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  1. Off topic from the original OP but it has been suggested that in around 20 years time, the actual walls of your house will be the "TV" screen i.e. you can walk into any room in the house and watch it (yes including the dunny). Back to OP - Hisense have brought out a 4K TV at CES. It will be around $4000-$5000 on release at 55" (from memory or it could be 65"). A 50" is $2000. They also have a 110" one. Consumers may flock to that price as early adopters (even though I question 4K at 50"). I stand to be corrected but understand it is OLED or one of their models there is OLED. Pricewise, once the Chinese are onboard, expect cheaper prices.
  2. So... if the Z17000 a good projector for 3D pricewise if it can be sourced for say $1500 to $1700 or are the latest models of say the Epson of JVC re:3D worth the price bump around the $2400 to $2800 mark significantly better where the average consumer would notice a difference in PQ?
  3. From a 3d perspective the z17000 got extremely good reviews more so it seemed to be of the first gen projectors with little or no crosstalk. Tw6000 had crosstalk issues, 6100 does not. Mixed bag it appears.
  4. Just wondering if members have any information or background on laser projectors. I see some are being displayed at CES but from my understanding their image isn't as good as DLP or LCD projectors. Where they do seem to stand out is their display in ambient light. Presumably it is a first generation product and will improve with time if it takes off.
  5. Thanks for the response. I did see that review and you are correct, it is based on the Z15000.
  6. Well might get a reply. Perhaps the question is too general in nature. I suppose feature wise I am interested to see how they compare.
  7. Hi all, Was wondering how the "first" generation of mid to high end 3D projectors hold up against the newer range coming out? Reason I ask is that there are some bargains floating around for the first gen like the Z17000 around the $1500-$2000 mark (I believe it retailed for $4500 new from memory). How would that projector fair against the TW6000 or TW6100 today for general movie watching of 3D Blu-Ray movies and sports?
  8. Are Foxtel offering a 3D coverage at all? Earlier in the year thy were saying they would but nothing appears there. I know Channel 9 are (for the Capital Cities only) - don't think Foxtel are part of this though.
  9. Hi all, Narrowed my search down for a 3D LCD TV. Models are: Sony ex720 40" $1398 Sharp LE830 40" $1586 (with a free Boxee!) Samsung LA40D6400 40" $1398 Price isn't a huge concern. There was a Panasonic 37" for $1700 which I would look at IF the consensus is it is a better type. It is the TH-L37DT30A model. Thoughts appreciated. Realistically looking for overall quality. To me they all look much the same, however it is the 3D technology that I am interested in.
  10. Hello all, I hate asking this type of question, but was trying to get a general overview of the better models out there for 3D TV. You will note that I am looking for a 32"-40" 3D TV so this limits my options to LCD or LED. One may ask if there is any benefit of a 3D TV at this size - i.e. will one appreciate the benefit of 3D when they are sitting 2.5 meters away from a 40" LCD. This is something I have to weigh up. I see the LG have a Cinema 3D in this size, but also see they aren't getting very good feedback with passive technology. Anyway your thoughts are appreciated.
  11. Back again. For those inquiring about my 3D issue on Mystar, the problem is fixed. The Mystar box was on 4:3 by default. On changing this to 16:9, the issue disappeared. This explains why the images were so close to each other under 4:3 but disappeared under 16:9.
  12. Will HDMI 1.3c be okay or should I fork out somore more for a 1.4 Cheapest I can get here in Mackay is $108 for a 2m 1.4 cable.
  13. I had the same problem. Drove me nuts. Remove the last digit from the code (usually a letter). That worked for me.
  14. No issues with 2D-3D. We do not get FTA 3D here in Mackay. Mystar was the only option which is essentially the SBS broadcast live but through the Satellite dish.
  15. Hi again, Have the latest firmware. Maybe I should try another HDMI cable? Any other troubleshooting tips?
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