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  1. Node 2i looks convenient, then if I want more power I'll go a p452. Heard the m33 with ESL 13a, (I think) wow! Bloody typical, reinvented requirements as the listening and research went on, hahha. Call the paramedic for my wallet!!
  2. Thanks for your input everyone? I'm listening to them again with more tracks in the near future. Considering the T2s are only 20% more than the revels, it's T2 vs eslx now
  3. Ok, went out listening n have totally changed my thinking. I'm going to just look at mains now. Soooo, now I've thrown previous plan out window, now looking at: Option A - Revel F36 new Option B - Golden ear T2 second hand Option C - Martin Logan ESL X new A Dac Streamer will be added to system.
  4. Great idea, thanks for the suggestion, hmmm interesting, dammit it's more researching now! Hahah part of the fun!
  5. Hahah have your kids got to them? They are hammered, rammed drivers with things, cozy coupe etc I'm not spending 1,000 on fixing these. Tech has surely moved on. Movies 70percent music 30percent but a good speaker should do both well. More listening to do!
  6. The poor old Aaron ATS5s are 20 years old so i need new mains, from reading and previous listening I arrived at these options. Mate is are suggesting Klipsch R8000f / RF-7v3 also or Krix Nuephonics Mk2
  7. Hmmmm, interesting about going bypass. So you're thinking get a dac, the p452 and speakers. Basically a separate 2 channel setup.... Yikes, WAFactor may be an issue With that spend.
  8. Thanks I've listened to maggies and ML ESL an love the immediacy. I have flexible positioning. I see a set of Paradigm 75f Prestige up for sale locally and will audition them soon too, similar cost to 800f new so they would be 'option C'. So if you had to pick: Option A - Magnepan LRS + March Audio P452 Option B - a pair of Paradigm 800f - New Option C - Paradigm 75f Prestige - Used (P452 will be fed of preouts off Denon 4810 AVR, AVR will drive Paradigms directly.)
  9. Interested to know what the thinking is on going: Option A - Magnepan LRS + March Audio 452 Option B - a pair of Paradigm 800f (P452 will be fed of preouts off Denon 4810 AVR, AVR will drive Paradigms directly.) Pricing is similar to either......
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