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  1. Laser Replacement Panasonic Remote Control https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/laser-replacement-panasonic-remote-control-lasrrep236#features This will do the job.
  2. I'm waiting to read about Panasonic EZ / FZ owners asking for a retrospective Dolby Vision update..especially given the promised widespread availability of suitable content is yet to materialise.
  3. Reminds me of the days of Plasma vs LCD comparisons. QLED = LED. Full stop!
  4. HDMI ARC was only ever designed as a return channel for digital TV audio, nothing more or less. eARC is the next generation ARC that will carry all types of audio... Read all about it here: https://www.whathifi.com/advice/hdmi-arc-and-hdmi-earc-everything-you-need-to-know
  5. Boys. Do your research before jumping to conclusions... ALL in-store TV's including OLEDs are run in 'Shop' mode where every picture setting is at it's max. When installed at home, the viewing mode is normally set to either 'Home' or 'Normal'; about 50 - 60% of the shop setting. BTW, the Home viewing mode also determines the TV star rating / annual kWh; based on 10 hours viewing per day. This is actually written on the TV Star energy rating label. In respect to OLEDs, the Panasonic's (TV of interest at the moment) have a 'Panel Maintenance' mode to guard against image retention that's automatically invoked when OLED TV is switched to stand-by. There are two Panel Maintenance modes; 'Normal' that runs for about 10 minutes every 4 - 6 hours of viewing time and 'Regular' that runs for about 80 minutes every 1000 hours of viewing time. URL: http://eng-ca.faq.panasonic.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/46970/~/what-is-panel-maintenance%3F From my research, our retailers don't allow OLED TV's to run Panel Maintenance due to their current in-store TV display power distribution system. At the end of every trading day, ALL TV's are completely isolated from 240V via a master 240V power switch so Panel Maintenance will never occur in stand-by. In the morning they restore power to the TVs, switch them on and ignore all screen messages. I've concluded that 'Shop Mode' plus the lack of 'Panel Maintenance' are the primary cause of OLED image burn on in-store TVs. I currently own a 65" VT30 Panasonic plasma (2011 vintage) that has no image burn after 7 years of use. I remember at the time of purchase all the hype about plasma & image burn ... well it didn't happen! I'm hoping the VT30 will last another couple of years. In the meantime I'll continue my OLED research...
  6. With my Panasonic TV I use a Logitech K400 wireless USB keyboard; works a treat! (Keyboard section only; touchpad can't be used for navigation.)
  7. We all assume, getting the time right in DVB-T is easy! I wish it were so. The following Australian broadcaster Operational Practice-45 (OP-45) details all the required elements for TVs & recorders to function correctly... http://www.freetv.com.au/media/Engineering/OP_45_Application_of_Time_Related_Tables_in_Australia.pdf
  8. Daylight saving times is governed by the time_offset_table transmitted by the broadcaster; recorders / TVs respond accordingly....
  9. What does the TV compliance label indicate as that's the best indicator? Normally for Australian TV's its 220 - 240V; a commonality shared with Europe and the UK.
  10. No such problems with Panasonic recorders, you can have two of them in the same room, and a Panasonic TV - no problems!
  11. Take a leaf out of Panasonic's UB900 4K BD player that includes an 18Gb/s HDMI cable...
  12. FM multi-path distortion is also evident in fixed locations! I used to have (before I foolishly gave it away during a house move!) a Philips High Fidelity Laboratories AH673 AM/FM Tuner with a multi-path switch that changed the centre tuning meter to a multi-path distortion meter. This handy feature enabled you to adjust your FM antenna for minimum multi-path. Of course you needed a dedicated FM antenna but the FM sound quality difference was noticeable when switching between the dedicated FM antenna and the TV antenna! http://philipsvintage.webklik.nl/page/22ah673
  13. That's not a majority by any stretch of the imagination.. Aftermarket DAB+ straw clutchers: http://www.pure.com/au/digital-radio?sort=&page=1&filter_type=10&filter_colors=&filter_ranges=7 1 (this is not an error) Pure plug-in.. JB HiFi aftermarket DAB+ car radio or head unit etc (plug-in adapter excluded) = zero! And of the 1/2 million vehicles sold with DAB radio most vehicles were not entry / midrange price. The % sold in DAB broadcast regions is also not stated, so in actual fact the number will be LESS than 3%!
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