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  1. I actually only ever used the main remote and never touched the spare.
  2. Hi all i have replied to 2 pm's who were the first to message me. One was asking questions the other offered to buy it for asking price. As one of them were the first to offer to buy it i have agreed to sell to them and will wait for funds before confirming the sale. If it does not go through i will proceed to the next person who messaged me with an offer to buy. Yes @hopefullguy this was the amp i bought from you originally. Still going strong and has been an amazing amp. When i first hooked it up coming from my Yamaha the sound difference was amazing. Sorry f
  3. Further information: This Japanese made AVR is no longer being used and is an excellent amplifier that has a reputation for quality audio. Its just sitting around at home as I recently purchased a new Denon x8500. If full asking price is paid i will include shipping otherwise shipping will added based on location being sent if a lower price is negotiated. I believe I am asking a fair price for an amplifier of this quality. Photos:
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