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  1. Still for sale. Will put it up on e-bay if there is no takers by Monday. Thanks Nathan
  2. Fallen through, so back on the Market.
  3. I forget to say.... Still has the balance of the Mfr Wty!
  4. Item: Pioneer Kuro LX-608a Location: Sydney (Near Chatswood) Price: $400 Item Condition: Good Working Order - Purchased as part of the Original Group Buy. Reason for selling: Moved to 4K equipment Payment Method: Pickup Only - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Includes the Stand, Remote, and Speakers (Never Used, still in box). I've not used it in about 6mths thinking I could deploy it elsewhere, but turns out it is just gathering dust. It has been working without issue for it's entire life, and if anyone is keen I'll power it up and take some more photos or you are welcome to inspect. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. Hi Allan you need to post a screen shot of the madVR OSD stats and then we can tell what is happening. My profile has a separate profile for higher frame rates where the settings can be turned down if needed (if that is the issue as Owen suggests).
  6. ...forgot to add, the Refresh Rate tweaks are not in the Bin File as it works by creating a Custom Resolution in the Video Driver.
  7. Dropped/repeated frames is a fundamental issue on how the clock works on a PC vs a CE Device. In Windows, the clock used is the Audio Clock and as a result the video must adapt to be kept in time with this Audio regardless of if the Audio and Video is sent over the same or different physical devices. That means at some point after the commencement of playback, a Video Frame will be dropped/added to keep the two in sync. This could be ever few seconds, minutes, hours, or days depending on close the Refresh Rate of the Video is to that used by the Audio Clock and how the Audio Clock will drift over the playback time. You may or may not notice this but at these points on a movie (say 24fps) there will either be only 23 frames used (eg it will drop one frame), or 25 displayed (eg one frame will be repeated). It normally looks like a stutter, but is less obvious on static scenes. So there are 2 ways to deal with this (if it annoys you). 1) Decode & Re-sample: Players like JRiver Media Center has an inbult feature called "Video Clock" where the audio is dynamically resampled to keep it in line with the Video Playback. Reclock is another filter that can be used in many players. The downside of this approach is that it only works when you are decoding the Audio in the HTPC and not Bitstreaming it to your AVR. This approach was perfect for me until ATMOS/DTS:X started becoming more common as you must bitstream these formats. If you are only running a 7.1 or lower speaker setup this approach is still a great one as you don't have any presence speakers anyway and it just "works" out of the box by selecting the check box for this option. The only other downside is the pretty ATMOS/DTS:X light on your AVR as the audio is already decoded!! 2) Bitstream & Tune Refresh Rate: This is harder to get right and each PC will be different as the Audio clocks and Video Refresh rates will be different. First play the video and see in the madVR OSD as see the estimated Drop/Repeat rate. Mine was about 1 hour on UHD @ 23.976 movies with my refresh rate autochanged set to the matching "23hz" . That is not too bad as it really be only one drop/add per movie. If you can live with that let it be. If you can not (or like to tweak) then there are various ways to create a custom resolution. madVR (which I used) allows you to do this, many others use CRU. Your mileage on this will vary. It took me about 4-hours of trial and error to go from 1 drop/repeat per movie to 0 and may even drift over time.
  8. Here is the link to my post on customising the refresh rate for 23.976 https://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?p=1869131#post1869131
  9. Here is my settings.bin file. I've also just tuned up my nvidia settings to not drop/repeat frames when bitstreaming (will post a link from Doom9) settings.bin.pdf Edit - I had to "add" pdf to the end of the settings.bin file or else I could not upload it.
  10. ...you will also need the latest madVR from the avsforum thread I linked.
  11. I'll post the bin file later tonight. Good thing you have gone for a better GPU, the 1050ti would not cut it. You should also be able to up my settings for scaling (I'm a fan of JINC) as I'm also running it pretty conservatively. I've also 2 profiles setup to play with, one is for UHD @ 50 & 60p, the rest is for frame rates less than this as there is a big difference between the two (but you will see in my testing the settings are currently the same).
  12. I currently use a GTX1070 from my HTPC running JRiver Media Center to a JVC x7500 and can post some madVR specs later (currently running a long running sync test). Couple of points with my setup, I'm: - using the latest madVR build from this thread - https://www.avsforum.com/forum/24-digital-hi-end-projectors-3-000-usd-msrp/2954506-improving-madvr-hdr-sdr-mapping-projector-189.html - tone mapping in madVR so I can keep the output at UHD @ 8-Bit. Apart from the benefit of the high quality in madVR doing the HDR --> SDR tone mapping, you also avoid issues with the JVC Magenta Bug and needing higher than 8-bit. As our devices have the 18gbs chip, we are limited to a max of RGB UHD 50/60fps at 8-Bit, you can not do 10 or 12-bit as it exceeds the 18gbs bandwidth. - doing a fps change from JRiver (as this happens prior to playback being started, doing it in madVR does it after playback has started and is generally not a great idea). - using madVR to try to tune the refresh rate so as to not drop/repeat frames when bitstreaming the Audio (this is the current test running)/
  13. Yes I think you are correct, especially as I move this PJ around from area to area and the flexibility of the Epson is simply excellent. While I love the newer tech of the Benq, I've decided to get the Epson TW9300 and it should be here next week (the 2 Day Shipping option was only $0.15 extra!). Also, thanks to Matt and the Benq team for their time. I'm sure the W2700 will find many homes at that price point.
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