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  1. Thanks. My Onkyo NR708 can be set at either 4 ohm or 6-16 ohm.

    Given my speakercraft speakers can be 4, 6 or 8 ohm, will the best sound be heard if i set the speakers are on 8 ohm?

    If 4 or 6 degrades the sound quality, I wonder why they make the impedance switchable?

    A speaker with a lower impedance than the amp is rated to can cause clipping at high volumes by drawing more current than the amp can safely supply, which can result in damage to the speakers and/or receiver.

    By default, the Onkyos are nominally suited to 8+ Ohm speakers, but can be set to 6 Ohm, which limits current. The 6 Ohm setting does tend to have some detriment to the sound, as well as a reduction in power.

    If you're not turning the volume to extreme levels, you should be OK with the default 8 Ohm setting (you can set a maximum volume in the set up and I'd strongly recommend this). However, it would be safer to set the receiver to 6 Ohm.

    I'm not aware of any affordable receivers that will decode HD sound codecs and are rated for 4 Ohm speakers.

  2. hi my media room is going to be 5.6 x 4.5m. (we're at electrical wiring stage)

    I'm thinking about a projector at some stage down the track. The TV will be along the 4.5m wall.

    However there is a fan right in the centre of the room.

    Where will a future projector mounted? Will the fan position be an issue? Or does it depend on which projector I buy?

    We're putting in two power sockets in the ceiling for projector provision as well as conduit large enough for an HDMI cable. The electrician will ceiling mount our speakers.



  3. What's the impedance of the speakers? This is more relevant than the nominal power / power handling.

    Hi thanks for the reply.

    Here are the specs for the speakers:

    # Pivoting and Rotating 8" Aluminum Cone Woofer

    # Pivoting 1" Aluminum Dome Tweeter

    # Front-Mounted Switches Allow for up to ±3dB of Bass and Treble Adjustment

    # Accu-Grille Dramatically Reduces Unwanted Acoustic Reflections

    # Timbre-Matched to All Three Series Speakers

    # Sensitivity: 89dB 1W/1m

    # Power Handling: 150 Watts

    # Impedance: 8/6/4 Ohms, Depending on Switch Settings

    # Frequency Response: 37Hz - 20kHz

    # Diameter x Depth: 11 7/16" x 5 3/4" (291 mm x 146 mm

  4. Where abouts are you?

    There's a retailer in Brisbane called Birite Electrical www.birite.com.au who will courier it to you, last time I checked it was $669.

    don't know about the return guarantee however

    Where can one require one of these as i have read great reviews on this cheap but exellent receiver?

    Anyone in Aus selling these with a 30 day return garantee?

    Going to pair it up with a Acsends speaker package  also renowned for there performance to price ratio.

    CMT-340 fronts/centre

    CBM-170 surrounds


    Medium to large room

    What do you guys think? Total cost would be around  $3000au

  5. If you want a good receiver that won't break your budget, go for the Panasonic SA-XR55 receiver, ~$649-$700 depending on where you live. It's a digital AMP

    That'll leave you a lot more for speakers.

    Check out the panasonic amp


    gets decent reviews by most people in this forum and also appears quite popular in the USA


    ok you guys know all about this stuff . Could you tell me if this is any good please, would really appreciate it.

    I am buting my first system and i don't have much cash. I can get the following through Domayne (i know i should maybe shopping at a specialist store but i just can't get anything in my price range)

    Db Dynamic speakers  http://www.wharfedale.com.au/fr_getprod.cf...id=15&cat3id=67   

    The colour of the speakers match the rest of my furniture well

    and a Sony HT receiver STRDB7955 advertise at $999.  I can get the package for about $1600 including cables.  Should I go ahead.  I would like to get an entry component system but my budget is only about $1500- $1800 and this is the best I could come up with.  Any endorsements or other suggestions would be really helpful.

    Thanks and sorry to bother with smallish type stuff but I need help!

  6. Hi I tried out my XR55 at a mate's place, just in stereo mode with some music (MP3s). He has a analogue amp and was surprised by its size and lack of weight!

    To both of us, it sounds great, good clarity, but I think a lot has to do with the quality of your speakers

    Without a heap of amps to compare it to, it is difficult to decide if the sound quality is a lot worse or a lot better than other amps, but to me I am happy with the purchase and SQ, and can't wait to get some speakers of my own

    One thing I did notice was his banana plugs didn't fit into the back of this XR55, so I am not sure if that's a panasonic thing or if you can get different size banana plugs, or if the XR55 isn't designed for banana plugs

    I did see the XR70 in a local retailer on special at $769 but wasn't sure if that was worth the extra $$$. The XR70 does have HDMI however but I am not sure how many other features it has over the XR55.


    Any feed back on the receiver guys?

    I've been watching Digital HT's posts on this Panasonic, and it looks very interesting for my purposes.

    Would appreciate your take on your new toys

    Hope you are enjoying them!

  7. Finally took the plunge and got the SA-XR55, after reading the reviews in this conference

    Unfortunately I don't have any 5.1 speakers to go with it just yet.

    I would prefer tiny speakers rather than the floor standing ones (if the sound quality can be ok out of tiny speakers), what would people suggest?

    Budget < $1000 for 5.1 speaker setup


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