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  1. The "slowdowns" returned, so I swapped the HDD with a spare and after a couple of weeks the problem hadn't recurred, so I purchased and installed a new HDD, and now a few weeks later the problem is back... grrr.. Any suggestions? Re-flash the firmware maybe?
  2. Thanks for those suggestions wklie, leaving it for hours doing a HDD check seems to have worked!
  3. The last few days my Magic 4000PVR has been very slow -- after it's booted, trying to open the EPG or channel list takes around 30 seconds. I tried to do a HDD check, but after 45mins it hadn't finished (was stuck on "2"). Does anyone know what might be causing this? Cheers!
  4. EDIT: The problem was brain-fade lol, everything working fine!
  5. The power supply has been re-connected and turned on. ABC from Single Hill UHF working fine for the moment. Time will tell. The 4-way splitter is there for outlets in other rooms. Only two are wired up atm. Edit: I don't know how to identify the type of coax.
  6. M'bozo: The house wiring is unlikely to be upgraded due mainly to the cost. The MH21 is currently unused and disconnected. I do know how to drive my STB, so you can save your typing fingers there at least. Correct me if I'm wrong (I probably am) but I thought the primary benefit from quad was eliminating impulse interference?
  7. 0.01% chance of that ever happening I'm afraid.
  8. M'bozo, thanks for the info. Tazzy, since you asked: I'm in Acton Park watching DTV via a bounced Mt Wellington signal which works fine except for ABC which often breaks up at night and/or when the weather is bad. The wiring goes something like this: Newish VHF "digital antenna" (model unknown) -> ~1m coax (might be quad) -> mast-head amp (MHU20) -> ~8m old pre-digital coax -> 4-way splitter (EV224) -> ~20m old pre-digital coax -> old wall outlet (a) -> ~4m old pre-digital coax -> old wall outlet ( -> STB. I'm just wondering what I should look at first to stop ABC falling off the digital cliff. Obviously the cheapest/easiest thing will get looked at first. The extension from old wall outlet (a) to ( is an ugly piggy-back wiring job. Would it help much if I crimped in a nice clean F-connector bypass joint? (Yes I do get impulse interference from all the old wiring and connectors, but it doesn't really bother me.)
  9. Hi, does anyone have datasheets for the following equipment: MHU20 (mast-head amp) MH21 (power-supply) EV-224 (4-way splitter) I couldn't find anything useful via google. I guess it's all too old?
  10. Yes it should work, I have my Magic remote controlling my Panasonic TV volume control directly, and it repeats fine. It was a bad idea of mine to use the volume control as an example of the key-repeat bug (since you can make the remote talk directly to your other equipment) but it does show that the remote itself is not at fault at least. It's sending the repeat signal, the PVR is just not doing it . Try this instead: Press OK to bring up the channel list on your PVR then hold down an arrow key to get from one end to the other.
  11. Sorry, my post was very poorly worded; I didn't mean to sound "preachy" or anything. What I should have said was something like this: Of the 3 PVR's we've had hooked up here over the years this one has the most trouble with reception, but "your mileage may vary". In any case I've edited my post above. Hopefully it's a little clearer now.
  12. I made a typo, it's 5.04AU. I've updated my post. Also I can confirm the HDD is loud and may annoy some people. The reception is a bit on the low side for me with this unit. It may not suit people with marginal signals. Your milage may vary though.
  13. That wouldn't be necessary -- they could use Back button for last-channel repeat (or perhaps the Clear or Enter buttons), assuming they are re-programmable and not already used during normal viewing.
  14. You would need binoculars to see anything on the front-panel.
  15. My MTV4000TD arrived yesterday. Updated to 5.04AU firmware just now. Some random questions/thoughts: Can't change channel in epg "Horiz" view? No on-screen indication of recording in progress? (Turned the "Recording OSD Logo" on, no difference.) No "last channel" button. And no "key repeat"? i.e. you can't just hold-down the volume control, you have to press the button repeatedly.
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