of a reply. And there's no way I'm sending it back and waiting another 3-6 weeks for a replacement. I want to watch it this weekend, it's been hard enough to resist peeling the packaging off at my desk! edit: and time to eat some humble pie! I'll take the part refund and live with the slightly crinkled corner. Very happy with the speed and the resolution. Well done Amazon.
  9. Done, split the order into 4 orders of 5 discs each. One has gone to a ship date of the 12th August, the others are 24th, 26th and 28th of August!!!!! And they are all showing as In Stock.
  10. So my order turned up from Amazon UK with the LOTR EE. Took about 3 weeks to get here not terrible considering the price. However, I continue to be annoyed at the substandard packaging. The box set was in a cardboard box with another couple of discs and some paper packaging thrown on top. All the other discs arrived OK, but one corner of the LOTR box is crumpled. It's not huge, but it is noticeable. Now the question is to I bother complaining?
  11. Don't get me started, I placed an order for 20! in stock BDs last Friday, when the pound cost A$1.50 and it still hasn't shipped, nor charged my card, and the pound has slipped to $A1.65
  12. Although it only plays them at 720p, this is a hardware limitation of the device. Still looks fantastic on the 58" 1080p plasma. I'm running a Synology NAS, which has sabdnzb, sickbeard and couchpotato running directly on the NAS. I also have a mySQL database running on the NAS so that all my xbmc instances can share a common library. I'm currently running xbmc on a jailbroken ATV2 and also on my macbook pro. Will but another ATV2s once a few teething problems with the xbmc implementation are sorted out. Definitely the closest I've yet come to NAS/Media-streaming nirvana.
  13. Thanks mate. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and a spur of the moment decision. Even with a 20% price reduction, I dare say that the price on Canon goodies will be still be horrendously more expensive than importing. For instance Teds want $850 for the 70-300 and I paid just over $500 for it Give it another year or so and I reckon I'll be looking to upgrade my 550D, it does feel a bit toy like with the big lens attached, I think it would be more balanced with a 7D behind it.
  14. Yes, but I was 20 miles away, there was a fair bit of haze, shooting over water, and handheld + excitement of waiting 9 hours to see the launch means that they aren't fantastic ... I'll see if I can find the best ones to put up. OK, so after 32 hours of travel to get to Orlando, we had one good night's sleep before getting up at 1am to head to Titusville for the launch. We arrived at 2am and camped out on the edge of the water to wait the 9.5 hours to the launch. The view was pretty amazing. It eventually started to get a bit lighter and the launch structure became more visible. These shots are handheld at 300mm. 20 miles is a long way! We had a few interesting visitors leading up to the launch, including people with more money than me and some interesting craft to keep spectators from getting to close. The entire sequence of shots of the launch is in the album here, but some examples are: Where there's smoke there's fire Clearing the tower Rolling ... Now Into the clouds Smoke Trail All up we were able to see the shuttle for about 15 seconds. 11 hours of waiting for 15 seconds, and I'd do it all again, if I had the chance Here are some photos from the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex two days before the launch. Tractor used to get the Shuttle to the launch pad View as the eye sees the shuttle from the viewing point Zoomed View Full Zoom Unfortunately the retractable launch structure wasn't removed until the next day, otherwise I would have had fully un-obscured shots of the shuttle on the launch tower. Would have loved to have been standing here during the launch
  15. Imported a Canone Kiss X4 (EOS-550D) with the basic 18-55 IS lens and a 50mm F1.8 "nifty fifty" as my first real step into learning how to take "proper" photos about a year ago. I've just got back from 2 weeks in the US, where I took the family to see the STS-135 shuttle launch and then spent the rest of the time in the Orlando theme parks. I picked up a Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM on sale from Best Buy for $500 and set to work to see if I could make the most of the new lens and all the reading I'd done on getting the best from my camera. This photo says it all for me. This is at the maximum length of the lens, hand held and sitting at the back of a shaded grandstand shooting fast moving subjects in direct sunlight. I'm pretty impressed with this one as well All photos are completely untouched and subject to whatever compression photobucket decided to apply to them.
  16. Bought this in the black friday sales, watched the whole thing over two nights! Absolutely brilliant, make sure you watch the interview with the cast after watching the series. It is eerie just how well the actors get the personalities of the real people. Quote of the series "Gentlemen, we just seized an airfield. That was pretty ****ing ninja."
  17. I forgot about that one. Considering the kids have now watched the movie at least 7 times, I'm getting to know it quite well now!
  18. Watched this with the kids tonight (although not in 3D, we watched it on the projector). In a word. Stunning. Hands down the cleanest, brightest, sharpest looking BD I've ever seen. actually had my windows and dvd shelves rattling. Seriously, I've never had such low and continuous bass before. The rear channels really came alive as well, had me looking behind myself a couple of times to see who was talking behind me. Apart from the technical details, it's also a great story. My kids laughed until they cried. I laughed a lot as well, but as a parent I also found myself tearing up . Don't wait, just go and get it (and locally by the sound of it, I paid US$30 or so plus postage )
  19. Bought it from pagnia imports, using their ebay site so as to have the paypal protection in case it was a scam. Delivered in one quite large box, and yes requires assembly.
  20. I've had one of these for a couple of months (well actually the GT Pro, but the only difference is the shape of the seat). I love it
  21. Been there, done that A truly jaw dropping experience.
  22. What he said. So sick of paying top dollar to go to the cinema, then having to put up with noisy patrons, teenagers texting all through the movie, terrible audio (either too loud or too quiet), dirty screens or out of focus projectors.
  23. I feel completely vindicated in my decision to acquire it elsewhere then. Once it is available at retail, I will purchase it.
  24. And all so that he can try and nab a bargain in the BD trade thread
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