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  1. Been nearly five years on 5:2 following Mosely BBC doco. Also chucked obvious sugar. Lost initially 25 kg and now maintain a steady weight. All things improved > BP, Blood sugar, general feeling of wellbeing. It's a way of life. Enjoy food and on fasting days have just the evening meal.
  2. Using the Rocketfish version for rears and sub. Correct me if I'm wrong but the YPAO of my Yamaha will make the correction for the actual delay will it not?
  3. I don't know the technical answer for saving these images but his entire thread was one of the most gripping and interesting episodes of this entire forum. Informative educational, historical, and just plain interesting. Please members of knowledge help 709er to get these images safely into posterity!
  4. i've been very happy with elgato Diversity twin tuner on mac. EyeTv software works pretty well too
  5. https://www.geniatech.eu/eyetv/ here are the elgato eyetv offerings
  6. Hi Blackman, have you tried contacting Harmony? They have been great whenever I have had a component problem I can't solve.
  7. I've been a customer of TPG for over a decade and have had excellent service - ADSL, ADSL2+, NBN. Always prompt courteous and efficient. Likewise for several friends who wnt to them on the strength of my experience. 1st hand +++++ experience. YMMV
  8. In my visits I've noted that the Demo loops are usually provided by the manufacturer, I suspect for display on their screens. That would seem fair. You do sometimes see a loop for "A" on "B's" screen of course. I think you are asking retailers to produce their own? Not sure they feel the need to do that
  9. Hi Blackman try this for the 2017 review https://twit.tv/shows/home-theater-geeks/episodes/336?autostart=false at around 6 mins tou will get review on a 85" LeEco that could be the promise of things to come at pricepoint USD4999
  10. QLED: Quantum Dot OLED or Quantum Dot LCD with LED backlight, or both? For those interested in the latest screen technologies, this article is well worth a read. http://blog.ihs.com/qled
  11. Rocketfish rear set up is 110V - 240V no adapter required. Download the guide to confirm. Mine work just fine too!
  12. and the screen names of the posters, so much nostalgia going back to the days of putting the toe in for a first STB!
  13. What a fantastic project. Please don't ever finish. Some very attractive recliners here! http://www.kingliving.com.au/sofas-modulars-and-armchairs/king-cloud/#yPs84hWIFUQOGdFi.97
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