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  1. So movies of the last 5 years have been filmed in 1080i only to see dvd show 576i. Example Lord of the rings. TV version 1080i but DVD format is 576i????


    Again - movies are filmed on film, with a few exceptions (like the new Star Wars episodes).

    Movies are than transferred to HD (basically scanned) at 1080p. This would then be rescaled down to 576p for DVD. Note DVD has a maximum resolution of 576 lines (for PAL) or 480 lines (for NTSC).

  2. I picked up a flyer for the HDRM7250 from Harvey's at lunch time (note: it does say "preliminary information").


    • Twin Tuner High Definition Digital Television Receiver
    • Recording functions including Time-shifting
    • Rewind TV function
    • High Definition Multimedia Video Player (MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (H264), Windows Media) [up to 1080p]
    • Home Network compatible (10/100 LAN interface)
    • High Speed USB2.0 connection
    • Internet Access to Games, News Reports and other special features
    • Internet Radio compatible
    • Internet TV (IPTV) compatible (** subject to ISP connection and services on offer)

    It also has HDMI & USB connectors on the front & back.

    I'm hoping the "HD video player" includes hi-res XviD & DivX playback as well as Windows media (the "WMVHD" logo & a "DivX mpeg4" logo are also on the flyer).

  3. I recall someone in this forum filed down the extra pins so it fits the DVI-D socket in his plasma, but I wouldn't recommend that!

    That was me! - but that was to connect my PC's video card to my plasma as a test & it worked perfectly. The reason I did it was because the DVI-I cable cost $14.95, and the cheapest DVI-D cable I could find was around $50.

  4. I've been looking at various HD STBs and the ones with DVI seems to use DVI-I connectors.

    My Plasma has a DVI-D connector - is that going to be an issue? Possibly these STBs are sending digital and analogue over the cable, but as my particular panel only has the "-D" variety connector so I assume it'll only receive digital - does that sound correct?

    My panel does also have a single HDMI connector, which I'll use if I have to, but I'd prefer to save that in case I get an HD-DVD player in the future.

  5. However I do find the whole concept of the Panasonic screensaver pointless. It will only activate when there is no signal being recieved but since there is no image in this circumstance, only a blank screen, then what is the point?

    Maybe it's to make it obvious that the screen is still on.

  6. just got an email back from TEAC

    "We will release details of our HD-PVR shortly. Exact specifications and features are not available for public release at this moment.



    Looks like we need to wait abit longer to find out more. Good to see TEAC & LG are very close to releasing a HD PVR!

    This post ^ was back in January, anyone know anything more about a Teac HD-PVR ?

  7. I'm sick and tried of converting avi's into DVD's then burning them which I never will watch again.

    Just buy some DVD+/-RWs (I prefer the "+" variety). I've been reusing the same discs for a couple of years now.

    Still buy a DivX player though, so you can just burn the avi's to the DVDs without having to convert to DVD format.

  8. The trouble with .mkv is that it can contain all kinds of video & audio streams (eg. mp4, xvid, divx & mp3, ogg, etc) plus subtitle streams. I'd think you'd be very unlikely to find a standalone that can play all flavours of mkv.

    With most mkv files you can use something like mkvextract (with mkvtoolnix) to extract all the files it contains (a video track, one or more audio tracks, optional subtitles & sometimes even fonts). And then use something like VirtualDubMod to re-encode to a basic XviD format. This is obviously a long and arduous task.

    As jok11n says, the best way to ensure you can play everything is to go for an HTPC.

  9. Yes but the press of a button and you can see the rest. Put the activities you use less further down the list.

    Remember the screen also shows functions when in a particular activity - so your "Play DVD" activity would have things like "Open/Close", "Subtitles", "Audio", "Menu", and possibly screen related functions as well (eg. "4:3", "16:9" etc). So you may be paging through functions more often on the 520 compared to the 880.

  10. I was about to download via BT when I noticed it was scheduled the next night. I watched the show in Perth in SD and the image quality looked pretty damn good to me. And I enjoyed the show. But, then again I enjoy Prison Break as well, and I know all you guys hate that so much as well.

  11. You can zoom in an STB 4:3 letterbox image to correctly fill a 16:9 screen: you need to change the aspect on your STB to 4:3 and then use a zoom mode on your TV.

    It's not worth the effort for ads, but maybe worth it for channel 10's video show because the lazy sods can't be bothered to zoom the letterboxed videos themselves (like the ABC does on Rage).

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