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  1. Hi - will take it - need Paradigm Sub for HT buildout. email is monksoft@gmail.com. Will come and pick up (travel from Melbourne). Let me know when (Monday/Tuesday) night is good for you. Regards
  2. I second this - everyone who has issues with Panasonic (purple snakes or any other issues) should keep hassling them, via Pansonic support, as well as through their retailer (this was the only thing that got them to move for me). If it hadn't been for Hardly Normal, I'd still probably be hassling the ***k out of Panasonic. They ironically rang me the other day to say "did our customer care work for you?" and I told the guy (independent, so I didn't hassle him _too_ much) that Panasonic need to improve their turnaround time and to replace defective (yes, DEFECTIVE) TVs immediately, and not with other DEFECTIVE TVs (case above). I never knew about the 500 brightness problem; maybe it's time to start a "Panasonic TV problems" website? I've spent hours going through these forums and I'd be pretty sure I only new 10% of the problems people were having. Surely it's easier to negotiate if one has all the information. I can guarantee if all people with the Purple Snakes knew what some of us know, Panny would be shitting itself. I mean how can they replace TVs for some of us and not others, even if some people are 1 month out of warranty? T.
  3. The "snakes" are bugs in the firmware. Changing the settings can mask the issue, but it will show up under other circumstances. In other words, settings won't fix it. I have a PZ700A and have not seen it yet - that doesn't mean there aren't other firmware bugs with the PZ700A! Anyway, if you are buying new, I'd recommend Pioneer KURO, but they are top dollar ... so the Pannys are a compromise. T.
  4. I have been to these links - I have firmware 362 and would like to update to 366 Questions: 1) Is it worth it? 2) I can't seem to find 366 anywhere ... been to those links above and can't seem to find it.
  5. They had tried to repair it (new D Board) but the D Board did bugger all and the snakes were still there, maybe even more so - can't tell as I just may have been noticing them more and more. So - ideally I would have got a refund (but they weren't going to do that) so I could buy a Pioneer (as a previous poster did), but the next best thing was get the Full HD version. Cheers
  6. Hi everyone, Quite a late post but am happy to say that Panasonic finally came to the party with my TH42PV60A - maybe this is in another thread (but I haven't looked), and offered to replace the set. I paid an upgrade amount and am getting the TH42PZ700A - here's hoping no more purple snakes. Cheers
  7. Ok - I've got the new board being installed in the next few days - plus I have the "purple snakes" test DVD - so I'll update you guys on the issue. I totally agree with bac - changing the settings will just mask the problem. However, it's not black and white - certain combination of firmware will likely change the results for people - so again, what's annoying is that with any product we all have slightly different "versions". I'll update you all on the results. I also think this may be resolution related (the 42" is 1024x768) as it doesn't show up on the 50" models. 1024x768 is a 4:3 ratio as well - not really WS at all. This means when showing shades of colour the problem is exacerbated by not having more resolution to graduate the colour properly. Cheers
  8. Thanks for all the info guys - keep it coming So I burned and watched the "purple snakes" test dvd (the updated one) last night on my PV60A. I only noticed purple fringing in between the contours of the circles, and it wasn't mega-bad, but still noticeable. News on the .04 board is a bit of a **** - I'll ask Catherine a bit more about this but really, 1080i and 720p are the same anywhere in the world. PAL/NTSC are standards for SD TV, and don't really apply at all to this TV, except for the in-built analog tuner. So I'm going to get the .03 version and maybe upgrade later to the .04 if I feel it's really worth it - like Ralfi I think I've really done all I can. Cheers Tim.
  9. Thanks for the info, furns. Could you point me in the right direction to the test DVD? I want something to play when I get my new board installed (which sounds like it could be a while). Thanks
  10. So Ralfi, I'm wondering now whether I can ask Catherine if I can wait for PDROM 41.04 ... hmm, lots to think about.... Cheers
  11. Oh, don't worry - I'll be sharing all information in this forum - I just wanted to ask him about specific PQ issues. What's the point of this forum if you don't share?
  12. Dunno about the PDROM firmware version - will the service centre guy go into the service menu to verify this? Catherine has been very professional in her approach - the funny thing is, what if this doesn't fix it? Differing opinions on .03 and even .04 in the UK forum here Ralfi, be good to chat to you about this in an easier way - you got MSN?
  13. Ok - sorry, I was thinking you were about to have the board replaced - so you did get your .02 replaced with the .03 ? I guess I'm a bit nervous now - I didn't want to sacrifice PQ. They are going to install a new board for me in a few days after they get the part from Sydney. T.
  14. Another update - my complaint is now also being handled by Catherine (she is more senior apparently than Gordon who I spoke to). So she is getting back to me apparently. Ralfi - which service centre are you going through? Thanks Tim.
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