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  1. DVICO are phasing out.

    Puts me in a pickle as I am waiting on delivery of an HTPC with this card.

    Can anyone advise an alternative card that must have:

    - dual HDTV tuners

    - low profile bracket

    - remote control

    Excellent - you didn't really want the Dvico card anyway (as I mentioned in another thread, they have various issues and just aren't worth the hassle).

    I replaced mine with a Hauppauge HVR-2200 which is a new PCIe low profile, dual-tuner and it's working fantastically. It doesn't come with a remote (but the remote that came with the Dvico was crap anyway) - you are *much* better off getting the Microsoft Media Centre remote & receiver (around $40 for the OEM version) which works perfectly with XP & Vista media centre - you can always replace the remote with a Harmony universal remote later (but you'll still need the microsoft IR receiver).

  2. Thanks for the websites, I dont really shop online, so its quite scary giving my card details to an unkown website.

    Most of the online stores charge a couple of percent extra for using a credit card, but they generally also accept direct deposit and/or BPay and don't charge any extra for those. So you don't have to give them your card details if you're worried and you'll save a few bucks at the same time.

  3. For online stores I always start with StaticIce - then when I've found a store with a decent price, I check the hardware forums at Whirlpool to see what people think of the store.

    I've recently bought a couple of items from BetterIT and was very happy with both the price & speed of delivery.

    If you're buying a tuner card for Windows Media Centre (XP or Vista), browse the posts here but also make sure you read the tuners forums at XPMediaCentre.com.au for some alternate views.

  4. Its all part of an HTPC - Silverstone LC11M case which comes with a remote control.

    Would this remote be a good substitute?

    Don't know what I can do as I have paid a deposit & will be picking up tomorrow

    It may be too late then. Just make sure you test it thoroughly - make sure both tuners still show up in device manager after the PC has been asleep, and make sure you check some shows on channel 9 (assuming you can find anything worth watching on 9 :rolleyes: ), & look for bright white backgrounds - the stutter usually occurs immediately before a white background appears (quite often during the ads).

    If you get issues you should be able to make a warranty claim. Of course, you could get lucky and not have any problems with the card. When mine was working properly - it was fine, except for the slow channel changes. It was also quite susceptible to impulse noise (mainly light switches) but I think I would have that problem (to a certain extent) with all cards in our area.

  5. Interesting - I am just about to get a DVICO dual digital 4 & the PC guy said it was his favourite. Maybe they have made improvements?

    Do yourself a favour - DO NOT buy a Dvico card.

    Read some of the threads at XPMediaCentre.com.au forums, those cards have more issues then you'd think - tuners disappearing from windows, stuttering on white backgrounds on channel 9, slow channel changes, etc. There's lots of unhappy owners - many (including me) have replaced them with other cards.

    It seems like some of the Dvico cards have been manufactured incorrectly, with the wrong value resistors soldered on to the board in a few places! (Read this thread Dvico...the stuttering...what you can do). Make sure you do a thread title search on "dvico".

    And the remote you get is pretty crappy - if you are using media centre, get a microsoft remote & IR receiver instead, they work much, much better.

  6. AdrianW

    $190 or $95 per tuner sounds way too expensive for a tuner these days. At that price I'd want it to change the channels itself!

    The card maybe expensive - but the op did suggest that he was "happy to spend more for a better tuner".

    The DVR-2200 is a very good card & is specifically built for Vista & XP Media Centre Edition. It also includes a hardware MPEG2 encoder for it's analogue tuners, and an FM tuner (but who needs one of those these days?).

    Sure, you can use two single tuners, but I'd think having a single card taking up only a single PCIe slot would be preferable.

    BUT, I did just notice that op also said he'd "like a dual tuner with pip time shift". Media Centre can certainly be run in a window, but it doesn't provide PIP functionality - so maybe this isn't the best card for his purposes.

  7. Checkout the new Hauppauge HVR2200 card - it's a dual hybrid card. I just replaced my crappy Dvico dual digital 4, and the HVR2200 is much better so far. Channel changes are fast and it seems much less prone to impulse noise issues that the Dvico was.

    Check this web page: HVR2200 for details.

    Check staticice for pricing, I got mine for $190 plus shipping.

    There's a long thread here: on the XPMediaCentre forums.

  8. Adrian, my 880 has given up the ghost If you replace yours with something else I would be happy to buy it from you.

    I'm happy enough with the remote - I just need the charger unit. But, if I do replace it, the only model I'd consider would be the "One", and that hasn't been released yet.

  9. I have a Harmony 880 and I know that the plug size is the same size as the Nokia phone chargers (not the latest really small ones) and the battery is very similar to the Nokias.

    Thanks for that, I didn't think of phone chargers.

    I found a couple of older Nokia chargers and the plugs do fit although the voltage is a little low (3.7v) where the Harmony is 8v, it does seem to charge the remote, so at least I won't be without it while I try to find a proper replacement.

    My daughter has a newer Nokia charger, and that has a slightly higher voltage (around 5v) so I may use that one.

    The main problem with these is the thickness of the cable - it's just a little to thick to fit in the channel on the bottom of the cradle.

  10. I've had a Harmony 880 for a few years now (including two replacement charging cradles). It's been working great - but now the AC adapter has stopped working, I'm sure something inside has burnt out (it smells a bit burnt).

    Does anyone know where I can find a replacement - or have an alternative method of charging the battery?

    I know places like Dick Smith's and Tandy have power adapters - but most of them are huge (when compared to the minuscule harmony adapter), and I haven't found one where the cable and plug would actually fit into the underside of the cradle.

  11. I can't seem to find mention of Region 4 DVDs, are you guys talking about Region 1 box sets?

    I liked what little I saw of that show... finally something my GF and I can tolerate, unlike the gilmore girls with the endless yapping without pause to inhale...

    Yes - Season 1 & Season 2 (and that's all there is) are both available in R1. But they're around US$40 each at the moment.

    If you like Joan of Arcadia you'll almost definitely like Wonderfalls - this is also available as a complete set in R1 for around US$28.

    On a side note: isn't it just fantastic how all the great shows get cancelled :blink: (Joan of Arcadia, Wonderfalls, Firefly, My So Called Life, etc) at least it makes it easy to own every episode of these shows.

  12. I just phoned my local channel 10 about them taking off "The 4400". The good news is that it is returning on 8th April, and the bad news is that it will be airing at 4AM !

    It's a good job I have a recorder, as I'd never be staying up that late to watch a show. I'll be setting up my recorder with a keyword search of "4400".

  13. For now, I'll stick with Heroes until I decide it's crap. That may happen next week, or maybe never... we'll see.

    I think you'll be sticking with it, Heroes is definitely not crap. I don't understand the "oh it just gets better & better" comments, it was excellent from the start. I watched episode 14 yesterday - and it is one of the best things on TV right now. Right up there with BSG as the best SF.

    Something else I can't understand is comments like "PRISON BREAK - i think i lasted 2 episodes" - some people obviously have very short attention spans. Shows like Prison Break & Heroes are TV shows not movies - they have extended character development & story lines - they don't need to wrap the story up in 90 minutes like some mindless action flick.

  14. Anamorphic = 16:9, both mean "image is expanded in the horizontal direction".

    The image data for both 16:9 enhanced Widescreen DVDs and SD digital transmissions is actually in a 4:3 shape and needs to be stretched sideways to make the aspect ratio correct.

    Just make sure your DVD player and your STB are in 16:9 mode.

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