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  1. Congratulations to 9HD on a stunning HD picture coverage of the royal wedding. Miles ahead of 7HD's picture quality!
  2. On 7HD Melbourne on Saturday the VFL game between Collingwood and Essendon seemed to either be an extremely poor HD or was being filmed with SD cameras and upconverted to HD. Did anyone else notice the poor picture quality?
  3. Exactly what I was thinking as soon as they announced Fox Cricket. No doubt they will just add another HD channel and reduce the bitrate even more :-=( I wonder what bitrate the new Fox Cricket 4K channel will run at....
  4. Probably because the viewer numbers had dropped off and they had to give the bitrate back to their other channels...
  5. Slattery

    The Ashes

    Paine dropped one off Lyon this afternoon...
  6. The Fetch TV app on Android won't play Fetch TV box recorded shows either. Very annoying indeed
  7. Well the summer of cricket started today on Ch9 HD and it began with a pretty good bitrate of around 5 mbps mpeg4 on the HD channel in melbourne. By the end of the day they had wound it back to around 4.2mbps mpeg4 which was quite visibly blocky by the last session of the day.
  8. Did anyone manage to grab the 4k transmissions at all? I found some 4k torrent files from the first few days but nothing for the athletics :-(
  9. IQ3 is fine now after the last firmware update. If you don't need to record and have a decent internet connection go with Foxtel NOW (Play) instead.
  10. Sounds like DAB+ is going the same way as free to air TV in Australia. More channels, less bitrate and poorer quality :-(
  11. The free to air networks probably buy the SD versions of shows from overseas to save money
  12. People are not getting their paid for speed everywhere especially in peak times. ISP's are not buying the appropriate CVC and the end user is suffering at the moment.
  13. WCW Monday NITRO on TNT (TCM in AUS) was the greatest on saturday nights at 9pm. WOOOOOO
  14. Interesting you say that. I was watching the players championship golf tonight on 507 and on my 110 inch screen the blockiness and artifacts were quite noticeable. Had to be less than 8 mbps for sure. Does anyone have the facility to test all the sports channels again like previously in this thread? It has been a while since it was last done. I suspect the bitrates have dropped even more sadly.
  15. It is now 2017. When is Foxtel going to produce AFL on Fox Footy with 5.1 audio???
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