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  1. What does everyone have their settings on if not too much to ask.
  2. Maybe it was how the dvd was connected. I don't think the widezoom etc works on the HD (component) inputs.
  3. I had a similar problem. I have foxtel on cable. I sourced my problem to the SPDIF sound cable from my UEC box to my receiver. As the UEC box did not have optical out I had to by a S/PDIF Coaxial Digital Audio to Toslink Optical Adaptor to go between the UEC box and my AV receiver. That solved the problem. I think using optical lead rather than a SPDIF lead breaks the ground loop. It costs $40 at Jaycar. Try disconecting the S/DIF lead (if you are using one) and see if that stops the buz. Cheers
  4. Thanks for all the responses. I tried to get DVD decryptor and it seems that it is no longer available. Alternatives seem to be 'AnyDVD' and 'DVDFab decryptor'. Anyone tried these or have other suggestions?
  5. I have DVD Shrink but where do i find DVD Dycryptor or DVD 43? Thanks for all your help.
  6. Thanks for the info. Will all this software enable me to make backup discs of DVDs
  7. Hi everyone, I am looking to buy a dvd burner for pc. Is pioneer still considered up there and what software should I get for video editing. I have seen the pioneer and sony DVD burners bundled with Nero 6.
  8. Interesting snipped from Sony at CES. http://ps3.ign.com/articles/679/679522p1.html
  9. Thanks, I probably have not explained myself properly. Thinking of going the HTPC route and have been told if using mirosft mce and want to have foxtel though it you are restricted to only analogue cards. Therefore not getting use out of my Hd display. Accordingly, I am looking for an alternative front end and was wondering if DNTV live fit the bill. Cheers
  10. What I meant was can i have an anolog card for foxtel and a digital card for digital tv?
  11. Does DNTV Live support both digital and anologue tuners? ie to get around the XPMCE problem
  12. It took me a number of attempts before it worked. I found that if I slowed down the sequence (ie a short delay after all the lights come on) that it worked. I think I was doing it too fast and it was not working. Cheers
  13. I have a cable EUC Box and I forced the upgrade yesterday. I went through the sequence at various speeds until iy worked. I started with the set top box off. Cheers
  14. Can you purchase anything like this in Australia? http://www.hushtechnologies.com/start.html They look great! I do not think I would be able to build a HTPC and would like to purchase one. Where can you get them from? Thanks
  15. I have a UEC1000 box. Should the upgrades be automatic and if not how do I do it. What firmware should the UEC box show before and after?
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