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  1. Bottom line: Ensure that any card you buy has at least HDTV outputs.

    Yes, the cards I've been looking at do have HDTV output (which seems to be a dongle that has component connectors), but I was going to be using DVI anyway, so I wouldnt' be using the HDTV output capability anyway.

    I'm now having trouble finding a suitable mATX motherboard. I'd like one which can take a Core 2 Duo, has dual channel DDR2 ram slots, 300GBs SATA, and at least two onboard fan connectors (so make sure the case fans actually go off when the machine is in standby. Built-in wi-fi would be good as well.

  2. I'm about to start building an HTPC to use mainly for recording & playback of terrestrial HD (via a Divico dual HD card) and connecting it to my ALiS 1024x1024 plasma via DVI (or HDMI).

    I'm having great difficulty selecting a suitable video card. I've decided to go for one of the "silent" cards with heat pipes and/or huge heatsinks.

    I'd basically decided on the Gigabyte RX16P256DE-RH X1600PRO, but after scouring the online reviews I switched to the Gigabyte NX76G256D-RH 7600GS, which seemed to be a bit more powerful.

    Then, I've found further reviews that seem to say ATI's Avivo processing produces better image quality than nVidia's PureVideo. And further to that, it seems like I need a 7600GT to get the best inverse telecine processing - not that I really understand that (but it sounds like better de-interlacing of 24fps material).

    And then there's HDCP to consider. It doesn't seem like any of the lower end cards have this enabled, I realise it's not really required yet - but, after seeing that the XBox360 HD-DVD drive actually works with a PC, I like to leave that option open for the future (so I'll need HDCP won't I?)

    So, what do I do? I'm thinking perhaps I should just go for a cheaper option now, and upgrade to an HDCP enabled card later (when they're cheaper).

    Also, anyone have opinions on the Gainward 7600GT SilentFX?

  3. When you set up each of the activities (like "Mediagate" and "DVD 2") you need to tell the setup wizard which input on the panel is being used. In your case you should be selecting HDMI for every activity - this should prevent the remote from sending any input select commands to the panel (except for the very first activity after switching on).

  4. I gather because the black bars are on all four sides. it sounds as though these old discs are 4:3 letterbox.

    There were a fair few 4:3 Letterbox titles released in the earlier days of DVD. . . one that springs to mine is the original release of Pixar's Bugs Life..

    The original R4 release of Bugs Life was 16:9 enhanced on one side and re-composed 4:3 on the other, it certainly wasn't letterbox.

  5. The cheapest solution would be to get a DivX capable DVD player. These can play AVIs and MP3s from burnt (DVD+/-RW) discs. The vast majority of avi's use either the DivX or XviD codec, and a DivX capable DVD player will be able to play the vast majority of these.

    Another option would be something like the Mediagate MG-350 which can play media from an internal HD, from a USB connected HD or from another PC via LAN/wireless.

  6. Charlie 75 it sounds like those movies are "non-anamorphic" (or in other words "NOT 16:9 enhanced").

    To get them to display correctly you'll need to use one of your panel's Zoom settings. The names of these settings vary from manufacturer to manufacturer - so you'll need to check your instruction manual.

    Where 16:9 simply stretches the image sideways to fill the screen, the appropriate zoom setting will stretch the image evenly both vertically and horizontally.

  7. I was in HN City West yesterday, and was fairly sure I spotted a Teac HD PVR.

    Was it connected to a panel, or was it amongst all the other stacks of STBs and PVRs?

    I'll have to go and check in the next day or two, the guy was supposed to give me a ring when they came in!

    Hopefully I can get a better price - as the price I was given was based on the RRP of $1299. If JB's are advertising them for less than $1000, then I'd hope get one for closer to $900.

    I'm still finding it difficult to choose between this Teac and the Mediagate player, whilst the Teac obviously has dual HD tuners and recording capability, the Mediagate has wi-fi and can be installed with a much larger HDD for less than half the price of the Teac. But, then again, it would be nice to finally have an HD STB (my current STB is a pretty basic Teac SD unit).

  8. Can't help with recorders - but my regular DVD Player (Pioneer 676A) plays widescreen DivX/XviD files correctly - i.e. sot they fill the screen in 16:9 mode. And for 4:3 DivX/XviD, it adds black bars to the sides - so you don't have to switch the display to 4:3 to get the correct aspect ratio.

    So, maybe a Pioneer DVD recorded would do the correct thing.

    If you already have a record that's doing the wrong thing - you could try playing around with MPEG4Modifier - it lets you alter the aspect that is flagged inside the AVI file without altering the encoding. I've had to do this once in the past with an avi that had a weird 5:4 aspect - it fixed it perfectly (when played on my Pioneer).

  9. I have the R1 versions of the Extended editions - they look & sound fantastic.

    One thing that the R1 release has over the R4 release is the quality of the packaging, the R4 boxes are extremely cheap & nasty looking, and very cheaply put together. Whereas the R1 boxes are excellent & sturdy and have been assembled properly (with no white edges visible on the spines, etc).

  10. It looks like the RRP difference between the Teac and the Beyonwiz is around $400, and the Teac does everything I want, and will probably be released before the Beyonwiz/Topfield boxes - I'm comfortable going for the Teac. It does help that Teac's current HD STB is highly regarded for it's image quality.

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