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  1. You can download v1.11 here from the uk site. http://download.yamaha.com/search/product/...duct_id=1011509
  2. Does anyone know where I can find FW 1.11? I can only find 1.09 on the Yamaha website. thx
  3. Made 3 phone calls and got 3 different assurances and stories about what went wrong. A collection of misinformation then finally all HD channels restored only to find that playback of recorded programs was unavailable and recording of programs was also unavailable. Finally a call to Foxtel with the end result of a system reset and all prerecorded programs lost. Love Foxtel..
  4. Anyone with Foxtel through Telstra been able to install the download player?
  5. I bought at Clef Hifi approx 3 weeks ago. Ordered and waited 2 days. $2200 with ipod dock.
  6. Thanks for the info. Does anyone have any further info on the changes that have been made with firmware version 1.5? Where would I find the firmware update log if one exists?
  7. Finally purchased this amp. V happy so far but would anyone be able tell me how to find out the firmware that is installed. Also does anybody have any suggestions or advice on the best coupling of settings for playing bluray discs eg adventure plus 7ch enhanced, surround encode, etc? I'm a tad confused. Has anyone tried to upscale Foxtel through this amp with any success? Grateful for any help.
  8. Am very interested in this amp as a replacement for my old Yammy. Does anyone have any updates on the street price?
  9. Player was bought in January and I am using the BluRay version of DVE.
  10. Latest firmware is version 1.8. I have had no probs with DVE disc.
  11. Anyone else getting periods of extreme pixellation on FoxsportsHD?
  12. Thanks for that. I rang Foxtel a few moments ago and after being passed on to a few departments (amazingly polite and helpful ) was told that my HD channels would be on in a few minutes and voila... they are. Happy.
  13. I had an install today and naturally no HD channels except free to air. Apparently their computers are down and they need to activate manually.. er well that's the story I got and was told to wait a few hours and call Foxtel. I'm not holding my breath. On the upside the PQ on FTA HD is excellent. Does anyone know if there is such a thing as an iq2 user manual?
  14. Worst of all is suffering the insidious advertisements that go with it. For example an icon advertising Underbelly was on for the duration of CSI last night in Melbourne.
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