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  1. So Amazon UK says their set is region free. The US site says region 1 for DVD but doesn't seem to mention Blu ray region. Anyone know?
  2. I finally got an email about my original HP order that went missing. It was returned as "undeliverable" even though the replacement set made it to the (same) correct address. At least it wasn't stolen as I suspected...
  3. Slightly off topic, but Book 1 of GoT is currently free on Kindle. http://www.amazon.com/Game-Thrones-Enhanced-Book-ebook/dp/B0070R40V6/ref=sr_1_9?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1327926066&sr=1-9 It's an enhanced version for iDevices but also loads as normal on a regular kindle.
  4. And picked up a Golden Globe award this week for his efforts. Well deserved too.
  5. Was about to say the same thing. The HDDs on these units are only to record from the digital TV tuners. There are no AV inputs.
  6. I finally gave up waiting for my HP box set (due Dec 16). At least Amazon UK have great customer service; new one on its way.
  7. Interestingly I had a friend from the UK stay with me last night. The card that she sent from England arrived the same day, and it was sent three weeks ago! So clearly there is a problem with both mail and parcels from the UK.
  8. Still no HP for me... Shipped December 1.
  9. I'm still waiting for mine... Meant to have been here by the 16th. Not trackable so no idea what's happened. I had a package from Amazon US go missing a couple of weeks ago; signed for by a person with a completely different name on a day I know I was at home all day... And yet another parcel that was "on board with driver" yesterday still hasn't appeared (and no update on the tracking site). So I'm not having a good run.
  10. My 79 year old mum can program the PVR I set up to record and play back. She can also switch between STB, DVD and VCR inputs on the widescreen CRT I passed onto them. I'm so proud of her. My husband, on the other hand, just doesn't get technology and is immensely frustrated if a command doesn't do what he thinks it should (because he is in the wrong menu...).
  11. Mine shipped 1st Dec; also still waiting.
  12. My other disc, which shipped on August 30, arrived today. Not quite as impressive as the first one but still much quicker than I had anticipated!
  13. I ordered 2 Blu-Ray discs through Amazon UK on August 29. One was shipped the next day, the other was out of stock but was shipped on September 2 with an estimated arrival date of Sept 23. The 2nd one arrived today after only 4 days... Still waiting for the first one (although wasn't expecting it this soon anyway). Both were shipped via Royal Mail so go figure.
  14. Thanks guys. You've all been very helpful.
  15. Well, hopefully with the 850... What I am getting at is do I need to supply the HDMI cable for the installation?
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